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Found 4 results

  1. There's a game in pre-alpha on steam named FoxHole it's an isometric top down World war 2 massively multiplayer online game where two factions fight for control over and entire map and you have to build bases, collect supplies and win the war. I think the AJSA would be Perfect for this game as it provides the content similar to planetside 2 and battle field 1 that's heavily focused on teamwork and cooperation to defeat the opposition. As i said before it's available on Steam and is free to play currently but I'll link the website as well FoxHole website Steamlink
  2. From ex-Witcher devs'. Really does look fairly awesome. Hearing it is a mix of Diablo 3, Baldur's Gate, and cyberpunk fantasy.
  3. Stasis is a point and click adventure horror game inspired by movies like Alien and Event Horizon and video games like Space and Kings Quest. John Maracheck awakens from stasis aboard a derelict ship and must solve puzzles in order to save his family and learn what happened on the ship. Stasis is nearing its goal on Kickstarter but still needs another $30,000 in 17 days to reach its goal of $100,000, stretch goals have been added as well as a playable alpha of the game and let's play videos of people going through the alpha. Teaser trailer and some of the screenshots Watch the pitch, read more about the game, and support if you want on the Kickstarter page located here
  4. The game was on indiegogo and raised $12,000 of a $10,000 goal, in order to further improve the game and add new features the game is now on Kickstarter and has reached over $21,000 passing the $10,000 goal. The game has nine days left and many possible stretch goals that can still be reached including new classes and areas to explore. The game has also been accepted by Steam's Greenlight. At the time of this posting there are still 21 early bird backer tiers left where you can get the game for $15 digitally and with a Steam key. Once those are gone $20 is the cheapest level that will include the game. For the pitch video, more information, and to support the game go here.