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Found 2 results

  1. I can't believe it....... It finally happened. There's a Star Wars game that is actually freaking awesome & not just ok like what we got since 2010! This game takes place 5 years after Revenge of the Sith & 1 year before the Han Solo movie that I haven't watch & don't want to. The game stars Cal Kestis aka Joker from the Gotham tv series, a poor Padawan who survived the event of Order 66 and has been in hiding as a maintenance worker for the Scrapper Guild, pretty much people who scavenge wrecks from the Clone Wars. It was business as usual when the game starts when he's working with his fellow worker, then whoops, his friend slipped & fell down during work which forces Cal to use a force slow motion ability to rescue him. I don't think I have ever seen a force slow motion before but here it is! Which got Cal in trouble with the Empire after they found out. One of the Empire Inqusitors was sent down to capture him, which forces Cal to escape from them. Luckily for him he's rescued by a woman named Cere Junda aka the one played by the same person who was in Wolfenstein New Colossus & her pilot friend Greez Dritus, who has the best comedic moments in the game. Later on his journey, Cal will meet a cute and very useful droid named BD 1, Forrest Whitaker reprising his role as Saw Gerrera from Rogue One & a few others which you have to play to find out. Together, they set out on a journey to make Cal complete his training to become a full Jedi & hopefully restore the Jedi order. This story is actually canon in the overall Star Wars storyline, so unfortunately for them, it'll take Return of the Jedi for that to happen, but still, this is a surprisingly good start for an intriguing new journey. The story has the expected twist and turns, the characters are all well written with funny dialogue banters with some being really cool ones, and overall, I really like where they are going with this plot, FAR more than Force Unleashed back when that game was canon. It's really sad to see Cal dealing with order 66 when he was young in the flashbacks, and it makes me feel bad for all the Jedis + Padawans even more after I play this game. Good thing Palpatine will get his just desert in Return of the Jedi. BTW, it's funny that Mark Hammil played Luke, only to become Joker, and now Cameron Monaghan who played Joker becomes the new Star Wars hero. That's what I call a twist of fate! Now before I gush about how awesome this game is, I'm gonna have to get the annoyances out of the way first. First off, this game is quite buggy at the moment. Not Fallout/ Assassin's Creed 3 levels bad, but it's noticeable here and there. There are times when I was fighting an enemy & the enemy floats above me for some reason, especially wild animals & Purge Troopers. Sometimes character's clothes will stretch out into the walls for no reason which makes cutscenes pretty jarring to watch, though this only happens a few times. And at one point I was supposed to fall into water to continue a story, but then I got stuck & can't move because of debris that froze in place, so I had to restart the game to proceed. For some reason, sometimes sound effects during cutscenes can be too slow before something happened. Maybe it's because I'm playing on PC with 60 fps while it usually runs 30 fps on consoles. And you can't skip cutscenes, or dialogues with npcs. I do hope that patches will fix these things soon because otherwise, THIS GAME IS FUCKING AWESOME! This game is essentially this generation's new Jedi Knight game. Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy are my personal favorite Star Wars game to date, and now this game has joined those 2 as my favorite Star Wars game to play. The gameplay is pretty much what happens when Jedi Knight Jedi Academy has the precise combat of Sekiro, the exploration + puzzle solving of Tomb Raider 2013 & the parkour of Prince of Persia PS2 games, although you can't parkour up a wall. All of these mixed together makes a very tasty combination. This game has different planets to explore, and all of them have SO MANY collectibles to collect. It's like Tomb Raider in that you have to have a keen eye to hunt these collectibles, and some of them requires puzzle solving. Some are trickier than others, but it feels good to solve them. The best part is you have a map you can see, and this map is so very helpful as it highlights which area you can't access yet because you don't have the right ability at that moment, so you'll have to get back later on after you acquired the right ability. You get mostly cosmetic collectibles for your ship, outfit and BD-1 droid, but you also get customizable parts for your lightsaber, max HP + MP I mean force power increase collectibles & healing stim slots for your droid companion which are basically estus flasks. Speaking of BD-1 he is probably one of my favorite Star Wars droid at this moment, second to BB-8. This little dude makes funny banters with you, helps you out a ton when doing puzzles especially once you acquire his upgrades, and he can even hack enemy droids during combat so they become your companion. More Star Wars games needs droids like this! Sorry R2 D2, you're just too big. Some of the collectibles are lore-based which are pretty cool as it gives you nerdy Star Wars trivia about the planet that you are on. The game doesn't have fast travel which takes getting used to, but instead it has quick shortcuts. Part of the reason is that you travel to different planets with your companions on a spaceship, so having fast travel pretty much negates the need to use the spaceship. Thankfully the shortcuts does make traveling from point a to b a lot faster than normal so it doesn't feel bad to not have fast travel. Besides, new enemy bounty hunters will show up if you decide to backtrack to a previously unreachable area, so they mix things up. Combat in this game feels SO DAMN GOOD. Imagine the fun of lightsaber combat in Jedi Outcast/ Academy And change the controls so it plays like Sekiro. The result is one of the best Jedi Star Wars game mechanic in history. Not like Force Unleashed where its just a ragdoll simulator where enemies are no match for you at all. In this game, only the basic stormtrooper enemies can't stand a chance against you. Against more complex enemies like the various bosses & Purge Troopers? They will make you pay if you're not careful, and that's how I like it! You'll notice how they have a block bar similar to Sekiro, but this game doesn't have the "deplete block bar & instant kill" like that game has. Instead once you deplete their block bar, you have to reduce their health bar to truly beat them, although some enemies does let you instant kill them after you reduce their health to almost death. Death in this game is like Dark Souls, but more forgiving. Falling off a cliff doesn't kill you instantly thank God. If you die by an enemy, you will lose your XP but thankfully the XP is like Sekiro in that once the XP bar fills up to a number, the number still remains and only the bar gets reset to 0. You can regain it back if you attack the enemy that kills you, AND as a bonus, you will get full health & full force power back which is very nice indeed. Everything else is like Sekiro/ Dark Souls where you have bonfire I mean "meditation points" you can use to restore your estus flas I mean "healing stims" that your adorable droid friend BD will give to you. Force powers are your friend here, and Cal has access to 3: slow motion, push & pull, all of which requires the force meter to use, but thankfully you can use it infinitely outside of combat. You can upgrade these abilities to affect more than 1 enemies, and the pull can be upgraded to something similar to force choke. At first you only have force slow motion, but playing through the story will unlock the rest. It's pretty weird that wall running & double jump are considered Force powers. My years of Prince of Persia & metroidvania has considered them normal general game character abilities. XD Speaking of upgrades, your lightsaber fighting ability can also be upgraded too. Through playing the game, you will unlock the Darth Maul esque dual lightsaber staff, and later on in the game, you can unlock dual wielding attacks which are the strongest attacks in the game, though it requires force meter to use. It feels really good to fully upgrade your ability & make you able to just mow down enemies with ease like this: Love the boss fights in this game as well. They all give you great challenges & feels really good when you take them down. They're not quite the levels of epic as Sekiro's bosses are because a couple of the story bosses have cutscene breaks that make them much easier to deal with, but they're still fun. I do wish that when the sequel is made, we get even more Sekiro level difficult boss battles because having you earn the kill through skill is so much more rewarding. The final boss is as close as we get to a Sekiro level difficulty boss, and the boss fight afterward isn't a fight but more of an Uncharted escape sequence, but DAMN that was awesome. Can't spoil what it is, but it's quite epic! The best part about this whole game though? NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! And it takes me 21+ hours to complete everything 100%. For an EA game, THAT is simply unheard of this day and age, which is pretty depressing but true. THIS is the game EA needs more of. Respawn has done the unthinkable & actually made a freaking EA Star Wars game an actual game with no bullshit! THEY FINALLY BREAK THE CURSE!! Overall, I freaking love this game. Hands down one of the best Star Wars game in a LOOOONG time and a well deserved spiritual successor to the Jedi Knight games. I give this game ther rating of " so awesome that you can't wait for the sequel", with a badass seal of approval. And oh yeah, there is definitely going to be a sequel. The game ends on a possible sequel bait, and seeing how damn good the game & story is, I am all in for what's coming next. Please EA, Respawn needs to make a sequel to this game. Let them do it & don't put your stupid money grubbing bullshit into it. Do what you do now & give them the chance to make more of this kind of game, because I would LOVE more of it! More force powers so we can get the full Jedi Academy powers of chaos, more bosses, much less bugs and more BD-1 can make the next game absolutely legendary. I cannot wait to see what's next!
  2. Hello everyone, some of you may know me as one of many people that makes signatures but now i have come to suggest a game. It is Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. I think the angry army should play it because it's a fantastic game, it's easy to learn but hard to master. I know it is old but come on, if Battlefront 2 can get a poll this should get one. I may have strayed off-topic but i think the angry army should play it because we need a game where we can duel and have nice combat at the same time. And also, every AJSA game has to be able to have ops and boot camps. So boot camp sessions would be training on combat skills and combos and ops could be huge dueling tournaments and such. I will be listing the "pros" and "cons" below. PROS Nice combat/combo systemCustomizable CharactersMany gamemodesMany cool Force PowersCONS Age (shouldnt be a problem but sometimes it is)Hard to master the combatSome might try to use exploits/bugs (death from above combo isnt an exploit)Well that's that, hope it gets a poll. Cya guys