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Found 3 results

  1. I have been having a problem with planetside for about a year now and i assumed it was due to lag, but recently some people on the teamspeak server told me it was just because of my computer. If anyone has had this glitch and knows how to fix it an you please help me? Also, logging out and loging back in fixes it temporarily but you can probably tell how much of a pain that is. This is a video of the glitch.
  2. So... my can take about 15-18 but when I go over my fps for almost any game goes to 20 or less and I lag like shit, so when I am sure I am done playing some game I just deleat the local content. Tho my is a gaming NoteBook so 18 games is actuly pretty good for it. How many can you'res take? As in installed games. You guys dident get it I mean how many games it takes to install untill it starts to lag, not how many porgrams to run at onece!
  3. This is Larry, here to talk about one of the biggest next-gen titles out as of the moment and YOUR problems with it. Now we know many of you love this series and this game. But we are NOT here to bash the game, we are here to point out the obvious problems with the game that can and should be fixed to ensure the consumer gets the ideal experience they expect from their FPS. Now discuss your problems with this game, whether that is bugs, glitches, crashes, lag, etc. This could be vital information for Angry Joe that he could use in his address to the Angry Army and beyond. So please, stay on topic and may the force be with you .