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Found 1 result

  1. Oh wow, that was totally out of nowhere, I'm so surprised, how could this be? I mean it's not like it's from the same people who tried to sell "easy Fatalities" or anything like that... right? I was actually wondering if I should even write about this, I remember at the very first day the game was announced and the gear system was revealed the people here called it, and the video itself is like 2 months old... but I want to vent my frustration. It's not like in a game where your items not only change your look but your stats you'd run into a set you like more visually than the one you want to play with mechanically, no.... that's why that feature is a micro-transaction, what sort of filth came up with that idea? It's like if Transmogrification in WoW was a Micro Transaction, oh I better shut up and not give CraptiVision any ideas. Why is the universe I love ( DC ) Published by these bullshit artists? I still haven't forgotten the Arkham City fiasco with Catwoman where you couldn't play her unless you bought the game first hand, not only that but every Arkham game has consistently had Season Passes and Pre-Order horseshit, and should I even fucking mention Arkham Knight, it's port, and how much they assraped Jason -- Ughh... I mean the ARKHAM KNIGHT WHO IS TOTALLY NOT THE RED HOOD ( JASON TODD ) AND ANYONE WHO KNOWS EVEN A TINY LITTLE AMOUNT ABOUT BATMAN COULD INSTANTLY CALL IT. Fucking Spoiler Alert..... and on top of that they LIED, they fucking LIED so that people wouldn't be able to call him out day one, AND THEY STILL DID because guess what, EVERYBODY HAS SEEN "UNDER THE RED HOOD" animated movie, because it's fucking AMAZING they could have learned so much from it actually... but instead: Let's reduce a beloved character to a squealing,prepubescent little shit, because why the fuck not. Because let's be honest that's the demographic WB are really targeting, you want evidence? SUICIDE SQUAD, nobody, and I mean NOBODY with a brain could withstand the amount of bullshit that "movie" has to offer... liking DC in the past 7 years or so is the equivalent of consistent LET DOWN, the comics? Let's fuck up years and years of hard work spent by talented writers on the world building by doing the New 52 ReBoot, oh what's that the Justice Society of America was a thing? Not anymore bitch, Superheroes have been around for a few years... oh and Batman? Since he's a Mary Sue he's been around since more, cause he can't possibly learn all that shit so quickly.... Rebirth? Well, I suppose it's a step up, because you really have nothing more to step on lower than New 52, but.... Movies? S-suicide Squad, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Bat Fanboyism, a butchered "Killing Joke" adaptation as if Alan Moore hadn't suffered from that enough and let's not forget how the DCEU started, with "Green Lantern" something so bad I won't even refer to as a movie, much less a Green Lantern movie. Speaking of Suicide Squad: One would think that coming up with a design for the Joker which is worse than the one in Suicide Squad would be impossible, right? I can't say this is a step up, at least this fucking literal clown has EYEBROWS, he still looks like Marilyn Manson for some reason, particularly the hair Alright, I'm calm now, I guess I was triggered because below this stupendous mountain of bullshit there's a light in the tunnel, Justice League:Dark was pretty good, Arkham Knight wasn't that horrendous for the most part, and InJustice 2 looks promising, they even introduce Swamp Thing and Red Hood, two of my favorites, it's time for CONSTANTINE NOW PLEASE, but how could I possibly not support such scummy practices when I want the product so much? Arkham City is one of my favorite games, it's brilliant, but... it feels like an abusive relationship, DC could you please stop sucking...?