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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone My name is Tiago from New York here in the USA. When it comes to gaming I am pretty much a PC guy. I play a lot of MMO's (currently playing Planetside 2, Archeage alpha, Everquest Next Landmark Beta and patently waiting for Star Citizen), and some other random games depending on my mood. I am a part of a podcast with some of my friends (The Geek Brew Podcast) which we talk about all things nerdy while drinking bears with a blogging website thegeekbrew.com. I am also a youtuber and streamer (youtube.com/Engineer2G and twitch.tv/Engineer2G. I have a XCOM series currently on my channel and I stream Planetside 2 on Weds and Sat (might add thurs to that schedule). Hope to join you guys in many angry army events.
  2. I play all games as long as they're fun!! I play league of legends, various steam games, ps3 and xbox 360 games. I know angry joe told us not to buy mind jack but i found it for two bucks at game stop and laughed at all the bugs the game had, it was entertaining to say the least!
  3. hi everybody ,i just signed in this website and i love how it looks.Im from Greece and i mostly play leauge of legends ,hearthstone and some shooters.I only have one question to the community.Are u guys interested or gonna play the upcoming mmo called Wildstar cuz im super excited about it.I also suck at mmos and if im gonna start a new mmo i want to be a part of guild that can help me get better. All in all i think that there has been an excellent job on the website and i wish u good luck about the future on the community .
  4. Afternoon All, Want to say a BIG hello from the wet, miserable and cold London, England. Been a fan for a long time and finally get to be apart of something bigger. Real names Stephen, family call me Steve, friends call me Wesker not because I look like him but more that I'm a huge Resident Evil fan for a long time and love the franchise. I've studied the games and films and play them as much as I can, I've even dressed up as Wesker on a few occasions while attending Mid-night launches when I worked with Gamestation and attending conferences. I do enjoy many other games like Devil May Cry, Battlefield, GTA, CoD, Zelda, MassEffect and Darksouls. I could go on all day really but thats boring. My gaming experience started around 6-7 years old, mum supported it, dad didnt. I go back to the Atari, Commador and Snes, nearly all the Retro consoles working my way up with Sega Saturn / Mega Drive / Dreamcast, Playstation 1/2/3, Nintendo Gamecube / Wii / Wii U, Microsoft Xbox / Xbox360 / Pc and most handhelds. Girl friend is also a gaming nut mainly into Tomb Raider as Lara is her idol. I'm currently looking for work after leaving my last job as I wasnt happy which is giving me time to catch up with my gaming. I have been Watching Angry Joe for a long time and I have always enjoyed his videos and mostly agree with his reviews. The GTA one with him dressed up as a officer getting into a tiny police car is by far a favorite. Your doing a GREAT job Joe so please keep it up. I wont be able to commit all my time to coming online as I'm in and out of the house keeping myself busy but I will do my best from time to time to jump Wish this army all the best in the future
  5. Hello AJSA, my name is BLAZING DRAGON. I play a ton of games and different genre's, I'm currently going to school for Game Art and Design and have completed 2-4 years. I've been gaming since I was 4 with the retro games in the 80's and still enjoy every minute of it now. The genre's I play are fighting, first person and third person shooters, action adventure, racing, RPG's, RTS's, and a little DOTA (League of Legends) I look forward to meeting everyone in the community and enjoying some great games