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Found 1 result

  1. It's bad enough that every god damb game feels the need to join in the unwelcome effort to infect people with the idea that gambling for something you've already payed for is OK, but now G2A has taken it to a whoal new despicable level by putting games, actual games, in lootboxes! G2A Loot Page Credit to Musical Anti-Hero who's vid brought this to my attention. G2A already have a less than stellar reputation on account of them being known to sell illegally obtained steam keys and charging for refunds through the "G2A Shield" service that you don't even need to obtain refunds. However, if you use paypal or a credit card, you NEED to be subscribed to that service just to buy these boxes. That's shitty enough already, but it gets worse. The games inside the boxes are mostly garbage that you can find cheeper elsewhere with a few popular titles like Fallout 4, PUBG, Fallout: New Vagas and NieR: Automata in the mix. I would be not slighly shocked if the vast majority of the games you "win" cost less than the box itself. (EDIT) Also, you don't simply "buy" these boxes. You instead buy a kind of in store credit (Microtransactions in games usually operate in a similar way) that is not refundible nor redeemable elsewhare because of cource it isn't. And obviously its priced in such a way that the packs of credit are "more than enough for one, but not quite enough for two" kind of way to encourage people to buy more than they need per box. Why do people do this? I think this attitude that paying for something then gambling in hope of getting said something is very dangerous. I'm actully tempted to call this an effort to soften younger people up to gambling in genral, but in an environment without the strict rules and monitoring that real gambling has. That's why I hate this practice! This, though, is a whoal new level of cock hole. However, I don't fully blame G2A for this because this is just a buisness opportunity to sell keys that aren't selling to people, and I gotta admit it's as clever as it is scummy. The landscape that would allow such an idea to work was created by the people who defend this practice in games like Overwatch, PUBG, Battlefield and so on, and it's only gonna get more common and worse if they don't stop. Start demanding to get the shit you want when you pay for it instead of being offered "the fun and privilege" of gambling in hope for it. And G2A, go suck a bag of dicks!