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Found 1 result

  1. Ok everyone the time has come, sign ups are now open for our newest event, a 1v1 league Spring split lower tier league (base on the very good 1v1 league we ran last year). This will be a drawn out event over a couple of months (depending on how fast we get games done) long 1v1 league, which players can play in when they can to help avoid (and cut down on) players being unable to make deadlines. Depending on how many players sign up for this will depend on how many games everyone will be playing, everyone will play everyone at least once, and in the case of a tied final it will be done as a best of 3 game. There will be a RP price for the winner (unsure atm on amount going to be looking into funding), also there will be a price for the player with the best attuide, most honorable, most kills and less deaths (note players cannot stack these rewards, even if ur the winner of the event, u will only get the RP price for being the winner, its to help spread out the rewards for playing and to encourage people to stick with the event). -------------------- Rules will be as follows: -All games will be played on Howling Abyss map -Games will be set up in blind mode -A Screenshot of the end of the game scores MUST be taken and sent to me at the end of each game played (games will NOT be vaild if no screenshot is taken and sent to me for prove of game played). -Players from level 30 unranked to Silver 1 may sign up to this league -Deaths and kills will be recorded, and will be used when decideding players standing in the league and in cases of ties, also prizes can be won for low death count and high kill count. -Suiciding.....This has been a topic of quite a bit of rage from and for some members so for this event and BANNING suiciding (aka killing someone then going and letting the towers kill u afterwards). Normally my stance on this is the middle ground but for this event am going to ban it to see how much of a event it has on games and will use feedback from this on deiceding on how i will handle this issue for future events. -Each player is expected to behave and keeping flaming to a min, anyone who goes overboard on the harrasment WILL be kicked from the league and banned from future events, this also appiles to trolls and any other form of unsporting acts -Games may be streamed if wished (if anyone records there matchs please info me, i have a youtube channel set up to post games on should you allow me to post them there, its a none profit channel before anyone asks) -It is up to the players to add the player who they have been matched against and to then arrange with said player there game within a week of being informed, if a game can not be set up in that time both players will get 0 points and the game counted as a draw on there league history. -To win a match, 1 player must take down the other players Nexus (Winner gets 1 point per victory) -At the moment am looking for around 10 players before starting this league. (tho more can join) ----------------- Advanced sign ups are open to anyone who would wanna play, atm no start date has been set as we will start as soon as we reach the min amount of players and always i hold the right to cancel this league should there be a lack of player turn out. (Disclaimer type thingy...this will be the second time iv done something like this, and will take a lot of cooperation between players and myself, so there will be mistakes and slip ups) https://www.facebook.com/LKLoLLC