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Found 28 results

  1. Hello everyone, I´m Lyzion a very eager player from germany. I wanted to join the AJSA cause I´m passioned in playing games of all kind. I´m also kinda "angry" sometimes when I play, so the "Angry Army" just seemed perfect. But despite me yelling at my PC sometimes, I have lot of fun playing games. My anger is more some sort of satire. As germany doesnt have that great gaming communities and I´m used to play with people from all around the world I´d like to apply here. Games where you could find me are BF4, Rocket League and mostly War Thunder. See you guys around here or in some games And happy fragging (not to confound with fracking)
  2. Hey hey! All I am is just an ordinary Southern British viewer for TheAngryJoeShow on YouTube and I have much respect for Joe(s) for their laid back & relaxed but also honest opinions upon the gaming media of the current decade. I was really turn off for gaming, however, in the year of 2014, in my opinion one of the most controversial years for the Gaming Media and also a year filled with mass game release disappointments (except for a few exceptions of course) I've had my share upon quite a few video game/franchises including Half Life, Counter Strike, Mount & Blade, Grand Theft Auto, etc. I also appreciate the freewill of gaming easily with friends, family, good people you happen to meet online, without the frustration of controversy, drama and the crappy games, hehe. At the time of this post, I'm currently playing a lot of War Thunder, so if you wish to find someone to play with on War Thunder, you can consider me an extra player on the AJSA Teamspeak! I'll be active on the TS from most to some of the weeks that come by. However, since I'm a foreign gamer to the United States, I may have SOME lag issues which I do aplogise for. But I am really wishing to meet decent & good natured people in the AJ community, which I am sure I will be able to. I want to be able to make a good impact of each of the community's lives. I guess I hope to see you on the battlefield. Please don't kill me.
  3. i like military history and tech , aviation , fps and sci fi games and animation .i'm into martial arts like taekwondo I am a senior at Katy high school and i am currently studying for a career as an aircraft mechanic katy high school class of 2015 my birthday is 12-13-1996 always looking for new friends online
  4. I am Triple H3lix, or Sean for those who like real names. Only recently have I returned from NASA Langley Research Center for an internship doing some software development for image tracking used in aircraft noise abatement tests. Now though, I am at Clemson University in South Carolina working on a B.S. in Computer Science. Some of you might have seen me playing Guild Wars 2 on team speak already but besides that I also casually play some planet-side 2, Robocraft, Minecraft, and a shart load of single player games. I imagine when Star Citizen comes to life I'll be basically devoted to it, so I hope to see the AJSA on there too. I look forward to joining your community and hope to contribute all I can.
  5. Greetings all, I am TheUnholyHandGrenade, fresh recruit and longtime admirer of Angry Joe and his Youtube channel, Now with my own Youtube channel as well under the same name as my Steam Account, and I am hear to kick the asses of bad games, put out game reviews, meet new people, learn new things, and have an awesome time. Games include Planetside 2, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Civilization V, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online, Defiance and Left 4 Dead 2. FOR THE ANGRY ARMY!!!
  6. Hi!

    Hi, I'm theprocrastinaut! As my title may suggest, I'm new here. I hope I can find a place in this community, as I think that with other people, games are a lot more fun (especially the multiplayer ones, obviously). Mainly, I just want to have fun, but I still care about the end result. I'm weird like that. But hey, maybe other people are too. Anyways, hi.
  7. Hello everyone My name is Tiago from New York here in the USA. When it comes to gaming I am pretty much a PC guy. I play a lot of MMO's (currently playing Planetside 2, Archeage alpha, Everquest Next Landmark Beta and patently waiting for Star Citizen), and some other random games depending on my mood. I am a part of a podcast with some of my friends (The Geek Brew Podcast) which we talk about all things nerdy while drinking bears with a blogging website thegeekbrew.com. I am also a youtuber and streamer (youtube.com/Engineer2G and twitch.tv/Engineer2G. I have a XCOM series currently on my channel and I stream Planetside 2 on Weds and Sat (might add thurs to that schedule). Hope to join you guys in many angry army events.
  8. Hi First i would like too say that this is my first forum that I will try to be active in, I don't really know how this works and look forward too it. I enjoy video games i have a PC, Xbox and WiiU. I mostly play on PC, i like RPG's and games with a story where i can get immersed in another world. Right now i mostly play Kerbal Space Program, Skyrim (Modding Community is amazing). And i really want to buy DayZ standalone which just came out on Steam. If you would like to play some games with me add me on Steam. I think pirating games is stupid seeing how there are amazing sales on Steam where you can buy games for 5 euros or less. The only time pirating I think is acceptable is if you would like to try a game before buying it. Also http://humblebundle.com . I also really love music my favorite Genre is Hip-Hop. I own a turntable and collect Vinyl.
  9. How goes it everyone? I made an account here when it first started up but haven't been using it so I thought, what better place to get started than the introduction forum. So let's get started! My name is Colton, I'm a 17 y.o. male from central California. I am pretty much only a major fan of the shooter genre, but I will play other things (especially racing), they're just my preference. My main interests are firearms (IRL), cooking, music (rock of all kinds, blues, jazz, oldies especially Bing Crosby), and pretty much any type of weaponry, oh and of course video games. I only play on PC (its all i really got). My steam is Mr. LoadsaMoney (which I am always on), my origin is MistaLoadsaMoney (which sometimes I'm on). Feel free to add me on either account (steam is preferred) I would like to have some more friends to play with, I currently only play with people I know in person so i would like to expand my amount of friends so we can fill up our own squads/lobbies. I would prefer people around my age (just easier to connect with those my age, from my experience, of course there's exceptions I'm sure), male of female, but of course anyone is welcome regardless of age or anything else. My group of friends and I are big on co-op games like CoD Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Payday, or any multiplayer games encouraging teamwork (Battlefield, ARMA/DayZ, Counter Strike, etc.). My friends and I are also in love with Just Cause 2 Multiplayer right now, It's hilarious and just an overall silly, great time. If you think you would like to talk to me, and possibly join in with my other friends (there's only about 3 others or so in my "group of friends," don't be shy), let me know! It would be great to have another person join us. Add me on steam, here, or just reply to this post!
  10. Hello there, Liamania98 Reporting. Just a little about myself: My name is Liam, (As you can probably tell from my damned obvious Screen Name.) and I'm 16 years old. Right now I'm attending high-school in Sydney, Australia, and working on becoming a video game journalist when I leave school for my college degree. I've been traveling around the world with my family for 7 years in three different countries. Australia (My home country), Singapore, and Boston, Massachusetts, in The United States of America. We are finally back home to stay, and when I finish school I'm back to the USA to attend College in Austin or Dallas, Texas. I think that's enough about my personal life to allow for stalking and a manner of other devious things, but never-mind that. We can now proceed with the good stuff, The Angry Army of course! What I want to achieve by being part of the AJSA gaming community: Firstly, I am really looking forward to meeting and playing with you guys in this massive community. I really think AJ has made a terrific effort to bringing together gamers with the same passion for video games, and creating a well organized group that I am now proud to stand among. I've been a fan of video games ever since my Mum and Dad got a PS2 when I was younger, and boy did I spend hours on that... My favorite kind of video game would have to be the strategy game genre, or any game that allows me to think a little further than "Shoot all the enemies and finish the level/ match". I love to play Planetside 2 for it's availability in a large variety of things I enjoy in most FPS games, and the massive amount of strategy you can apply by running a small squad of your friends to complete objectives. The things I really want to achieve through you guys would be helping me hone my skills at becoming a better journalist for games. I would love if you guys gave me some feedback here on the forums about how my reviewing is going and what I need to do to improve. Thanks so much for reading all of this stuff and hearing me out, I'll see you out there on the front lines. Liamania98 out, cheers!
  11. Hey everyone my Name is Jesse DeVries I'm from Ontario Canada I'm a collage student currently and am 21 years old in 15 more days. I've been a gamer since i can remember with my first game ever being doom 2 on the PC. I Currently have Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I enjoying weight lighting been into bodybuilding for the past 7 years. I'm very easy going person who enjoys playing games with great people. I have watched Angryjoe and been apart of his community ever since his YouTube video of why Fable 2 will suck/kickass. "kick chickens you can kick chickens?!" "FUCK THE CHICKENS!" His been my favourite game reviewer and we even played and talked together in GW2.
  12. Hey guys, I am Vamp165. I am a huge gamer and follower of Joe for a long time. Just getting into the Angry Army though. I really want to get involved in a great gaming community and this seemed like the best choice. Joe is an awesome dude, and I know playing directly with him will be rare if it will ever happen, but not a huge deal that is understandable. Just want to have a group of great people to play and discuss games with. I just upgraded the crap out of my PC, and looking forward to playing multiplayer games with you guys. I am a huge League of Legends player. I play it all the time. Have a lot of other games as well. Anyways looking forward to playing with you guys. Drop me a message or a request if you guys want to play. Thanks
  13. Hello, I am lynxbearaus, a gamer and comic book fan. I wish to become part of this community you call the 'angry army' because I have followed Joe for a number of years, down the street, up the hill, ACROSS THE WORLD. I like his reviews and his opinion. On my channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/lynxbearaus), Im starting to make lets plays and other gaming related crap. In other news, I like FPS and MMO, also the sky is blue. Reporting For duty.
  14. Hey everyone! I'm The Villager! I've been a watcher and follower to Angry Joe for years, and am just now deciding to try and become a member of the community. If anyone wants to play games with me, you can look for me on Steam. Join me on the fields of Dota 2!
  15. Hi, I’m kristycocopop. I’ve joined about a week ago but now introducing myself. I’m not really a Xbox person thou I did get a PS3 a few month ago (God of War Bundle with Dragons Crown ). I’m mostly a Nintendo person /PC person. Either way I hope I will be of some use to this site. Thanks. ^ ^
  16. Ayo, what up my fools!? Bout to get hot up in this army, cause' I'm about to BLEEOOOWWW! ---------------------------- But in all sense, hi, names Brandonket, Brandon for short, named kethwef on Steam, and a newcomer in the PC gaming world. I've joined this army because I believe in the quality, beauty, and fun factor of games on all platforms for generations. I wanted to have fun with games, not just sign in and play with some random fool who doesn't talk while he whoops my buttocks, hell naw! I want to play with people who are connected and compassionate; true players who have fun while kicking ass! I don't shy away, and I don't keep quiet while in the heat of battle, but I will fight for the army till my last breath not as a soldier...but as a gamer. While I am not able to play so many games on PC as I wanted to due to the obvious factor of having the required funds T-T But whatever, I still have ONE...Shogun 2. And man was I good at it. In strategy war games, I believe in one thing: Hit them first before they hit you first. Strike first to win! You don't think that makes sense? PROVE ME WRONG.
  17. Soooo.... I really don't know what to write about, so im gonna try at something. I play games in my sparetime.....geh that was obvious, since im on a community full of gamers. Mostly i play Shooters or games where its first person perspective or stragety games sometimes. Most of the time i play free2play games if its multiplayer, such as Blacklight Retribution or Warface. i always "hunt" for interessting Free2play games. i hunt for achievements if i ever get on my xbox of some game that has games for windows live. And sorry for my bad english, its my third language so it difficult sometimes. Why i joined? Well why the F**k not? I mean its a well growing and awesome coomunity so far
  18. Hello everyone I was watching AJS since the Fable 3 Angry Rant (the 32 reasons why...) when i thought "damn, this dude have a point. And he is not afraid of speaking it out loud. I like it". Aaand here i am. As you can see in the topic name, im from Poland, now i live in Kraków (or Cracow if you like) where im studying History on Jegiellonian University. Beside games i also like history, especially the medieval times and XXth century (who would thought ), a bit in sociology and in military technologies. Also, i like pizza. I came here because i think this will be a good place to talk (write?) with some people, to make my english better, and to have some fun. So, if someone would want to talk with me, PM or something .
  19. Howdy, all! I love gaming in general, but I also love to get down to the core of a game's story and analyze characters. I also love to blow stuff up. I think it's all a part of it. I value a lot about gaming, but mostly the amazing games, stories and moments that you can share with friends. I also run a small gaming channel called "Gamer Fury" on YouTube (not to be mistaken with the Tumblr that instated the name almost a year after). I don't really have many friends who play games anymore. For whatever reason they all "grew out of it." So, if you wanna play some games, all you have to do is message me. Otherwise, I'll see you on the battlefield.
  20. hello am Jenssons i'm half british and icelandic my age is 17 year old male that collect all consoles i'm a under rated youtuber who enjoys playing games and making videos really am just a guy who like making people laugh that dosent have great grammar when it comes to typing games i love halo dota battlefield ttt doom starwars battle front 2 warcraft 3 thank you for reading
  21. So, I think this site looks amazing so far, joe. You did a really good job here. Though it's not the site itself that makes me excited, it's what I will see in the future that makes me excited to see this site grow. Oh, and I'm Dat_Intelbroker, nice to meet you all I mostly play on Steam and League of Legends. So add me if you wish. League of Legends: Datintelbroker
  22. Hi everybody, the grimm cat here, from latin america, looking forward for the great battles that will be fought together side by side AJSA To Victory!!!!
  23. Hey guys, I've been following the angry joe show since ever and it's been a blast. Love the new website, let's support Joe any way we can Can't believe no one chose the Superman nick name, so, yeah, I got it. Stay safe out there
  24. Hej till alla spelande och alla arga medlemmar där ute! // Hi to all you gaming and angry members out there!
  25. Well hello there! My name is Chris and I'm from southern Poland. I enjoy playing League, Dota, Civ V and Chivalry on the multiplayer side and lots of different stuff on the singleplayer front. Other then that I'm a huge book worm, I love movies, have a bit of my own ASG gear, I'm DMing a D&D campaign and I'm in my last highschool year. So yeah, hi.