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Found 51 results

  1. Hi, I'm asking for your help for Joe to report this on his next video! Please let him know about this, Activision is bullying one single designer even though they are clearly wrong, there is no drama. I'm not the creator, I'm just a player that really likes this game and I just got this notification when logging in to the game. This game is a better version of Risk designed by a single person, first named "Warlight" and then modified to "Warzone". The issue is that the creator changed the name of the game to Warzone, years before the Cod game called "Warzone" came out. Law states first one to use it, gets the rights to the name. All the info about the lawsuit is here on the link below and support to help the designer fight back corporate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/activision-is-suing-warzone Maybe even try the game but most importantly let Joe and the gang be aware of this bullying! We don't give up, never surrender, David against the Giant! Sincerely, Pierre Reynaud
  2. Hey Joe! I know you were into Vice Principals. If you’re following Danny McBride’s new show “The Righteous Gemstones” I’m have a role in episode 3! just wanted you to know that you have angry army representation on HBO!!!
  3. Took me dang long enough to get here. After all, while my Webname may only be TopazLynx, my real name is Loren. Hell, I even live in Southern Alberta, specifically Lethbridge, a small city with a HUGE bridge for coal trains. I even just managed to buy myself my first Gaming PC! But hey, evolution is how I play, always find ways to work through the game that works. Besides PC multiplayer is free. At least more than Console. I cannot wait to see what future things this website has for me and my potential "apologies". ;3
  4. I'm working on a sort of "hidden lore" story of Angry Joe based off of old channel awesome collab vids and his own characters. I'm still working on it but I wanted to put out what I've already done, get some feedback and thoughts. I haven't thought of how to introduce Other Joe yet, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few of Joe's named characters. Lemme know what you guys think. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lore of Angry Joe Joe began as a Fable 1 hero, righteous, good, and happy...but when Fable 2 came out, he was unimpressed with his future and rebelled, turning to evil. This evil was recognized in a galaxy far, far away and he was picked up by the Sith of Kotor to be trained in the Dark Side. When he completed his training, Darth Joe set about creating a powerful space station with which he could conquer the galaxy. Before it was completed, however, he met defeat at the hands of Spoony-Wan. Though he swore revenge, a larger threat to the galaxy and beyond appeared. A friendship of mutual respect had grown between Joe and Linkara, a comic book reviewer who defended his planet using a combination of magic and technology salvaged and repurposed from his many fights with numerous villains, including Spoony’s evil personality, Doctor Insano. Though one was a villain and the other a hero, they found friendship in their values in games and other media, as well as their shared interest in magi-technology. Occasionally Joe would put his secret schemes and evil projects to use by testing them while aiding his friend, serving as anti-hero while he waited for his secret project to be completed. Joe’s secret project, he believed, would allow him to sweep across the galaxy and rule it as his own. This project was a cloning device, a powerful one borne from magi-technology, that could not only give him an army, but grant them new and unique powers allowing them to counter any opponent. This project was nearly complete when Lord Vyce attacked. Both Linkara and Joe had noticed the multiverse becoming unstable, and Lord Vyce was assumed to be the cause. His army was far larger than any ever seen, created from scorching and conquering multiple universes. With his sights set on their world next, Linkara asked for aid. It took over a year, but the new Angry Joe Army had formed and was ready to aid Linkara in his war. Joe used his battle station to halt Vyce’s fleet, but it was little more than a small blockade to slow them. While Linkara faced off against Lord Vyce himself, the army’s elites sneaked aboard Vyce’s ship and Joe took control of the vessel. After Vyce was defeated, Joe took first pick of the loot aboard his ship, but gave the ship itself to Linkara while Joe destroyed the rest of Vyce’s army and used it to upgrade his battle station. With the upgraded technology from Vyce’s army, Joe had the final piece to his puzzle, and began creating his super clones. Unfortunately...this didn’t go well for him. While Joe had slowly become less evil while working with Linkara and the others of the world below, his first clone wasn’t just evil, it embodied all of the things Joe himself believed to be evil traits, particularly concerning video games and the ways they make money. He wrecked the station and fled, along with the plans for the cloning machine. This failed attempt was a wake up call for Joe. The evil behavior of his clone showed him how much he had changed, and so, Angry Joe decided to become a good guy, defending the common gamer from bad games and bad game making practices. He downgraded his cloning machine to produce his old normal Angry Joe soldiers and began using his station as a base for fighting the war against bad games. Then, Corporate Commander appeared, with an army of corporate clones. He ruled a powerful shadow company that thrived off of the ill gotten profit of bad gaming practices, and had been secretly using his fortune to escalate the War of Used Games, making himself known by hacking the battle station and wiping out a large portion of the 65th fleet on the front lines of Australian gaming, ultimately leading heavy losses for Australian gaming policies. What followed was a fierce and bloody battle. Corporate attacked hard and fast with Alpha Protocol, only to be pushed back by Risk: Factions. Another powerful strike in Kayne & Lynch 2: Dog Days was countered by Civilization V. Then, Corporate shifted tactics, creating the dreaded Kinect Flagship to lead another powerful attack. The next large scale battle began with Sonic Free Riders, the first game to be rated a 1 by Angry Joe and his army. Corporate decided to attack Joe at his roots, assaulting with Fable III and then a quick followup attack with Mind Jack. Then, the battle took a turn with the release of Magicka, reaching a stalemate with DC Online with it’s equal good and evil becoming a no man’s land. Corporate Commander believed Joe was near defeat, and all he needed was another big push. And so, using the evil cloning machine, Corporate Commander created an ally, Demon Joe. Unfortunately Demon Joe was...fairly incompetent as a villain, creating Dragon Age II, which only managed to strengthen the No Man’s Land. This stalemate was finally broken by Corporate’s three pronged attack of Duke Nukem Forever, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the Kinect Flagship, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, with Demon Joe following close behind, having gained the Red Lantern ring’s power with Green Lantern. Corporate Commander followed this with victory after victory, until Angry Joe surprised Corporate. While Angry Joe held the line with Batman :Arkham City, a new ally attacked Corporate at his very base. Hero Joe led a powerful assault on Corporate Tower, armed with a Legendary new weapon, Skyrim. Corporate was forced to flee his base and the Corporate armies retreated back to the No Man’s Land to dig in their heels. Demon Joe abandoned Corporate and decided to go off on his own, creating his own demonic realm to create poorly made games, only rarely working with the Commander on joint projects in the future. While Corporate created a new base with funding from EA, his forces began enacting his new evil scheme, pushing forward just a bit too far, then retreating...but not all the way back across No Man’s Land, slowly pushing No Man’s Land further and further with this “Two steps Forward, one step back” policy for bad gaming practices, all the while throwing out red herrings such as SOPA, end game DLC, and of course further bombardments from the Kinect Flagship. With the relative absence of Corporate Commander and his army making a slow push beneath the layers of distraction tactics, Demon Joe attempted to rise up into the apparent power vacuum. His attacks were small, mostly small enough to be ignored or blamed on Corporate Commander, whom was happy to accept the negative press regardless of its legitimacy. Then, Demon Joe made his move, unleashing his ultimate masterpiece, Ride to Hell Retribution. While a powerful blow, critically damaging Angry Joe himself, his attack ultimately failed and he was banished back into his demonic realm. This victory, however, afforded Corporate the time he needed to complete his own devilish masterpiece. It began with micro transactions. They had been an old favorite of his for years, but had never been quite so powerful as when they struck against the Mobile market. So, Corporate began a stress test, sending powerful wave after wave of ever more despicable and powerful micro transactions through to find its absolute breaking point. Then, following his old strategy of “Two steps forward, one step back” He introduced them into full priced games, then backed off into free to play and then pushed forward again. Back and forth Corporate went, allowing Angry Joe victory after victory, but surrendering less and less ground until Micro transactions were seen as a common stain on video games, and even good games had them secreted away inside. Then after another three long years of back and forth, Corporate sprang his trap. He released the insidious Loot Box onto the world, all the while acting as if Loot Boxes were the secret cure to his evil Micro transaction plague, which was growing ever more infectious and insidious. Both evolved off of each other, each new strain of both becoming more fierce, more embedded into the core of their games. The gameplay equivalent to viral warfare, but while both sides were competing, they both belonged to Corporate, attacking the army from all sides. Even today, three years after the release of the Lootbox plague and the escalation began, both micro transactions and lootboxes continue to infect and destroy...but a cure is being worked on, and while worldwide moral is low, both plagues have been weakening, and the hopeful believe that the end may finally be in sight. Corporate’s stocks have been plummeting, the Lootbox plague is being systematically stamped out, and while we have reached the darkest of the night, light is on the horizon. The Angry Army is mobilizing...
  5. So are you alone walking home in the dark? If you are remember........ GOOGLE HAS EYE'S!!!! AJ, OJ and Purruna take on Red Barrels Studios' first person horror sequel to see if it's a true freight night or just an empty stab in the dark. ENJOY!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  6. So it's finally here........ and probably copyright claimed by the archaic assholes of Nintendo Japan by now (I've already downloaded the video just in case). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild angry review. Is it worth buying a Switch or dusting of your WiiU for? Angry Joe rides for Hyrule as Other Joe "Swtich's" gender........ again to find out!
  7. So the latest.... and in a manner of speaking earliest instalment of EA and DICE's Battlefield franchise has arrived. Will it be a blast from the past or just old school miss fire? AJ and OJ take to the front lines to find out!
  8. Respawn's second installment in it's Titanfall franchise comes packed with a campaign, a revised multiplayer and is even brave enough to release alongside the FPS giants of COD and Battlefield. Will this endeavour prove to be a giant steel stomp on the competition or a foolish Titanfail. Angry Joe..... Stand by for Titanfall.....
  9. Will the latest instalment of the Deus Ex franchise be a diner date with the Terminator or a bit of a block head? Angry Joe shares his thoughts!
  10. I am woundering if Joe (or you if this is read by Joe) is planning to make a review for No Man's Sky? I have seen all of the trailers and gameplay videos and it has all of the marks of a good game. I just want to be sure when dedicating $60 to something.
  11. have you ever met angry joe or communicated with any youtubers?,if so were they nice?,were you starstruck at all? please tell us...
  12. You the man Angry Joe! been watching your reviews for a while now... Even the wife gets a kick out of them too haha, esp the DESTINY one. i always go to your youtube channel for reviews. signed up here today. have a good one man... I too, get angry at games hahaha MIKE
  13. Hello, I'm X32WaysToDie (AKA John), and I'm looking for new friends here. I've been watching Joe on YouTube for years now. I love his passion, and humor. I feel like he reminds me a lit of myself with how passionate about gaming he is, and he says a lot of things I agree with. As far as myself, I'm 24. I live in Oklahoma City, OK in the US. I have owned many consoles, but currently my elation consists of a PS4 (my personal default) harass gaming rig from about three years ago (still going strong, but starting to lag behind on more of the new AAA games), XB1, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, and a Vita (OK, I rarely play my Vita, but I still stand by some AWESOME games like Persona). I am pretty open to most genres, and can appreciate an awesome game no matter it's category or.platform, as long as I feel it's worthy. I can be picky, and I do tend to be a bit harder on games than a lot of my friends. Some games I play a lot currently are NBA 2K16 (I'm a huge NBA fan, and an even bigger fan of my hometown OKC Thunder), Divinity, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Rocket League, Uncharted, Elite Dangerous, and Cities: Skylines. My favorite trilogy/franchise is Mass Effect (I understand people's issues with the ending, but I honestly didn't think it was so bad). I grew up playing.mostly PC strategy games (Red Alert, Civ, AoE, Total War, Starcraft, Stronghold, Simcity, The Sims, etc) and PS1 classics like Crash Bandicoot, Ape Escape (unfairly underrated game imo), Brave Fencer Musashi, Metal Gear Solid, etc. (strangely I never really got into FF. I tried and tried, but it just wasn't for me. My favorite color is green (usually lime), though I just love rich, vibrant colors in general. I have a dog who's a bit over a year old at this point named Shepard (yes, like Commander Shepard - it was actually my ex-girlfriend's idea). She's a pitbull, German shepherd, and black lab mix. She's brindle, and beautiful. Maybe if I can post some.pics, I might some time. I own a 2013 Subaru WRX hatch (along with another SUV, but that's not important lol), and am a pretty big car enthusiast. Anyway, that's me. Sorry if I got a little too personal or talked too much. I just want to hang out and make some friends in what I hope is a passionate and friendly community of like minded people who just love to game and talk about their passions. Tell me about yourself if you want to! Just please give me some time to respond: I have ADD, and I tend to get sidetracked and forget things. Lol. I also tend to work a lot, so I'll try to hop on while I'm there, but sometimes I have to devote my time to that (it is work afterall). Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks for reading! I hope to hear back and enjoy meeting many new, awesome people!
  14. I've been looking for a while now. I am trying to find AJ's new store to look at some of the shirts and maybe buy one. Can someone give me the link? I've looked on his twitter, YT, and twitch and can't find it. Maybe I'm overlooking it idk. Thanks guys.
  15. Hello everyone! I hope you are all well! I have made a new YouTube and have a right laugh playing games and stuff. If anyone out there could check it out and let me know what you think that would be ace! also if anybody is interested in collabing let me know Thanks in advance brothers and sisters https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIgssluBg_oAvrP01ivm6xQ
  16. Im here to Protect you form the Shit game none as Dirty Bomb. I wasted 200kr in that game and i only got one Blue Card don't play This EA game is shit and bad and it will take all of your Money. i now we can't ban games but we need to Say to Anothers about Dirty Bomb so people dosent waste Money like me i regreat Everything all the Money i have spend ;( -Taee (sorry for me bad English)
  17. Hey guys, sorry to bother you here. I have made a video of Photoshopping Joe ! Hope you enjoy. [youtubew]
  18. What can I say? He's such a lovable guy, he has great points and topics when it comes to the video game industry, an honest and thoughtful guy who reviews and tells us things we should know about like Ride to Hell. Long live AngryJoe!
  19. I don't know if this is the story that Joe said about the post on reddit but MAN ALL OF YOU MUST READ THIS. Looks like the Destiny we got is a really BIG BULLSHIT and TONS of things were cut off in Destiny over the last year of development. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=132190481&postcount=519 Read it. Comment your thought
  20. From what I have seen, Joe seems to have no idea what to do in this game and how to play it. In his latest Stream he somehow managed to have a Companion with him (finally!) and his combat skills improved and he didn't act like he is pissed all the time for no reason. So, overall improved but still bad . Normally, after the starter island you choose a faction which you want to join. The Demon Hunters on Calador for example, you do the Factions Quests, join them and after that you can summon allies, cast Spells, new dodge animation (teleportation), new armor/weapons and then you go for the other quests (huge amount on every island) or stay on Calador and keep bashing the shadows there and free the island first (don’t know if possible right after joining). I don't see him anywhere near joining a faction so far. You may want to learn smithing, I did that and was able to craft a new shiny sword. No idea where I got the instructions from but it is blue, can't be bad xD. And for god sake, when you are on a ship, talk to a companion and pick the "come with me" line. Bones can heal you, makes it easier. Combat needs some patching, it annoys the shit out of me sometimes but it is manageable. Let’s see the next stream…. uff Maybe this will help a little.
  21. So I just watched Joes Kill Hitler video. Like many other Im sure have. And then I went down to the comment section. And I saw something that Ive seen a few times in previous videos aswell. Here is an example for the Kill Hitler video The issue with this is that it is all false. What this person clearly doesnt understand is that its more work for Joe. Joe isnt gonna stop making reviews, but they take time. Joe have to play the game several times or different difficulty levels, to find different ways to play the game and so on and so on. After that he has to write the review, he have to make the review. It takes a lot of time. The editing takes a lot of time with all the special effects. But since Joe already have to play these games, why not make videos aswell. He doesnt take more time becuase he have to play the game already. Sure he may use more time becuase he have to edit these video, but that editing is far from hard as it is in his reviews. Im sure that its no problem for him to edit theses video. I dont mind seeing these video while waiting for his next review, it serves as a filler while Im waiting. And Im glad that he can make some extra video and earn some more money. I think he deserve it. Not to mention that the money he earn, some but not all, goes to making the review better with props and other stuff. Ps. I know this is the best written post, Im not particular good at making articles and expressing things, but I felt like it had to be addressed. Feel free to try and elaborate on what Im trying to say if you can. Pps. People like him is the reason why I dont enjoy going to the comment section.
  22. Hey Fellas! Recently started watchin ANGRY JOE reviews on Youtube... ye hes funny! Gotta give it to him... but personally i wanna see more reviews! stuff he's done is good! esp. Metro Last light, enjoyed the Angry Rant! and also Hitman Absolution is pretty awesome too! BTW does anyone know any news/rumours about the next Hitman game???!?!?! Peace!
  23. Ok now I'm slightly annoyed at the moment and not many people can see why. Diablo 3 just introduced their "expansion" AKA Reaper of souls. (RoS) Now this game over in the EU costs £30 so I'm guessing thats around $40 - $50 in america and so on and so fourth. At first I thought for an expansion and being blizzard I can understand this game being £30. A bit steep yes but this is blizzard. We were promised alot of things in this latest expansion which haven't exactly been delivered. When me and my two friends put our game key into the battle.net app we expected some kind of download or install right ? Wrong... This is why I want Joe to look into this. I've payed £30 to technically unlock something. Didn't Capcom pull this one and everyone jump down their throats. Why are blizzard suddenly getting a free pass for this shit. PLEASE JOE HELP!?!
  24. HEY EVERYONE. I'm bringing this forward to maybe ask about putting some sort of ajsa twist onto Xbox? Xbox one mainly with a cod team maybe, getting into GB, Fifa, all of that stuff? Bringing YouTube into it also. Maybe even get Joe himself to come into some games and have a good laugh, this can be something fun and rewarding because getting a GB team and all sorts of awesome stuff into the mix! Tell me what you think?
  25. Lately when i watched few videos on Angry Joe YT channel i started to ask myself, where is it going in the near future? Personally, im not really happy with what is happening to the Show, and ill exmplain why. Perhaps some of you will agree with me and some wont, bt thats why its a forum, to share opinions. First of all, AJS was a pretty damn good review channel. I mean, a realy honest one, and thats pretty rare. Reviews were coming quite regulary etc. Now, in something like 3 months we've had like... 2 big reviews? Well, i may be overreacting a bit, because its mainly what i watch AJ for, but thatll be up next. Next. Too much of everything. I love when people like Joe have a burst of enthusiasm but one person/team cant do everything. You guys (To AJ and Team) must make your mind and set some focus. Because you either are a really proffesional YT channel with reviews and interviews (MORE OF THEM) or you are going to be a 5 minute sensation like some YT clowns like PewdiePie (god i hate that guy). Yes, thats right. Clowns. Im sorry, but i dont really know Joe, and cant tell when its Angry Joe (a created character) and when its Joe Vargas(a real person) and where the personalities meets, but no matter how much i want to watch some "lets play" with joe i cant stand more than 5 minutes. Because its just boring (but thats not really often. Like this one from that cartoony MMO in scifi setting) or joe is screaming and overreacting so much that im starting to get annoyed or embarassed beause of it. Guys, screaming, and making a monkey in a zoo out of yourself is not funny. At least not for people older than 15 years. Interviews. MORE INTERVIEWS. I know Joe may be a bit "scared" since that "diss" on VGA (was in some video, when Joe admitted he went completely unprepared etc.) and need to work to get better in this type of working with people. Guy, i know its good to break some ice in conversation and make some laugh, but please dont interrupt when your guest is talking and dont make it a stream of your ideas (like it was on that interview with Infinite Crisis developer. Go and watch it, and you will se, that at one point he wasnt really happy ) Also try to talk to a little bit more famous people. I know its also a money problem, but it should be worth it. eXpecially if you will ask them some good, really "sharp edged" questions. And it couldnt be only interviews with game devs. For example, id like to see an Interviews with AJS team or with SGT Ross (seems a pretty interesting person). Streams. Personally, i dont like streams. I dont like watching as someone plays a game in a real time. Because i could play the same game at this time. Or not play a game at all. But looking as someones play? Well... its a bit like looking as someone watches TV. Not so entertaining, at least for me. Once again, i realise that current trend is "More vids=more money". But remember, quality over quantity . I hope someone form "up" will read this and think about it. So, quo vadis AJ? Where will it take us? What do you guys think about it?