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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there Nice to be part of a community. Normally can talk about all games pc related (even though my laptop can't run half of them). You may also deduce from the profile pic that i am a Gundam Fan (the picture is my pride and joy on Gundam Breaker. The Ascension Gundam (curious to see if anyone recognises the parts)). Fact having played dynasty warrior gundam, Gundam Breaker 3 and Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost you might say i am a pilot. Anyway like i said happy to be here and if there are any other gundam (or any other mech franchise cause who doesn't like giant robots?) fans out there (especially those who have Breaker 3) i'd be thrilled happy to join your number if you will accept me. Also is anyone else hyped for Gundam Vs coming in July? Finally can use the Barbatos (and i hold hope the lupus rex will be added too). And as a gift (or eyesore depending on your preference) here are a couple of my projects from Gundam breaker. Its a pleasure everyone!
  2. Hey guys! X0th3rm1k here, and I'm really happy that I finally joined the AJSA! I've been watching the Angry Joe Show since his Terminator: Salvation review (f*** movie-licensed games ), and I usually game on my laptop and my newly-bought PS4 I would more than love to be part of this community and all of it's amazing events!!! Peace!
  3. Hi my name is Zack and I just wanted to introduce myself to my fellow comrades. I've always wanted to be a part of the Angry Army but the chance never came, but now it is time to serve under the Commander himself, Angry Joe. Also my favorite types of games are either FPS or RPGs and I sometimes enjoy a strategy game ever here and there.
  4. Hello Angry Army, I would like to introduce myself as Isurvive, Commando3597, or just commando(insertrandomnumberhere). I have been a big fan of Angry Joe since about 2012, I believe my first video of him I saw was the TOP 32 REASONS WHY FABLE 3 SUCKS. I never got around to creating an Angry Army account till I think 6 months ago(but I didn't do anything, literally). I hope to contribute to the community anyways that I am called to do so. I enjoy playing RPG's, Shooter's, MMO's, and any game that has great storytelling. The consoles which I have owned are PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC(personal favorite). My favorite games are the Mass Effect Trilogy, Skyrim, Sly Cooper 2, Half Life 2, Battlefront 2, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2. 2 many 2s? While I am not playing Video Games I enjoy traveling, swimming, watching Youtube, Netflix, movies, playing Tuba, going to church and of course HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS. Thanks, Isurvive
  5. Hi, iv'e been a fan of the AJS ever since I stumbled on it while browsing YouTube videos. I like almost all genres of games (especially RPG and strategy) I hate EA, PC master race freaks (or PC fanatics as i like to call them, now before call me a console fanboy, you should know that i own a 1000 $ gaming that can handle Planetside 2, and i have no problem with people who see that PC is superior to consoles, me myself I'm indifferent about the 2, what i really hate some goes to every comment section and start bombarding it with things that a fanatic would say and treat everyone who own a console like an animal) i also hate trolls (who doesn't hate trolls), nitpickers, fanboys, console wars, cash-ins, BS marketing and online passes
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Mateus, but you can call me p1isdead... or simply P1. Im from Brazil, coming here to find new game experiences and friends. So right now im playing Dota 2, BF4, BF3, and having other games of my library "deactivated" such as CS GO, Chivalry... just no playing them, whatever... If you wanna play some of these games add me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/kaos_x4/ or Origin KaoS_4x Hope to participate from the events and tournaments here to go and thats it
  7. Hello, ummmm..... you can call me Jwab..... I consider myself a cool guy. I like walks on the beach and romantic stuff on meth. I don't think many are going to reply to this but I came here to like.... be a cool dude. And I'm cool. You're cool. Let's all be cool. I'm a super big Marvel & DC fan... I'm a huge film fanatic and stuff.....
  8. Hello everybody! GokuGT25 reporting for duty! (i know , it's a silly name , but i like it) I would like to know what games you guys play on consoles (Mostly PS3 since i dont really have an awesome PC , it's mostly average i run most of my games on low settings) so i can play with you guys! , the games i mostly play are those that PS Plus gives for free , since in my country games are REALLY expensive (more than a 100 dollars per game) and the only means i have of getting games are ps plus and discounts on the PS Store. So , if you guys want to play with me i would love to do so Thanks for taking the time to read this! (PS: Sorry for my bad english , it's not my first language )
  9. Hello! i like Halo, Planetside 2, Titanfall, Guild Wars 2, and such stuff. i have no idea what i really should play with the community, but i am eager to jump into a gaming community that stops being active after two days of me signing up I have watched Joe's videos for years and i hope to campaign for greatness in the ANGRY ARMY!!! and also is there an AJSA outfit for the New Conglomorate on Planetside 2? i really dont want to earn that 500 Certs that i have earned with my character all over again.
  10. Hello AJSA team, My "name" is Rumskii. As the topic suggests, I am new to the AJSA community. I have been a big fan of AngryJoe's YouTube channel for about a year now; so, I am not a long-time fan, but a fan nonetheless. I am looking forward to contributing to the AJSA team in any way I can. If anybody wants to be friends, I am all for being friends. AJSA being a gaming community, most of you probably play games yourself. So, if you want to game with me, all you have to do is friend me and ask to play some games with me.
  11. Hey guys, my name is Oz aka Ozymandias aka vgOzymandias aka King.Ozymandias aka vgInsertCoin and I'm a British content creator. I joined quite some time ago but I never really got involved in the community and the happenings of things so I decided to change that. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm here and I'm proud to be part of a great community. So let's get to knowing each other a lil better! I began my gaming journey from the age of 4-5 so I'm well-learned in games so feel free to chat with me about any games (I'm lonely...) and in real life... Well, in real life I'm a student youtuber. I think that's the only thing interesting about me. Hmm. That's depressing. Well, I don't know how i'd chat with various members but if you're interested we will find a way! VG Over and Out!
  12. Hi I Blood lunatic, I'm a nice guy and a hard-core gamer who believes that we have the right to good videogames and not crap like Ride to hell retribution. here is a couple things about me the first game I ever played for sonic adventure on the Sega Dreamcast I'm also a big MMO fan I love strategy games even though I not the best at them i'm looking to make some new friends that's why I joined angry Army for our rights to good games to make friends and have a good time. Long live the angry Army
  13. A little intro on my gaming background I'll go just go in order of what consoles I've since I was a kid and my favorite game N64: Starfox64 PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Xbox 360: Skyrim / Fallout New Vegas Honorable mention: Gears of War 2 PC: DC Universe Online
  14. Hello everyone, I am TheRealSportsNerd, but feel free to call me TRSN or Nerd. I got the nickname from my close group of friends because I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sports and I am a nerd. I love gaming and due to that love, I have started to do speed runs of video games, even though I am terrible at it. I also do a lot of streaming on twitch.tv/therealsportsnerd and I am hopefully improving every time I stream. I am also the co-founder of a youtube channel called MuGaMo Entertainment. We aim to provide content on music, gaming, movies, sports and more. Our channel is currently only used for let's plays at the moment, but that will be changing in the future. I am kind of mad at myself for that much self-promotion, but this is the only time I will do this. I also suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Anxiety, Depression, and I am very nervous when I do any type of speaking, which leads to stuttering when I talk. I am open about these issues because they are issues that make me who I am, and if anyone else is suffering from any of these terrible things, I would like to be able to help them in any way I could. I also do have weight issues and I am trying to change my lifestyle in hopes of becoming healthier. If I can make somebody smile and laugh, that will make me feel like I have done something worthwhile. I hope you guys give me a chance on twitch and youtube, and I am really glad to be a part of the Angry Joe Show Army. -The Real Sports Nerd
  15. Hello im a sixteen year old gamer from the uk.I like most types games from civ 5 to smite to dark souls to battle field 3(haven't got 4 yet hoping to get it soon ) Ive been a fan of angry joe ever since his mass effect 3 review. Im looking to get involed more with other gamers so if you ever want to play any muiltplayer games or talk about game releated stuff just add me on skype or steam. I do own a ps3 buts it stopped working lately . This is me --------------> p.s My names not Ed Skype: edfriedrice my steam name is the same.
  16. Hello I am a huge fan of the angryjoeshow and I am very excited about playing with everyone in this wonderful community. I have been looking for a clan like this for a long time now and I am thrilled that I finally found one and the fact that its made by angry joe is even better.
  17. My name is Chris Blackman. You will know me in game as BlackMoses84. I have been playing video games all of my life but I just recently started to play pc games since march 2013 (and loving it!). I'd love to play Planetside 2 or League of Legends with a more mature group. If anyone looking for an extra person in League, add me silentblack
  18. I am the lord of death, commonly known as Deadj47. I have been convinced by your leader to join this angry army as I suspect a fair few of you have done as well. I am a decently hardcore gamer, not a day has gone by where I have not played some sort of game (Unless of course I've been taken away from my sanctuary) Anyway, my main games are Skyrim, Dark Souls (Which without a doubt is the best game ever, how dare you question it!) Minecract and League of Legends. I have also been known to play other games such as GTA V and COD, not really my biggest games but they're played from time to time. For something else, I am an artist although I do lack in skill and experience. I draw my works instead of do them up on devices, I just find drawing far more simple and quite fun to do. This for one is my favourite pieces of artwork and gives you a little look as to how I draw things.
  19. Hey guys, my name's Peter and I am reporting for duty! I'm a Dane, 15 (Pretty young) and a big fan of AJS. I've been watching since late 2011. I was a ex-admin on a TF2 community (Uberpirates.com) and I thought it could be cool to be in a different gamer community. I hope you guys will accept me with open arms. Personal things: Big fan of Stanley Kubrick, broad when it goes to music, amateur-phtographer (Both in-game ala. GT5 and GTA V) as well as IRL, and my favorite games from third to last: Half-LifeGran Turismo 4Civilization VSee you on the flip-side! Something from GT5:
  20. Hello, my name is Strongest Gamer (real name Anthony) and i am a new recruit for the AJSA. I am an avid LoL player and look forward to playing with many AJSA members in the future. This December i plan to acquire new hardware in order to better run games and be able to join the PC gaming community here at AJSA. My future gaming plans are the new everquest, more LoL, and Dark souls 2. Hope to see you all on the battlefield. Salutations friends.
  21. hello everyone, i'm bowmanruto i am a creative gamer that sometimes is more than cannon fodder i also enjoy movies comic books anime,etc... basically i'm nerdy and i know it X) my favorite games are: dark souls, magicka, starcraft 2, dawn of war (dark crusade), battlefront 2, and Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst i am as much an artist as a gamer so if anybody needs any artwork done you know who to ask i hope to see you all soon in game
  22. Hello everyone, I'm Abexuro and I'm from The Netherlands. I mostly play games on PC, but for those fun moments on the couch I have Nintendo's stuff. Some of the games I currently play: Kerbal Space ProgramGrid2BeamNG.DriveWind Waker HDArmA3Speaking of ArmA, that game has a LOT of potential with the AJSA. It would be SO cool to play big multiplayer missions with squads and leaders and all that stuff. Oh the opportunities.
  23. Hello all! Glad to be on the forums. It's gonna be cool finally being part of a gaming community. I'm a Computer Science major currently and I'm hoping to transfer to a university soon. I think this gen I'm finally gonna go full PC and ignore the consoles. But hey who knows, I might have a reason to get one some day. I hope to make new friends and chat up new faces! Game on! Oh right. Here's a picture of my pet rooster:
  24. It's MARVOL here, I'm a casual, gamer i mostly play RPG and simulation. I double in some battlefield 3 and I will get battlefield 4 for the PC soon. I built my computers, I can't wait to see how this go. :3