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Found 22 results

  1. Hey all and/or to whom it may concern, After watching the Angry Joe Show for years on YouTube I have finally decided to join the Angry Army. What do I bring with me? Not a lot, but I am a game designer in training so this has gone from entertainment to research for me. I decided to get a degree in game design very much because of people like Joe who demand quality from the products they spend their money on and the companies that refuse to deliver it. Hopefully, I can bring some real care back into the industry using both my skills as a game designer and my background in sales and marketing. Upon graduation, I intend to start my own studio, barring that I'll get a job at an existing studio and bring the passion for great gameplay with me. To those who actually cared to read, a heartfelt thank you and to those of you that didn't, well whatever, it's and introduction not a swap meet. Hope to speak to more of you soon! Regards, -J
  2. Hi AJSA - Been a YouTube follower, for the longest time. Now I'm on here! Follow me on Twitch - NatendoSwitch Nice to see a website dedicated to Hardcore gamers.
  3. Hey guys, my name is Tim but i can go by Irish, wrench, tweaker, or by my gamertag on Xbox one. I am 16 years old and i'm from the USA. I hope to become famous on the internet and maybe make my own TV show. my hobbies outside gaming is watching movies, listening to music, wrestling for my high school wrestling team. I joined the community to find friends that are friends for real and not faking it because i have been through a lot of bullying on xbox and in school. I am part Irish, Scottish and German. I kinda know how to speak German, French, Galican, Irish and Russian with the help of google translate, but i can speak Spanish very well mostly without any translator. I joined ajsa in 2013 but i wasn't completely an active member until 2016, the year I got my Xbox One. my first event was the division. Another thing I like is guitar which i was going to learn in the second semester of my school year, but i switched out. I'm very excited to be a member of this community and hope to have a lot of fun and make some new friends.
  4. So, hey guys, I'm like, new and stuff, Joe's show fan and ~~stuff Always been more of an single player gamer but i've been kind of getting in muiltplayer gaming lately, so, kind of needless to say I've never been to any community lie that so and don't really know how stuff works and etc I'm a PC gamer only, I'm also brazilian, wich kinds of forces me to play on pc, any other option is like super expensive. So I play a lot of Warband and it's expansions, GTA V, DA:Inquisition(not so often anymore), hearthstone, and that's pretty much it for muiltiplayer. So, hope I can play with some of you guys, and its good to be here I guess. PS: Its not me on the picture, my picture is like a brazilian singer who was popular(kind of) in the 70s, like a internal joke to any other BR's that could be here, now I explained and ultimately ruined that joke (another)PS: so, if you guys could recommend a fps to buy and stuff, like a cool, I'm thinking about battlefield 1, but i'm kind of aware of pre-sales, actually you guys can recomend any muiltplayer, really. Thanks for the atention!
  5. hi my name is shockysparks, most call me shocky or sparky. I'm from Midwestern Canada and i joined the AJSA because i wanted to be apart of a larger community then I'm already in. but mostly i joined because of angry armada being apart of the AJSA, i consider my self more of a member of the armada than the AJSA but i will back both of them up. i not really good at introducing my self i prefer to get to know a person by playing games with them or just chatting with them. what i play the games I'm am interested in playing with the AJSA and the armada are: Mechwarrior online and star citizen. now i know that's not a lot of games but these are the games i want to play with this community and with the Angry armada, i do play more games. my list of other multiplayer games that i play just so you can get an understanding of what sort of gamer i am and if you ever want to play with me: Planetside 2, star wars the old republic, mass effect 3 multiplayer, Elder scrolls online, arma 3 and eternal crusade just to list a few. community experience i've been apart of many communities but non of them really stuck, the 1st was a planetside outfit that had a very negative atmosphere the 2nd was a swtor guild that got evaporated after some "guild drama" the 3rd was another swtor guild that went from RP to elitist group that only cared about stats and gear and nothing else which is fine but that is not what i signed on for. the 4th was a planetside 2 multi-gaming community which is good and all but they only play planetside and the new games we try to get into never take off, i am still a member of it but i wanted something more, the 5th was a RP guild in swtor again which has very low numbers any only does things on Saturday afternoons. and finally I'm here on the AJSA and the Angry armada. can i follow an order? yes i can! after playing 3 years of planetside 2 i can take an order and do what I'm told provided its my squad-lead/superior and not just another another player that's on my level, im not totally apposed to taking orders from others members on who are of my rank but so long as it doesn't conflict with my superior. I'm not totally obedient to bad orders if you ask me to and the rest of the squad to run into gunfire needlessly i will voice my opinion and advise against it, but i will still do it. i will respect all members of the AJSA and never talk down to them even if put into a leading position. give me an order and i will follow it. my preferred roles medic always medic, if medic is taken i will get the heavy lmg with the fastest rate of fire and the heaviest armor that or a jet-pack. i cant aim for shit but i will try. but in planetside i tend to stick to light assault or medic just FYI. i am also trying my hands at being a pilot in star citizen, hoping to learn how to fly as it looks to be a necessity in that. don't really know what else to say I hope to get to know some of the members of the AJSA real soon. sparky out
  6. hello, my name is animeoverlord1, but you can call me anime or Jeremy. Either one works i dont care Ive been a fan of angry joe and the angry army for a year or 2 now but i was tied up with other gaming communties that i couldnt join. im a fan of anime, manga, music, movies, etc so you can talk to me about any of them the systems i have include: PS4, PS3, 2 PS2s (original and slim), 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Wii, PSP, 3DS, DS lite, Gamecube, and a gaming laptop. I spend most of my time currently on my PC and PS4 though, but hopefully once more games come out on other systems i'll be playing on my other systems i'm really happy to have joined and hope to play with you all soon!
  7. Hello and salutations from the Midwest! My name is Cakeception and yes, I am a cake inside a cake that has became sentient after an culinary experimentgone awry from the vault when the overseer thought it would be a wonderful idea to put a strawberry cupcake inside an chocolate layered cake. But in all seriousness, I like Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2, Garry's mod, and now currently Armoured Warfare. I also like technology quite a bit from the latest Motion-controller / VR Headset apparatus to a pillow that cleans hardwood floors. ( Yes, it does exists.) I look forward to meet our comrades and future comrades into the battlefield and hopefully we will remain victorious!
  8. Greeting to any and all Angry Army members who stumble across this post. I'm Insane_Warrior0 and I'm not that insane. To be honest, I thought I had one of these already, but it looks like I'm mistaken. Oh well, better late than never right? I honestly don't know what to put on this. I guess that I'm just looking forward to playing with you all and becoming friends. See you all around.
  9. Ava'yorn! I hope to find you and yours in good health... I'd like to get to know more in this community. I joined it a long time ago, and didn't realize this was here, so I might as well put it to good use... In my profile are the most common and effective ways to get ahold of me (besides on xbox, I don't really play that anymore...). Contact me if you want something or just wanna chat for a bit, I don't mind! (video calls to a minimum, please!) Also, I probably should've done this months ago, but I fell asleep and then got busy doing other things... but yeah, now i'm doing this... Mel'kear! I hope to talk with you people some more! ^.=.^
  10. I've been following AngryJoe for sometime on YouTube and I find him very funny. But this is my first time visiting the site and joining the Angry Army. The games I play are Warframe, Left 4 Dead 2, and Guild Wars 2. I usually stick to single player games because I don't find it very appealing to play along random people online unless I make friends with them. For example games like Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur, and pretty much any single-player action RPG. But I do like playing MMO's that are fun to play and are best played with friends.
  11. Hello, Angry Army! My name is Chance, and I've been playing video games since I could lift a controller, and watching Angry Joe for even longer! Of course not really, but I have been watching for a long time , and I am a pretty big fan! I've always wanted to join the Army, but I figured I should wait until I turned 17. I don't know why, I just felt it was appopriate. I'm extremely excited to enlist in the Angry Army, and I plan on supporting, following orders, playing in events, writing on formers, and so on and so forth. Hell, in the near future I plan on signing up for monthly donations towards the Founder's Club! Like I said, I'm extremely to enlist and participate as much as I can! Now let's get out there and fight! And play!
  12. Howdy guys! My name is Macgyver (honest to God my mom named me after the TV show ) and outside of my job and my wonderful relationship (6 years and counting!) I have LOTS of hobbies and pass times. Let me tell you about a few of them: I'm currently training for American Ninja Warrior and I am a freerunner/tracuer. I try to train in Tempest or JAM when I can but when I can't I train in parks all over SoCal. I love playing music. I'm on the worship team at my church, I am an elementary school music teacher, and I also play 13 instruments. Mostly self taught and love every second of it. I just realized how many I have. . . . Let's move on quicker yeah? I've been working on a game using RPG Maker VXAce, I'm a street magician, I beatbox, and I'm an MMA fighter. That's me in a nutshell. Feel free to talk to me at any point that you see me in game. I'm pretty talkative and have been looking for a gaming community since Quake 3 arena. See you on the battlefield!
  13. New recruit Gingybread here; Ready for action! The name and image may be cute but do not let that fool you, I'm like a god damn Honey Badger. Backed into a corner with nothing to lose is how I fight all battles, especially when it comes to zippers (I hate those stupid things). Hello all of AJSA! I've been a long time fan of Joe and most of Blistered Thumbs / TGWTG, but Joe always stood out as the most reliable game critic. I'm ready to defy all odds, conquer all who oppose and decimate all forms of terrible, money wasting, time guzzling, mind numbing, dream stomping, hope crushing video games and their makers. You might want to try and hide; The Gingybread Man is gunnin' for ya, you can't outrun me. My name Is Ben, and I'm from Alberta Canada. I'd tell you how awesome it is here if the whole Province wasn't covered in 5 feet of cold, wet, ultra-white FUCKING SNOW. I am currently working night shifts (10pm - 6am GMT) at Toysrus, so the most I can game is on my night off (Every Sunday) or if I get off early (At 4am GMT). At least until Christmas, then it's back to a regular schedule! I'm a 20 year old ginger dude with the utmost respect for all things artistic or musical. I have 2 bands and a solo project, all 3 in the "Rock" or "Metal" genre. My favourite games to play are: - Sly Cooper 2 - Crash Bandicoot - Minecraft - Any and all of the Legend Of Zelda series' - Any Mario game (mainly Super Mario Bros 3) - and a fucktonne more! I mainly play on my Xbox 360, but I am buying a next gen console this Friday (The 29th of November) and I have gotten a lot of hate for it but I am buying a Wii U, as I know for damn sure I will be having fun right out of the box for a long time. I'll be getting an Xbox One after Christmas (Maybe if there are decent games out by then... most likely not) and So far that's all I can say! I'm happy to finally be a part of the AJSA. SHOW NO MERCY!
  14. So, hello reader! I go by the alias of Twishine, I play games, and I have a few things to say in five minutes (as in this time in writing, I have a meeting to go to.) So, 3, 2, 1: GO I try to always have fun in games while meeting any goals, I draw just about anything (as long as I'd be willing to show my mother), and I generally try to be a nice guy! So, that being said, I suppose I'll upload some of my drawings every once in a while, and... well, I hope to hear feedback! And make some friends here! ...wait, what do you-- You're telling me that-- Oh. Um... Okay... -clears throat- NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! VICTORY OR DEATH! (...well, at least that gets rid of the awkwardness.)
  15. Hallo all My name is Vladimir or Falk, I am 25 year old i am Russian and from Sweden.I am a sergeant in the Swedish Armed Forces Before that there is someone who comment it, I'm mild dyslexic and therefore use google to help me I play every form of shooters and strategy but at the moment Looking forward to see you all out on the battlefield
  16. Hey there all, this is a short story about yours truly: Beginning: I'm more of a casual player with a long gaming history which started about 20 years ago with a Commodore 64 (I wish i could give you some of the first games that I played but the truth is I can only remember one, namely Contra), after that it was a short relationship with the NES and a couple of good memories with Mario, Donkey Kong, Tanks and Darkwing Duck among others. Middle: My real gaming history though starts with the first Play Station or PSX for short, it were such great games like Tomb Raider, Soul Edge Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII etc. that defined my future course and made me a die hard SCE fan. Still even though PS holds a special place in my heart a PC became another gaming platform I do enjoy. Alas gaming isn't everything to me (though it takes most of my time), I'm a creative soul with a very individualistic character and philosophical outlook on life, not to mention a linguist (I pick up languages very quickly) and most of those traits were emphasised by the games that I played. End (Still far from it) After 25 years of life I learned a couple of things: 1. No matter what you do you should find pleasure in it otherwise its pointless 2. World isn't just black and white, but infinite shades of gray 3. Never take anything for granted 4. Treat every day like it could be your last Those four things aren't everything but they are among the most imprtant guidelines and with that in mind I decided to join this comunity because I'm sort of a loner and "the heart is strengthened through bonds" (if you know this quote we will get along just fine) so I decided to try develop myself more and who knows maybe I can learn something cool by joining the Angry Army because my journey is still far from over. Epilogue WOW that was a little too serious, still its more than less how I depict myself, so just on the finishing note I'd like to say its a pleasure to be a part of something as awsome as the AJSA... and Aridan reporting for duty.
  17. I’m mostly an XBOX gamer and find myself drawn to shooters like HALO and Battlefield, also RTS’s like Command and Conquer and Supreme Commander. Even though I prefer XBOX I do play Battlefield, Dark Souls and XCOM on PS3 as well as more RTS’s. I’ve recently branched out to PC games, I’ll be honest I’ve not got the best graphics card but can still play Civ V, Shogun 2 and (God Forbid) Command and Conquer 4. I also have a 3DS which I play Pokemon and Monster Hunter on every now and again. These are my all-time most loved games (Top 5): Halo 4, Ace Combat: Zero, Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater and Dues Ex. Moving out of the gaming world I’m writing a book in a universe of my own creation that should fall nicely under the Sci-Fi War genre, I won’t go into detail on this as I’ll be writing about 1000 words on that alone so we’ll leave that there. Music Wise well, there's video game music such as Zero from Ace Combat and Theme to the new Dues Ex. And then there's Two steps from Hell and Metallica. That about sums it up unless there's more one would desire to know about me. (Lets put a smile in here then shall we... brighten things up a bit)
  18. You have summoned me great lord of ANGER I have come to your side, to reap havoc uppon evil game corporations and feebled minded beings, who will now the furry of our anger! I have for a long time wished to join the ranks of the Angry Army, and FINALLY been able to raise my fist with my banner men. I solute you Joe, and I solute you good men of the Angry Army, for we are going to ride to victory in glades of battle and blood! Your loyal soldier AsdQ
  19. That just happens to be the way I usually introduce myself, thought would be the most appropriate way to introduce myself, no? I decided to wait for the site's traffic to slow down so this post would (hopefully) not get drowned in a sea of others like it. Let's begin, shall we? I'm Caz, lover of games, history and Cadbury Creme Eggs. I made a few games using a program when I was younger (SPOILER: They suck a lot and I lost the data for one on floppy disc) and have always enjoyed the medium of video games since my youth, although i'm only 19 & 1/2 as of this posting. Since 2010, i've run a YouTube channel that has become moderately successful, but now's not the time to discuss that. I'm glad to be a part of this community and hope to get to know you all sometime in the future. Cheers, or as we in Canada say here... apparently, eh! Until next time, game on my friends! -Caz
  20. Hello all, just saw the video form angry joe about this and want in on it. I just a PC gamer only console I have is a N64. So look forward to meeting you all on online.
  21. Greetings to all. My name is CK2020, but you guys can just call me CK. I've been a gamer for most of my life. Starting back when I was about 6 years of age. As the years have gone by I've played every type of game there is and I'm always willing to try out new and interesting games. I'm laid back and pretty cool, but when something needs to get done I will make sure it does. In the past I was a founder of a group known as Gentlemen Gamers but have recently stepped down from my leadership roles to pursue other goals. Im 20 years old and I am just about done with my first year of University. I am currently playing alot of games. If its out Ive played it or am playing it. MMOs too RTSs. If you cant find someone to come try a game with you let me know. Ill always give it a shot. Im looking forward to getting to know all of you and fighting along side each and everyone of my fellow gamers. Lets get out there and fight the good fight!
  22. Hello fellow Angry Joe Army troopers, I'm Boeing521, although if you'd like to be personal and/or call me your friend (which I am always open to, by the way), you can call me Sam. I'm 18 years old and live in southern Canada. I'm working on becoming a commercial pilot as a career, and have my first license so far. Gaming is one of my primary hobbies and one of my first loves, and I've been on PlayStation since the beginning (nothing against Xbox, I've just had and enjoyed PlayStation from the beginning). I always enjoy a good game of Assassin's Creed, and am working on the long process of 100%-ing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Fingers crossed that Joe will review it, but I realize how much of a longshot that is right now. Also a huge fan of Red Dead Redemption and any similar action/adventure games with a great story and various additional elements. Feel free to send a message at any time, whether about games or something else, and I'll gladly answer you as soon as I can. Happy gaming! Boeing521