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Found 13 results

  1. Castlevania Anniversary Collection isen't perfect in it's presentation (it doesn't do a true full screen view on PC, it doesn't offer a non scan line 4 by 3 filter. But the games are incredibly and the fact that Western audience can now get there hands on the Japanese Castlevania 3 makes this collection worth getting. https://youtu.be/5wO5rC8PT-4
  2. Part One can be found here. Kirby Switch Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight Life is Strange: Before The Storm's First Episode Drops In August Life Is Strange Before the Storm: Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: E3 2017 Hidden Agenda Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer trailer debuts at Sony E3 conference Call of Duty: WWII Developer Interview Monster Hunter: World confirmed for PC PlayStation 2's hack//G.U. Is Getting HD Remaster For PS4 And PC Undertale Is Coming To The PS4 and Vita Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony - PS4, PS Vita Trailer | E3 2017 Jordan Weisman unveils first Battletech single-player campaign footage PS4's Spider-Man Looks Like A Rush, Out In 2018 Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer - E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight 9 Minutes Of Fire Emblem Warriors Gameplay | E3 2017 Nintendo Treehouse Ark: Survival Evolved Comes Out August 8, With Collector's Editions Absolver May Be the Most Intricate Brawler Ever - E3 2017 New Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Footage Is All About Action Moss Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Sony Conference Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV - E3 2017: Sony Conference Destiny 2 Exploring The Hunter Arcstrider Destiny 2 PC will be able to use all the cores of your CPU Destiny 2 Hits PC In October GriftLands trailer - PC Gaming Show 2017 Ylands trailer - PC Gaming Show 2017 Watch the new trailers for Doom and Fallout 4 in VR Code Vein (aka Anime Dark Souls) has been confirmed for PC Battlegrounds Coming To Xbox One This Year Tacoma teaser reveals an August release date Sea Of Thieves Looks Better Than It Ever Has Sea of Thieves Developer Interview - IGN Live: E3 2017 43 Minutes of Sea of Thieves Gameplay - E3 2017 Sea of Thieves: hands-on with the hilarious co-op pirate adventure Sea Of Thieves Is Really Fun, But A Little Clunky Shadow of the Colossus Gets Stunning PS4 Remake Viva El Presidente! Tropico 6 announced for 2018 Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen reveals The End is Nigh Wargroove gameplay and interview at the PC Gaming Show 2017 The Inpatient Reveal Trailer | E3 2017 Sony Press Conference Archangel Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017 Metroid: Samus Returns Announced For 3DS 33 Minutes Of Metroid: Samus Returns Gameplay - E3 2017 Watch Total War: Warhammer 2's Lizardmen go prehistoric on some High Elves Total War: Warhammer II releases September 28, here's what you get for pre-ordering Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - High Elf Roster Reveal Vampyr's new trailer proves you can suck and be powerful Vampyr Official Gameplay Tour - E3 2017 Rebellion announces Strange Brigade, a supernatural co-op shooter The Crew 2 Now Has Our Attention, Because They've Added Airplanes Death Stranding won't be at E3, so Hideo Kojima drops a new tease Dissidia: Final Fantasy Gameplay Revealed - IGN Live: E3 2017 Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Warrior of Light Gameplay - E3 2017 Cuphead Is Finally Coming Out In September 'Cuphead' Deluxe Vinyl is Almost as Good-Looking as 'Cuphead' Little orange fox jumps on heads in Super Lucky's Tale later this year Super Lucky's Tale Gameplay Trailer Developer Interview - IGN Live: E3 2017 Arc System Works-developed Dragon Ball Fighters announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Dragon Ball FighterZ - Gameplay Session #2 LawBreakers releases August 8 for $30 Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology battle system overview trailer Deep Rock Galactic Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Black Desert Xbox One 4K Trailer - E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Ooblets trailer shows off exploration, dancing and fashionable poop hair The Darwin Project 4K Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Ashen reappears at Microsoft's E3 Xbox conference Here's The Latest Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Everything we know about Anthem, BioWare's new action adventure game Bioware’s New Shared-World Game ‘Anthem’ is “Single-Player Friendly”, according to Lead Designer Anthem release date set for fall 2018 'Anthem' Shows A Very Different Side of Bioware Pure Farming 17 delayed to 2018 Three Minutes Of Need For Speed Payback Gameplay 4 Minutes of Need For Speed Payback Customization Gameplay - E3 2017 6 Minutes of Need For Speed Payback Hijacking Gameplay - E3 2017 How Fast & Furious Movies Inspired Need For Speed: Payback | E3 2017 Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection E3 2017 trailer, screenshots Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin E3 2017 trailer, screenshots Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - PS4 Gameplay Launch Trailer | E3 2017 Coco Returns! - 9 Minutes of Crash N'Sane Trilogy Gameplay BioWare Shows Off Six Minutes of Stunning New Shooter, Anthem There will be cross-play between Minecraft's PC, mobile, virtual reality, and even console versions. Sony “refused” to join Minecraft cross-play, Microsoft would “love to have” PS4 on board SHANTAE DEV ANNOUNCES THE MUMMY DEMASTERED Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown has a new trailer Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Psychonauts 2 // Redesigning Raz and Exiting Preproduction State of Decay 2 brings more of the same, but better, zombie action next year State of Decay 2: Building Upon A Successful Game - IGN Live: E3 2017 Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Rex, Familia et Ultio (US) Forza 7 Is Coming On The Xbox One X Forza Motorsport 7 PC Features Presentation | E3 2017 PC Gaming Show Cyberpunk platformer The Last Night gets a new trailer for E3 The Last Night gameplay and interview at the PC Gaming Show 2017 E3 Show Stealer’s Old Political Tweets Spark Internet Firestorm, Apology He and his team got on this fast to get focus on 2014 posts instead of his recent transphobic ones or his ones supporting a documentary of violent, homophobic, rape supporters. Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds coming to PC via Steam this summer Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth E3 2017 trailer Dead Alliance E3 2017 trailer Black The Fall launches July 11 Laser League could be the next breakout, competitive hit Blizzard job listings point at a new first-person project in the works Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night E3 2017 Trailer [ESRB] Kristina Ness - Creating the Weird Characters of Hob | Extended Interview Rick Lesley - Conveying The Story Through Environments | Extended Interview Kochun Hu - Crafting the Sounds of Hob | Extended Interview Matt Lefferts - Animating The World of Hob | Extended Interview Agents of Mayhem adds Saints Row stalwart Johnny Gat as a preorder bonus Nintendo Explains How It Came Up With Min Min's Unique Design In Arms Twintelle's Hair Is an Act of Resistance Ubisoft announces Skull and Bones, an open world multiplayer pirate game How Ghost Recon Phantoms influenced Ubisoft's Skull and Bones Official Shadow of War Story Trailer | 4K New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War trailer shows how to turn orcs into allies Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer and interview at the PC Gaming Show 2017 Shadow of War - 30 Minutes of Fortress Assault Live Demo Gameplay - E3 2017 Project Cars 2 release date set for September Pathfinder Adventures Dev Blog Update and PC news! Shenmue 3 delayed, but it'll be worth it, says director The Sega Genesis is getting a premium, feature-packed Flashback release this year Bubsy, the annoying 16-bit platformer starring a bobcat, is back Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition debut gameplay video Magic: The Gathering is getting the 'AAA' RPG treatment XCOM 2 War of the Chosen expansion reveals the most powerful aliens - and humans - yet XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - PC Gaming Show 2017 interview Killing Floor 2's Summer Sideshow event starts tomorrow, kicking off a free week Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw three-part expansion will debut in July A new race is coming to Total War: Warhammer before the sequel arrives Old Friend DLC needs to add Morgan Bernhardt. Horizon Zero Dawn's First DLC Is The Frozen Wilds, Coming This Year Introducing Pirate Queen’s Quest Tyranny is getting a free update with New Game Plus today, DLC later this year Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Second DLC Is The Champions' Ballad Battlefield 1's In the Name of the Tsar expansion gets a teaser trailer 30 Minutes of Battlefield 1: Nivelle Nights Multiplayer Gameplay | EA Play at E3 2017 Heroes of Skyrim story expansion coming to The Elder Scrolls: Legends this month Ashes of the Singularity gets a new fully-voiced campaign Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare — Announcement Trailer Final Fantasy XV DLC ‘Episode Prompto,’ ‘Regalia Type-D’ update launch June 27 Planet Coaster's Summer Update brings fireworks and festivities Vaulting, climbing, and diving through windows are coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Screwball Comedy Game Jazzpunk Is Getting DLC Three Years Later The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will get an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro patch Hearthstone’s Ben Brode on life after Un’goro Overwatch leavers could soon be hit with permanent Competitive bans Overwatch’s Horizon Lunar Colony map launches next week Super Nintendo World’s groundbreaking ceremony is weird and wonderful Game Hacks Are Illegal In South Korea EA Boss Andrew Wilson's Vision of Gaming's Future Will Blow Your Mind EA have a new tech division who are trying to create virtual humans Origin Access is free until June 18 because EA raised $1 million for charity Testology Owner Says UK Should "Get Rid of Every Muslim in this Country" Following London Attacks Testology founder's anti-Muslim comments "still far too common" in games industry Report: The Hideo Kojima And Konami Saga Seems Endless Level-5 acquires Comcept, now Level-5 Comcept Cyberpunk 2077 assets stolen by actual cyberpunks How Massive Entertainment tries to retain every employee for at least a decade Trent Reznor's Quake soundtrack is getting the vinyl treatment Esports News The Weekend Esports: Epicenter 2017, Nairo Saga, And More How Professional Athlete Education Is Becoming Crucial for Esports Intel and ESL announce $1 million Intel Grand Slam prize for CS:GO Sponsored: Dojo Esport Conference to Discuss Social and Economic Stakes of the Industry Portugal’s Football Federation is Launching Its Own €20,000 FIFA League Following LPL Franchising Plans, Chinese Team LGD Announces Deal to Build a 3,000 Seat Arena in Hangzhou There's a new era of pro NA League of Legends coming Blizzard suspends pro Overwatch player Dafran for griefing Local Player Defeats Tekken 7 World Champion At Philippines Event Dota 2 Tournament Ends With A Fountain Dive Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that have interest/known talent behind them and a chance to succeed) Build the Kingdom YOU want! Gameplay Mechanics: Character Building and Difficulty Companions: Introducing Valerie, the Brevic Fighter How Tabletop Gaming Inspires Our CRPG Content I found interesting this week (interviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc) The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda's Troubled Five-Year Development (By Jason Schreier) We asked a landscape designer to analyse The Witcher 3, Mass Effect and Dishonored BitSummit 2017: Three Days and Dozens of Games HOW DANGEN AIMS TO CONNECT INDIES WITH THE DEVS THAT INSPIRED THEM Persona 5's translation is a black mark on a brilliant game I shared Connor's website about Persona 5's translation around the time Persona 5 launched but missed his more recent article a few weeks ago. Also included his Twitter threads where he talks about some of the angry reactions and harassment he has received for criticizing the translation and wanting good non-literal translation. Also, a good comment in the article itself, even more unusual one that was taken into consideration by the person not understanding Japanese speech. Video games aren’t mindless — or heartless — entertainment A curated list of recent writings on games and narrative 'Flashback' Is the Most Cinematic Adventure of the 16-Bit Age How Prey succeeds in giving players space to tell their own stories Developer Q&A: Balancing storytelling and player choice in Prey BEAUTY FROM ASHES: UNPACKING GRIEF IN RIME The Old Man and the Sea: Searching for reason in Rime RIP Adam West, The Batman Who Loved Video Games Sonic the Hedgehog Was Almost Sonic the Rabbit There Should Be More to Video Game Sex Than Just Home Runs E3 Interplay Founder on Making RPGs in the '80s (IGN Unfiltered #20, Episode 1) The Most Controversial Shooter - Investigating Six Days in Fallujah Final Fantasy Fortress: the Cancelled RPG by Grin | Unseen64 Ft. SoberDwarf Mario + Rabbids: The Lost Adventure Game Concept Good Game Design - Bayonetta: Why Campy Is So Fun Classic Game Postmortem: Sid Meier's Civilization Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies I Can't Handle Overwatch Voice Actors Doing Their Dance Emotes
  3. E3 reveals, previews, thoughts, interviews, videos, and the games not at E3. The story behind Mass Effect Andromeda's troubled five year development, IGN Unfiltered interviews Brian Fargo on making games in the 80s, Cyberpunk 2077 assets stolen, why do fans of JRPG giants assume Japanese writers can't write, Konami reportedly attempting to damage reputations of Kojima's new studio and former employees, Level-5 acquires Comcept, a look at two cancelled games, video games as empathy exercises and having real-life impact, landscape designer analyses virtual landscapes, Overwatch voice actors perform character dance moves, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC, updates, company and developer news, new tech, mods) Xbox One X And Everything Else Microsoft Showed At E3 2017 Xbox One Will Get Compatibility With Original Xbox Games We're Liveblogging Microsoft's E3 Press Conference Microsoft's Xbox One X price will start at $499 Here Are The Xbox One X's Specs The Xbox One X Sure Will Be Hard To Market Project Scorpio Hasn't Even Been Unveiled Yet And It's Already Become A Meme E3 2017 ID@Xbox Games Montage - 4K Trailer Why Xbox Boss Wants To Co-Exist With Sony | E3 2017 GameSpot Show The big interview: Xbox boss Phil Spencer Everything Sony Showed At E3 2017 E3 2017 PSVR Games Showcase Sony’s E3 Show Was More Remarkable for the Games That Weren’t There Everything Nintendo Announced At E3 2017 E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight and Treehouse Live A 'Core' Pokémon Game Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch (Eventually) Why Today’s Metroid Announcements Are Such A Big Deal Everything Bethesda Announced At E3 2017 Bethesda announces Creation Club, which looks like a new paid mod system, maybe PC Gamer Press Conference @ E3 2017 Live Stream w/ GLP Everything Ubisoft Showed At E3 2017 Ubisoft CEO: "We Are Not Forgetting Splinter Cell" Devolver Digital - E3 2017 FULL Press Conference Devolver Digital's 'Press Conference' Was A Nightmare Vision of E3 Everything EA Announced At E3 2017 We're Liveblogging EA's E3 Press Conference The best part of EA Play? Janina Gavankar EA’s press conference showed the danger of relying on influencers Publishers: Your Press Events Are Not Esports Dear Video Games: Please Reconsider Your 'Emotional' E3 Trailer Music E3 Press Conferences are a Waste of Time Crowds overwhelm the first public E3 BJ Blazkowicz is back in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Collector's Edition Trailer | E3 2017 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus E3 Coliseum - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Panel A Way Out Official Reveal Trailer A Way Out Official Gameplay Trailer A WAY OUT: Hands-On Impressions feat. Nick Robinson & Justin McElroy — Polygon @ E3 2017 How Star Wars Battlefront 2 plans to take the series to the dark side Battlefront 2’s multiplayer beta is available early if you pre-order First Star Wars: Battlefront 2 gameplay footage revealed, all post-launch content will be free We've Finally Seen A Campaign Mission From Star Wars: Battlefront II The Story in 'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Definitely Feels 'Authentic' Battlefront 2 - PC Ultra Settings First Person Gameplay [1440p/60fps] | E3 2017 Battlefront 2 Official Gameplay - Walkers & Tanks on Theed Assault | EA Play at E3 2017 [1440p/4K] Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC Ultra Settings First Look! Battlefront 2's Guns and Classes Fix The Series - E3 2017 Metro Exodus - E3-2017-Ankündigung Gamplay-Trailer Is Metro Exodus An Open-World Game? - E3 2017 Metro Exodus developer calls sandbox survival game ‘most ambitious project yet’ Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord footage shows what happens when armies clash FIFA 18's Story Mode Has Co-op And Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 18 - E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer | EA Play Press Conference FIFA 18: 5 Features That Will Actually Make a Difference Early impressions of FIFA 18 ‘FIFA 18’ Feels Like an Action Replay of What We’ve Already Seen Madden 18 Has A Story Mode NBA Live 18 introduces The One, a custom character story mode Vanillaware's sci-fi adventure 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim confirmed for western release Age of Empires: Definitive Edition announcement trailer Tunic is a charming isometric adventure starring an adorable fox Persona 5 to Project Re Fantasy: The Future of Atlus Metroid Prime 4 in development for Nintendo Switch The Artful Escape E3 trailer teases a multi-dimensional rock and roll adventure Watch 7 minutes of Days Gone, Sony’s new big-budget zombie game Fortnite Official Gameplay Trailer Fortnite gameplay After 5 years, Fortnite is a fun but bloated base defense shooter Assassin's Creed: Origins gameplay debuts at Microsoft's E3 press event Assassin’s Creed Origins Xbox One X Gameplay Demo - E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Assassin’s Creed Origins: release date, setting, open world, combat, weapons, preorder - everything we know 20 Minutes of Assassin's Creed Origins Open World Gameplay in 4K - E3 2017 Assassin's Creed Origins: Xbox One X Combat & Quest Exploration Gameplay in 4K - E3 2017 Assassin's Creed Origins: Gladiator Arena Krokodilopolis Gameplay in 4K - E3 2017 Assassin's Creed Origins' RPG systems mean stealth kills aren't always lethal Assassin's Creed Origins has multiple playable characters, but only in specific quests E3 Coliseum: Assassin's Creed Origins Panel South Park Phone Destroyer Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Ubisoft Conference Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Remake Coming to 3DS The new God of War trailer has it all: action, sea monsters, and father and son bonding time E3 Coliseum - God of War: Behind the Curtain Panel Detroit: Become Human’s new trailer is about the android revolution Detroit: Become Human Developer Interview with David Cage The Evil Within 2 launches this October The Evil Within 2 trailer is full of eerie corridors and menacing monsters The Evil Within 2: Pete Hines Interview - IGN Live: E3 2017 Microsoft Announces Ori And The Will Of The Wisps No Heroes Allowed! VR coming west EXTINCTION - E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer Knack 2 E3 Trailer - E3 2017: Sony Conference Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Announced, Stars Billie Lurk Dishonored Death of the Outsider Director Interview - IGN Live: E3 2017 The Internet Is Coming Around On Mario + Rabbids Let's Play Mario Rabbids: 29 minutes of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay Beyond Good & Evil 2 Lives, And It's A Prequel Beyond Good and Evil 2 Official Trailer Breakdown with Michel Ancel | E3 2017 Here's A Nice E3 Moment Ubi boss says it's the 'right time' to unveil BG&E 2 as Ancel requires community feedback 7 Minutes of Sonic Forces Gameplay on the PS4 Pro - E3 2017 Sonic Forces PS4 Pro: 7 Minutes of New Gameplay - IGN Live: E3 2017 6 Minutes of Sonic Mania Gameplay on Nintendo Switch - E3 2017 Sonic Mania Switch: Dev Interview with Gameplay - IGN Live: E3 2017 Lone Echo interview and gameplay at the PC Gaming Show 2017 Transference is a trippy VR game produced by Elijah Wood’s studio Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Story Trailer - E3 2017: Sony Conference 21 Minutes of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Story Mode Gameplay Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a new toys to life game from Ubisoft Watch Far Cry 5's Cults And Snipers In Action Far Cry 5: 10 Minutes of New Gameplay - IGN Live: E3 2017 BioShock Infinite writer Drew Holmes is penning Far Cry 5’s story Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017 Nintendo Spotlight 39 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - PS4 Trailer | E3 2017 9 Minutes of Ni No Kuni 2 Gameplay - IGN Live: E3 Ni No Kuni 2: Developer Interview with Gameplay - IGN Live: E3 2017 The first Ni no Kuni is actually not coming to PC Yakuza Kiwami Official Trailer - E3 2017 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Official Trailer - E3 2017 11 Minutes of South Park: The Fractured But Whole Gameplay - E3 2017 Watch Terry Crews Get Pumped for 'Crackdown 3' Crackdown 3 Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: E3 2017 Terry Crews deserved a better looking game. E3 2017: SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY HANDS-ON PREVIEW: A BRILLIANTLY BIZARRE ADVENTURE Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Demo | E3 2017 Nintendo Treehouse I Played 30 Minutes Of Super Mario Odyssey And It Sure Is Impressive Rocket League Switch Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight Yoshi Switch Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight Part Two can be found here.
  4. Are they actually making a Resident Evil's Mercenary mode or some shit but with Metal Gear? Damn, this shit looks really bad, but I can't say I'm all that surprised. Just thought they would at least keep the gameplay the same.
  5. So AlphaOmegaSin posted a video about a rather interesting article. It seems like Konami have appointed a social media manager called Ben, who now has quite possibly the most difficult (most would go as far to say impossible) job in the history of gaming...... Getting gamer's and the gaming industry as a whole to trust them again!!!! http://gamerant.com/konami-rep-earn-you-back/ "Ben" has been on social media and reddit defending the company and trying to damage control and even teased that a new Metal Gear Solid game for consoles will be announced next year on the franchise's 30th anniversary. This really makes me laugh because as far as I and I'm sure many of us are concerned the damage that Komani have done to their reputation is way beyond repair for the foreseeable future. There is absolutely no way I would even consider buying another Metal Gear or any game from THIS Konami for that matter, even if it does somehow turn out to be good I don't care. It does make me feel a little bit sorry for Ben, I mean this guy is wearing a pair ice skating boots and looking at an uphill slope the size of Everest. He is just doing his job but in all seriousness Ben, the company you represent is a complete cunt factory and you know it. Feel free to share your thoughts but in the mean time here are the thoughts of a loud, hairy, gaming metalhead.
  6. Did you need any more proof that Konami have lost the plot? Of course you didn't! After all the drama with Kojima and Metal Gear Solid 5 as well as them announcing that their turning their back Consoles and PC in favor of FTP mobile crap now we have...... this.... AlphaOmegaSin's recaction: I don't even what to say! This is absolute Lunacy! "Erotic Violence" I mean what the hell! All I want to do in Castlevania is beat Dracula's snooty ass. I don't want a DOA character cosplaying as a Succubus with her tits flying around.
  7. Disclaimer: this thread is not serious, it is a joke and intended to be taken as such. If you have a habit of overeacting to stupid jokes, then: Anyways, let me put on my best Giorgio Tsoukalos impersonation and begin this decent into insanity... Good evening, friends and fellows. As you no doubt already know, Konami has become quite a box of dicks lately. They have attempted to ruin Hideo Kojima's career, sacrificed all of their good franchises at the altar of Pachinko, and continue to treat their employees like trash. But I posit this is not the fault of Konami CEO Hideki Hayakawa, nor is it the fault of Shareholders or the Konami Board of Directors. No, my friends, this is the work of something not of this earth. Something monstrously evil, a being which thrives on human misery. This is the work of Mira: For those of you who have not witnessed the eye-opening Dog/UFO Endings to the various Silent Hill video games, a brief description of these revelatory, some would say prophetic endings will follow. Firstly, the Dog Ending of Silent Hill 2 revealed that the events surrounding the disapperance of James Sunderland were orchestrated by Mira, seemingly for her own sick amusement. But the plot would come to thicken, as it was revealed the special ending Silent Hill: Origins that she was not working alone. Who could've helped this dog make humanity suffer? Who could've had the technology to give it intelligence? I think we all know the answer... Many Ancient Alien theorists argue that these endings are proof that Konami has been taken over by an evil Shiba Inu with the backing of the Greys, a diminutive species of troll from Rigil-Centarus X. We know that Greys are total fuckheads, as evidenced by the thousands of reports of them abducting and "probing" people with various large objects, presumably to compensate for the fact that they lack genitalia. Some skeptics say that most alien abduction accounts are false and many skeptics doubt the canonocity of these endings, but I believe that they are true and I believe that canonocity is a real word. But how does this all relate to Konami? Well, I believe that these endings were a warning, inserted by Mayan Witch Doctors via drug-fueled telepathy into the Silent Hill series, in order to reveal to the world that Konami was undergoing a hostile takeover by Grey aliens represented by a sadistic Shiba Inu named Mira. A takeover that was completed in 2015. And some believe this goes even further. According to these rogue theorists, the tendrils of the Grey/Shiba Inu alliance have infiltrated every level of human society, from corporations to governments, and that they are the cause of much of humanity's everyday suffering. From shitty, overhyped video games and corporate dickery to long lines at the DMV, it is theorized that this double trifecta (trifecta, as we all know actually means two, or at least it did before the MIBs changed it for their own ends) of Grey aliens and evil Japanese dogs is behind it all. In summation, I believe we must seek the truth to find out if this theory is true, or if it's just something I pulled out of my ass. I think we all know which one it is.
  8. By having a fan who posted Phantom Pain fanart on Twitter removed via copyright infringement, likely also because Kojima favorited and retweeted it. Go eat shit, Konami.
  9. Want to get MGS V on PC but don't want to wait on downloads? Buy the retail disc right? WRONG! MGS V's retail version comes with a disc that only has a single 8mb file.... An installer for Steam. Seriously.... Oh, Konami... Why you so KonamI? SOURCES: http://www.destructoid.com/the-only-file-on-the-pc-retail-version-of-the-phantom-pain-is-a-steam-installer-308547.phtml https://twitter.com/graphure/status/637981198229368836
  10. So an article appeared that mentions that the popular and beloved Metal gear series will become a game on the mobile http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2015/05/metal_gear_solid_may_end_up_being_a_mobile_franchise_says_konami This will surely piss of alot of people What are your thoughts on this ?
  11. I don't know if the forums has a thread for this already but hey... this is already spreading like wildfire and I personally don't like it. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/04/27/silent-hills-has-been-officially-cancelled To make it worse, the demo P.T. is going to be removed on Wednesday April 29th. So if you haven't gotten it, by all means DO SO NOW. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ps4-s-p-t-a-teaser-for-the-next-silent-hill-being-/1100-6426898/ I really don't like this.
  12. There is rumors and possibles about upcoming game called Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Hideo Kojima will make a reveal the official answer and canon for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But sometime, Konami made the official canon without Kojima's advise which is semi-canon. Just like did on George Lucas' Star Wars movies. I'm making Top 5 without order from least to most (5 -> 1). This is my prediction. But warning, this post is contained with little spoilers due to pre-released date and link to previous games if you haven't played whole games of Metal Gear franchises, go play it. Try Metal Gear Solid HD (which is include MGS2, MGS3 (with MG, MG2:SS), and MGS:PW. But there is DLC Full Game that taken from PS1 called MGS). 1. Characters Appearance There is lots of cameo appearances, recurring characters and new characters in this game. We know that Big Boss (now Venom Snake and Punished Snake), Miller, Ocelot, Huey Emmerich and well as Skull Face (the main villain in MGSV) are now returning to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But there is possibly that link to the previous games. Example is Ishmael the man with bandages on his head like an mummy and help his master (Big Boss) to escape from Hospital who was under attacked by XOF and extract back to safely zone. Ishmael is a survivor of MSF after XOF army invaded Mother Base in Carribbean Sea (the headquarter to Militaires Sans Frontières). There is also unknown status for some characters including Chico in helicopter who was hit by shot down helicopter and crashed each together. Paz was gone now which is confirmed. There is new characters are Quiet the deaf sniper, Code Talker the old man who sort just like The End from MGS3 and Eli look like Liquid Snake (main antagonist in Metal Gear Solid series). There is rumor that Eli is Liquid Snake the Big Boss' long-lost son and twin brother to Solid Snake. Is Eli could be Liquid Snake? Liquid Snake joined British Army before Gulf War in Iraq (1990 - 1991). There is EVA (Big Boss' lover/couple) could be appear in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as either mention, cameo, minor, or major appearance. Because EVA was working for both US and China as American NSA agent. During Soviet War in Afghanistan, US government has send out CIA and well as NSA to help Mujahideen. Chinese government were also helped USA and Mujahideen. If EVA talk about American agents and Chinese agents were send their agents to Afghanistan, she would be appear as mention, no full body appearance. One of the creepy flaming ghost child with gas mask is possibly Psycho Mantis the support antagonist in Metal Gear Solid rather The Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3. Let's don't forget is that Grey Fox/Frank Jager (the parkour soldier who became ally to Big Boss after fighting against Big Boss during San Hieronymo Takeover) found the orphan girl name is Naomi during the mission in Africa. Frank Jager (Grey Fox's real name I presumed) could be joining with Big Boss and become a member of Diamond Dogs which is available to recruit in MGSV:TPP. Remember in two first Metal Gear games? And possibly Kyle Schneider from Metal Gear and final appearance in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake from South Africa will join Big Boss' Diamond Dogs as available to recruit in this game. I hope so. 2. The Setting and Locations Kojima confirmed that there will be two regions areas. One for Afghanistan and the other is Africa continent. Which is combined total of approximately about 10 Square Miles. There is possible base where the XOF (led by Skull Face) has controlled two base. One base is for Africa which is possible to be Outer Heaven base from Metal Gear for new Diamond Dogs' base when Snake capture XOF base in Africa. Outer Heaven base is located in Southern Africa continent near the border of South Africa country. Then the other is in Afghanistan which is possibly to be new base for Diamond Dogs' called Zanzibar Land (the main setting for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake). Zanzibar Land is a military state base which is owned by Big Boss and the location for Zanzibar Land is in east of Afghanistan, north of Pakistan, west of China and south of Soviet Union (presumably Tajikistan). If XOF/Skull Face own the base in Afghanistan, there'd might be future base site for Zanzibar Land in XOF base at Afghanistan. The new mother base for Diamond Dogs as an headquarter is likely to be somewhere in Indian Ocean. 3. The Plot Story This is whole plot about this game. But there is some spoiler about this. There is the ghost child with gas mask (possibly Psycho Mantis) and encounter with another flaming ghost who look like Colonel Volgin. Maybe the curse of The Sorrow? Whatever. So after Snake rescued Miller, they're rebuilding the Mother Base in Indian Ocean (I assumed) under new mercenary armed group (PMC) name, Diamond Dogs. There is new metal gear in the hanger which is possibly Metal Gear ZEKE if XOF captured Metal Gear ZEKE and transported it to presumably African base. The new Metal Gear made by XOF is a predecessor to Metal Gear TX-55 made by Outer Heaven. If Snake capture XOF base in Africa, he would rename the base to Outer Heaven. Also there is possible that Snake will capture the base in Afghanistan, he would rename it to Zanzibar Land which I mention on above (See #2). Also that Miller will leave the Big Boss' side and join FOXHOUND with Solid Snake during Outer Heaven Uprising. Let's find out after we complete this game, but this is spoilers I warned you. 4. Secrets, Easter eggs, references and connections to previous Metal Gear games series Kojima made lots of Easter Eggs. But there is possible the easter eggs references. Which is links and hints to previous Metal Gear games series. There is surviving Vamp in the end of MGS2 which is lead to MGS4 and join Outer Heaven (the Liquid Ocelot's army with 5 PMC groups, not successor to Diamond Dogs and Big Boss' army). So as you know when MSF were defeated on Ground Zeroes, some of the MSF survivors were joined FSLN and won the war in Nicaraguan Revolution in 1980 after defeating Somoza regime the military dictatorship in Nicaragua. Many MSF survivors has been in hospitalizaed with Big Boss and Miller. When Big Boss open the new PMC group called Diamond Dogs, I hope that remnants of MSF will join Diamond Dogs. One of the black ops soldiers are resemblance to Ocelot Unit the elite Spetsnaz GRU squad group could be same squad and working for Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops? Because Ocelot brought their own men to Diamond Dogs. 5. Interview, Chat and Conversation Okay. This is side story and private talk. If Big Boss (now Venom Snake or Punished Snake) talk and interview with Ocelot. Ocelot would say about operate in Soviet territory at Afghanistan. Ocelot was working for both US' CIA and Soviet's GRU/KGB. Big Boss tell Ocelot about how Ocelot got his alias is Shalashaska. I assumed that Shalashaska wasn't his real name and goes undercover in Soviet territory. I believed Ocelot was treacherous against Soviet and let's Soviet get ended in 1991. Similar to Mikhail Gorbachev's Perestroika and well as Glasnost. Also let's don't forget that EVA too. Like I mention above, if EVA was talking about US and China relations. Then the agents from USA and China were on the agency mission in Afghanistan. It is unknown that EVA will be appeared as mention or body appearance. Huey Emmerich will talk about his new son (Hal "Otacon" Emmerich) and survivor of MSF that Huey escaped from Mother Base in Caribbean Sea due to XOF invaded and destroyed the Mother Base from MSF. Possible that Huey invented the new prosthetic hand with stun taser for Big Boss which is based on Zadornov's prosthetic hand. Maybe Huey got the Zadornov's prosthetic hand and modified prosthetic hand for Big Boss due to loss his left hand? Let's find out just like did on #4 on above. Well, this is the end of it. If Hideo Kojima is confirmed that, there will be canon. Let me know if you have any suggestion about upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.