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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys. I'm looking to change the AGTA crew level names to something more appropriate and relatable to the AJSA. So I was wondering if you guys have any name ideas for the crew levels? Example: Level 1 - 10: Cannon FodderLevel 11 - 20: Imperial SoldierLevel 21 - 30: Shock TrooperLevel 31 - 40: Imperial OfficerLevel 41 - 50: Imperial AgentLevel 51 - 60: Elite GuardLevel 61 - 70: Super SoldierLevel 71 - 80: Imperial GeneralLevel 81 - 90: Supreme Councillor Level 91 - 100: Lord Commander
  2. http://dennaton.blogspot.com/2015/05/hotline-miami-2-level-editor.html We're finally getting it!
  3. i AM OLGOTH !!!! and i have turned a new leaf .. Dropped the Uruk life and now startted just chilling out in my cave xD
  4. Hey Angry Army! I just reached level 101 over this past double XP weekend and I was curious about something. I'm almost level 110 and I was hoping that the level cap in BF4 would be increased. Do you guys think it will be increased in the future? Thanks!
  5. I wanted to see what people think about how GTA5 handles its leveling up system. I like some of it but others I feel are extremely unfair. I don't like having to put hours upon hours into a multiplayer just so I can compete with people of a higher level. The main problem I have with it is the idea that the more you play the more powerful you get, which is the kind of mulitplayer I hate. It is fine when something is unlocked that give you more options etc, but the whole idea that you cannot buy the better weapons, better car upgrades etc until you have leveled up enough is just completely unfair in a competitive environment. Team Deathmatch is now a mode I will probably never play again since today, I was in a game (3v3) against people who were level 50+, I am around 20 something. They all have better weapons, better armor better everything. My team still won, and I had the best K/D, but the way I had to play I discovered after dying 3 times without a kill was very stealthy, creep around corners and all around a more tactical way to play. This normally sounds like a good thing, but when I have to put double the amount of bullets into an opponent the game is fundamentally flawed. Racing is a little better since you can turn custom cars off but thats only if your host and can be bothered waiting around for others to join your game. It is a prime example if why I like Halo MP so much. It is completely even and the more skilful players are the ones that win, not someone who has played longer. Even the newer games are like that since all the unlocks can be done very early and even then no one gun or ability is better in all instances than the others. From now on I will only really be playing races and missions etc, because people having an unfair advantage is something I hate in games. Just thought I would put this up here and see what everyone else thinks.