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Found 8 results

  1. Hey ladies and gents, finished my new review lately so I figured I would post it here and see if anyone would like to talk about the game either in the comments section of the video or on the forums. Cheers.
  2. Kingdom Hearts latest re-installments, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Remix, may make their appearance on the Next-Gen systems. IGN interviewed Co-Director Tai Yasue asking questions of a Next Gen release. What Tai Yasue expresses is that they have been considering it. That when Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally happening they always wanted to make Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, to help lead into Kingdom Hearts 3. But with many making a move over to Next-Gen consoles, and Xbox One players not even having this experience, it has put them in a place of considerations. He does urges that nothing is final, no announcement at all. That he also won't do anything that'll prolong the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 right now. Here are the quotes: Original IGN Article: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/12/02/first-kingdom-hearts-games-could-still-hit-ps4-and-xbox-one Once more, nothing is confirmed or even in the works. But they aren't just ignoring the fact of their player base. And the possible demand there. They want to tell a story and they pushed the release of these titles out before Kingdom Hearts 3 and their build up to it. What do you guys think? Did you miss out on your chance for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Remix cause you went Next-Gen? Did you wait and get these titles? Would you get them again?
  3. I have loved many games through out my life but for some reason I loved the Kingdom Hearts series the most. Maybe because it was the first game I ever completed on my own or the fact it is essentially Final Fantasy meets Disney (what with all the damn cameos) but I have always bought those games. So seeing that Kingdom Hearts 3 is still nowhere near having an actual release date we have to suffice with another HD remix. So I have to ask, what's the point. I know one reason could be that Kingdom Hearts for the last few years was just on hand held devices and doing this to help new comers to the series, because lets face it Kingdom Hearts is a complicated plot. However another reason would be that well Kingdom Hearts 3 has to come out eventually so making these HD remix games remind you that the game still exist and giving nostalgic gamers another reason to shell out money BECAUSE WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR THE FINALLY OF THE SERIES!! *Sigh* Sorry, so what do you think? Is there a reason for the revised versions of the games to even be out?
  4. The rules? It must be of Disney creation (No Marvel or StarWars.) You have 60+ years to go back to and remember. Off the top of my head? Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers Lilo 'n' Stitch Dark Wing Duck Gargoyles Phineas and Pherb A full fleshed world with all character from Winnie the Pooh Gummi Bears The Rescuers Aristocats Beauty and the Beast Christmas world! (Mistro, Fife and many other memorable characters.) Zombie Bride Frankenweenie Up! Ducktales Jimmy Neutron Mickey's House of Mouse Iron Giant Treasure Planet Land Before Time Jungle Book and that is just from the top of my head!!!
  5. Hello I'm someone who has been a fan of Kingdom Hearts ever since the games came out on the PS2. Now I'm sure there are some KH fans here on the AJSA forums and if not then give the games a try. Anyways what is this help that I need of you? Well there is a petition that needs signatures and a thread on Square's forums. Both need more attention. This movement is all about porting the 1.5 and 2.5 remixes onto the Xbox 360 or Xbox One (mainly the Xbox 360). Now I'm not gonna lie, I love my 360 and One because I just prefer them over the Playstation brand, but even so I love Kingdom Hearts and even if I was someone who preferred Playstation I would still sign this. All I'm asking is simply this. If you are a fan of the games and feel that more people should play them, then help out and sign the petition and leave a message on the forum. I will link both in this post. Thankfully we got the attention of Phil Spencer and he tweeted about the petition and he signed it. I'm hoping you guys can help out any way you can because well I find it kinda weird that we get KH3 for both PS4 and Xbox One, but not the other games for Xbox owners. So if you are a fan or just a gamer who loves games and wants everyone to enjoy them, then please help us out. UPDATE: Here's the link to a website that Microsoft reads player feedback and this one in particular is Kingdom Hearts related: http://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/6031486-kingdom-hearts-collection-for-xbox-one This Petition's link: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/square-enix-co-make-kingdom-hearts-hd-1-5-remix-and-2-5-remix-come-out-on-xbox-360-as-well The Square Forum link: http://forums.na.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=9197
  6. I have been a major fan of Kingdom Hearts since I played the first one on the PlayStation 2. After I finished Kingdom Hearts 2, I needed a sequel. I loved everything about it. Unfortunately, we just got a bunch of filler stuff on some hand held systems for almost 8 years. I was really disappointed with Square Enix's choices in marketing their games. In order to play all of the Kingdom Hearts games, you would need to buy a total of 5 gaming systems. And now a 6th one for their new game. Certainly an expensive series, that's for sure. Ultimately, you would only need to play Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 to grasp the whole story correctly. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced recently, and I absolutely cannot wait. What do you guys think about Kingdom Hearts? I'll put the announcement video here:
  7. OK guys so recently I got a copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix for the PS3 which included: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days HD Cut scenes. This is my VERY first review so I will take advice and since there are 3 games I will review them one at a time, with that said let's begin with the game that started it all: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Ok, first off Final mix was released only in Japan and was a better version of Kingdom Hearts 1. It included new weapons, new cut scenes, and a new boss, now after years Final Mix finally comes to the United States in 1.5 HD Remix. So, the story is you play a boy name Sora who is best friends with a boy name Riku, NO NOT THAT RIKKU! And a young girl name Kairi. Being a Square Enix game, Final Fantasy characters make an appearance in the game like Squall, Cloud, and even a optional boss battle with the one-winged angel himself: Sephiroth! Well, Sora, Riku and Kairi want to go to other worlds by building themselves a raft to take them there, one night shit goes wrong real fast when strange creatures called The Heartless invade their world and destroy it the three friends are separated and Sora is left in a new world where he learns about the weapon he gets called the Keyblade which is a mysterious weapon that can lock/unlock anything and is the only thing capable of getting rid of a Heartless for good. There he meets Donald and Goofy who tell him that their king has vanished and left them a note telling them to find someone with a 'key'. So Sora joins the two as they travel to other worlds in search for their friends and to stop the Heartless. That's right! Square and Disney teamed up for Kingdom Hearts where the worlds are Disney movies so your be going to Halloween Town, Neverland and other Disney movies. So the gameplay is...well, simple you got your attack, your magic, your items, and summons which are Disney characters like Simba, Dumbo, and Mushu. You level up and get new abilities that you have to equip with points so you have to think about which abilities are more important. The plat forming is a lot better then the original and the graphics are just perfect. My only problem with the graphic is that most of the game has this default Face on most of the characters when it looks more beautiful when their detailed and they ARE, its just I get creeped out when I see the default face. The music is awesome, having been recorded with REAL instruments the music has that new feel sound to it but also has the Nostalgia toon for old fans. The bosses and enemies are verified each one having their one set of weakness and strength, with the occasional Heartless boss you also get to fight Disney villains along side Disney heroes like fighting Captain hook with Peter Pan or Oggie Boogie with Jack Skeleton. So my personal verdict is a 8/10 its a great game to get people in to the series but there are some problems that annoy me but that's just my opinion if you played this game then what do you think of it, and remember this is my first review so it may not be good. Dylan out!
  8. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

    From the album Pick Uped Games

    Get this game back in October for my report card. So far, I have positive responses to this game for bringing back my childhood in HD. Still, Re: Chain Of Memories still sucks.

    © Square Enix