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Found 5 results

  1. Kerbal Space Program - A history of excellence AND! A question. In June of 2011 Kerbal Space Program exploded into the sim genre and gave us all reason to reevaluate our opinion of the Unity engine. In it's early stages it wasn't much of a sim but more of a sandbox explosion simulator where the nerdier of us gamers could murder little green Kerbals in new and creative ways using only a handful of rocket engines. Before long, the physics got fleshed out and what we got was nothing short of space flight sim perfection at 1/6th the scale. Millions took to their PCs and began learning orbital mechanics through gameplay and the world's interest in space grew. Even NASA took notice and awarded Squad an award for teaching young children the basics of orbital mechanics. While games like Call of Duty and Halo dominated the media, this little space sim kept on ticking receiving update after update getting deeper and more polished. The community grew and and grew together and truly has the most cooperative spirit of any gaming community, helping people complete missions, learn new things about the universe and generally educating the layman on the fundamentals of engineering both in game and in the real world. Recently, KSP's new owners released the trailer for a sequel and the community exploded in anticipation, no pun intended. I have personally watched the new trailer several times and each time I find myself filled with joy at the thought of what all I can do in this new game and despair at how many hours of my life I know I am going to sink into this game. All this leads me to my question, do we dare hope that Star Theory Games can deliver the same magic that Squad did in 2011? Will Kerbal Space Program 2 be everything we had hoped for or will we all be sorely disappointed? To whom it may concern, -J If you haven't had the chance to watch the trailer I strongly recommend you check it out.
  2. Rolling With My Space Homies

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Rolling with mah Space Homies!
  3. Space Walking

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Let's go for a walk shall we?
  4. If you like space simulation & exploration this game (while still in development) is a lot of fun, from making your own ships to landing on various planets it's a pretty good time in my opinion. The physics of space travel are fairly accurately represented and while challenging to begin with it's very satisfying to land safely (or mostly safely) on another moon or planet. Angry army Kerbals reporting from the Mun If you have the game and want the Angry Army flag you can download it here - http://i.imgur.com/T3qJQG2.png All you need to do is place the png in your Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags folder and it will be selectable as a campaign or sandbox flag. Upload pictures of your journeys successful or otherwise for all to see, the Angry Army will take over the galaxy!
  5. I made it to Minmus! To anyone who hasn't played kerbal space program you should check it out, it's really fun! Just got my flag adapted to the ajsa logo. If you can go farther then post your pics. KSP 2013-11-19 16-27-46-78.bmp