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Found 11 results

  1. So who has pre-ordered this and is ready for many hours of grinding out gear and fighting challenging monsters? My paycheck just rolled in and I’ll be buying it today. Who is with me at launch? I probably won’t be able to play very much during the first weekend due to work. But during the next months this game will likely take up most of my time. So who is with me? And if not, what is wrong with you?
  2. Normally me and my friends would get into a group, go questing etc. however I am the only who has bought into WildStar. I know once my friends see me playing, discussing, bragging about WildStar it will get under their skin but for now I wanted to know if any AJSA members want to group up on a PvE Dominion server? Let me know either through the comments, pm me, or through twitter.
  3. The PS4 is no doubt going to be the future in console gaming, and I cannot wait to get into the new games that will be coming out for it. Although, the roster of games that I have found on the PS4 just scream weak sauce. Don't get me wrong, I am still very happy I purchased a PS4. But these launch titles are not what I was hoping for. Just looking through the forums here explain a lot about how some of you feel towards the PS4's current selection of games. So, my question is: Was this just a weak launch, or am I the only one who didn't expect this?
  4. Go to the store, buy you're console, games ect, watch out for the creepies and dickheads on the way home. Once home, put you new console down somewhere safe, then go to bed. Seriously Many people learned the hard way with the PS4 that the set up could be hellish trying to download the day one patch. Sitting up for hour after hour trying to get the console up and running. The thing is, since this patch can only be downloaded from the console (you could put the PS patch on a memory stick from a computer) and given that this is a worldwide launch, not just regional one, the problem will almost certainly be worse. This is not a dig at X-box, like I said allot of people experienced this with the PS4. I know this is speculation, but I'd hate to log in tomorrow and read about somebody sitting up all night to do this then being to exhausted to actually enjoy it. I could be completely wrong and the set up might take no more than a few minutes, but the console will still be there in the morning, so is worth taking the chance? Anyway, Best of luck to you all and stay safe and warm.
  5. Any body else as exited as exited as I am for the Xbone Launch?
  6. Hello everyone out there, what are your setups for launch? Just the consoles, a game or two, or everything you possibly can get your hands on! Let us know, and yes even the Xbox One people, let us know what your plans are as well. Will you start with the Xbox and get a PS4, wait a little bit to buy the Sony console, or definitely sticking with Microsoft?
  7. I´m living in Germany and we have still 2 weeks to go before the PS4 launches here. But I watched the All-Acess event and I´m starting to be jealous a bit^^. Tell me how it was or are you all playing your new console the whole week without visiting the army.
  8. http://www.polygon.com/a/ps4-review/ A really nicely constructed page, people should view it just to see how beautiful it is. So after spending some time with the PS4, the guys at Polygon finally talk about their experiences. They talk about the hardware and its design, the new Dualshock 4 (there's two pictures of DS3 and DS4 overlapping and you can slide one over the other to compare yourself), the brand new OS, Playstation Network and Store, the PS Camera, the setup patches and performance, the Vita Remote Play, the launch lineup, and of course problems they had with new console and its design implementations. There's also a video review at the page, but I recommend reading the whole written reviewto get a better opinion of the console. There's also a score but I don't really understand how you can score a console before it even becomes available to the public. They don't specify if it's only for the hardware aspect of the PS4 and I doubt it is. I hope though they keep updating the review as more people get access to the console and the usability of its features becomes more clear (video streaming, remote playing lag etc.)
  9. Just posting this so that the few of us that are getting a PS4 on launch day can review it on this thread to share any issues or experiences we have. All console releases have small issues but this thread is to prevent people from buying something akin to the first Xbox 360s. I am getting my PS4 at launch and will be posting my experiences here. I currently do not have a PSN account since I switched from Xbox to Playstation. I also do not have an Xbox Live account since I sold my 360 to buy the PS4. Hope to see a lot of responses from the Angry Army.
  10. Hello good sirs! Here is my first impressions style review of FORCED by Beta Dwarf. Very interesting game with an extremely awesome development team!