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Found 1 result

  1. Ever since the Raid 2 Berandal was released back in 2014, I had been waiting for SO LONG for the Raid 3. The Raid 1 & 2 are action film Gods that I had been watching over and over and over again whenever I can, and since then only Mad Max Fury Road & Avengers Endgame gave me the sense of "OHH YEAH THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME" feeling that I had with those 2. Then recently because of this flu spreading in the air, I decided to browse Netflix for films to watch, and to my surprise, Iko Uwais actually had 2 films available that are both directed by an Indonesian director named Timo Tjahjanto. This guy made a horror short film for VHS 2 with Gareth Evans, the director of the Raid films, and it's apparent from the 2 films made by this guy that yeah, the Raid influence is imbedded in them. The first film is Headshot, which is basically the Bourne Identity if it stars Iko Uwais in Indonesia & the villain's a badass martial artist sociopath. Love the action which is Raid esque. I also like how some of the cast from the Raid plays new characters in this film. The second one is the one I'm going to talk about today called the Night Comes for Us. And...... wow......... Jeeezus almighty, this is what happens when someone said "you know what the Raid needs? Even more fucked up kills & blood." And they deliver. OH BOY, DO THEY DELIVER IT \ Instead of Iko Uwais, this film stars Joe Taslim, aka the big sergeant guy in the first Raid that had to fight Mad Dog He's a Chinese Triad & a member of a group of bigshots called the Six Seas, responsible for doing nasty shit. One day he was ordered to massacre an entire village because they stole Triad supplies & sold them. So he came and killed most of the villagers, except for a poor little girl. This is the part where he decided to turn a new leaf, killed his underlings & go rogue for this little girl. Admirable, but really stupid. And sure enough, the little girl & him are marked for death. Iko Uwais is his friend inside the triad, and he's been given the order to kill his friend. You can see him as a reluctant bad guy fighting his friend. The film's about Joe Taslim, or in this film's case Ito, trying to get the little girl out of Indonesia, all the while taking part in one of the most fucked up brutal fight scenes I have ever seen in a film. As you can see, the story itself is a pretty basic "guy wants to get out of a criminal organization because of a little girl" story that's already been done by Hitman Absolution & Yakuza/ Ryu Ga Gotoku. It works for the film though, especially helped by how great the cast of characters are, ranging from likeable friends of the main character, to the colorful assassins that are sent to hunt him & the little girl down. There's a character called the Operator played by Hammer Girl from the Raid 2, and boy howdy, she is definitely the best character in the film. You don't know much about her except that she's employed by someone to eliminate the triads, and she kicks all kinds of asses, even the main character. There's even a deleted scene that paints her as a girl version of John Wick. Yep, that blind guy is that guy who owns a porn film ring in Raid 2 that Iko Uwais beat up. Before that he's a popular comedy actor in Indonesia. I can definitely see a sequel to this film starring her, and I'm all down for it because she's pretty much a main character too in this film. The biggest surprise for me is that one of the assassins sent to kill the main character is a woman named Alma whose main weapon is a garrote that cuts shit up fast, and the actress who played her is actually the main character for a teenage romance movie I saw when I was young roughly translated to "What's Up with Love" I couldn't tell that it was her until I saw wikipedia. Wow, so you go from a romance film to THIS? That's like if Kairi from Kingdom Hearts change to Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill. Some messed up shit had to happen to get you that fucked up! Speaking of fight scenes, that is definitely the absolute highlight of the film. This film makes John Wick 1 - 3 look like kindergarten fights, AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. In one of the first fight scenes in the film that takes place in a butcher shop, a meathook is used to hang a poor bastard, a guy's mouth is cut open to resemble Joker's smile, a bone is used to stab 2 people to death, URGHH. WTF, I didn't expect a horror film gore out of this film before I watched it! I would show it here but it's too nightmarish so you curious people better see it on youtube yourself. And it just keeps getting more brutal with every new scene. Just when you think "glad that's over. There's NO WAY the film's gonna be even more messed up than that", another new scene will show up proving how wrong you are. And it all culminates in the final fights of the film which makes me do 2 distinct emotions. First half of the fight: ohohoho this is awesome. Second half of the fight: OH GOD NO PLEASE DON'T DO THAT OOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It's like I'm seeing the Raid for the first half, then the second half I'm seeing some uncomfortably fucked up shit that belongs in Saw, only instead of it being stupid gory nonsense, this actually feels so real that it actually is a lot scarier than Saw! It makes sense though because the director of this film did horror films before this, so well done man, you scared the SHIT out of me! If there's one thing I don't like besides how unnecessarily fucked up the fight scenes can get which scared the shit out of me & make me squeemish, is that the fight scene music for the final fight is very minimalist & doesn't get epic. All it is are a bunch of drums & horror movie noises. Why?? It could've been so much more! Hell, the Raid 1 & 2, and even Avengers Endgame's final fights are so damn good because the music that plays during them are so fitting & awesome that it lifts your mood & makes you go "OHOOHOHO YEAH THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME". Lacking that cool fitting music makes the fight go down a few points, but damn, it's still a great fucked up final fight. Despite that though, this film is fucking awesome, and a worthy spiritual successor the the Raid movies besides Headshot. I give the movie the rating of "mostly awesome, but damn the gore will scare the shit out of you". 8.75/10 with a badass seal of approval. Even though the film ends in a bittersweet note that made me tear up a bit, I definitely believe that there's going to be a sequel. This film sets up a much bigger villain controlling things behind the scenes & we only see parts of his squad with a bunch more coming. And I cannot wait to see what kinds of cool stuff the Operator or the main character will do in the next film & the villains they're going to face next. Will they be fighting Ronda Rousey? Lucy Liu? Zhang Ziyi? Or even Tony Jaa/ Jet Li/ Donnie Yen/ any cool current martial artist that's not too old like Jackie Chan? We shall wait and find out!