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Found 5 results

  1. Good Evening Angry Army! I've been watching Joe's Angry reviews for several years now, and he is one of my favorite reviewers on the net. Two of his reviews that struck close to home for me were Mass Effect 3 (Not to mention the numerous subsequent follow up videos...) and Aliens: Colonial Marines. The Mass Effect series was one of my favorites in the past few years, and the Aliens franchise, especially Aliens has been very dear to me for a long time… so When I saw Joe’s reviews on those games, and his reactions… I was like “That was me!” Joe, I love your reviews, and your passion for gaming, and I am proud to be a member of the AngryArmy!
  2. I believe that AJSA should have a few teams running in ME3 multiplayer. There are several reasons for this. The Pros It is a game based off of teamwork. While one person may be able to work ok on his own, when he has his team helping him he is unstoppable.There is a class for everyone. From tanks to scouts, healers to DPS, everything is covered. There is even an archer. A future archer with a wrist bow.The Multiplayer DLC is free across all platforms. No one is excluded because they cant get the latest DLC, its all free and fairly quick to download.Randomized item packs make getting new characters, weapons, and gear a fun sort of gamble. When starting out you get a random character from the latest DLC and one random ultra-rare level weaponIntuitive controls [on x-box/ps3 at least (never had the pleasure to play on pc)]. The controls are mostly fluid [save for the magnetic butt syndrome (see cons)] with powers being assigned to bumpers/L1R1 and Y/triangle. Level up system that is brought straight from the campaign. Easy to use, hard to chose. Multiple evolution options after rank 3 in each power/passive. Utilises point based system, cant max out every tree without glitches.Multiple levels of difficulty, 19 maps ( six with hazards), 4 enemy armies ( fight three at once on Platinum difficulty), Dozens of characters and scores of weapons.Takes some tactics to finish on higher difficulties. Run and gun only works for a few characters, most require some level of forethought to each engagement.​Now this is just a few of the things that I personally love about ME3's multiplayer. However, every good game has its faults. The Cons EA. What more needs to be said. They are constantly messing with AI difficulty on the harder levels, adjusting spawn rates for boss level foes so they appear more often on one day and less often the next. Also, though I think this one is just do to the games popularity, the servers can be glitchy, most notably if one has a lobby open for more than 10-15 minutes with no one joining the party/starting the match. This glitch may include the following: invisible team members, bullets that heal the enemy, invisible enemies ( they can still hurt you and you them but it does not show you), sever lag, spontaneously dropping through the map, multiple copies of your teammates, or 30 minutes of loading up the match. These glitches can/will stack, especialy if lobby is left for upwards of 30 minutes or if long breaks between matches are common.The Magnetic Butt Syndrome. When Bioware made the original game, they didnt have an auto cover feature implemented, at least not a consistent one. In the game the control that makes you sprint is also the control to take cover. Also, while sprinting, your character will want to take cover if he/she so much as brushes a valid cover spot ( which is most of the terrain). It can get quite annoying, especially if you are running to help your team or to get away from a boss level opponent. Random Characters/Weapons. While this does add some fun to the game by adding a "everyone has an equal chance to get certain characters/weapons" it can get tedious. It can take weeks to months getting a specific character that you have been wanting to try. Same goes for weapons.Max team size of 4. This makes a large scale group hard to keep cohesive as you will have to use the party chat and having multiple games running at once on the same party chat can get confusing as to who is talking to who.I am sure that there are more cons but right now I cannot think of any and these are the most common that I have seen complained about online. So if anyone would like to help start up a Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer branch of the Angry Army, Help make it a reality, vote for this front to begin. Help save the Galaxy. (playing Campaign is not required but will provide context to many of the classes, weapons, enemies, and locations) Also, If anyone is on X-Box live and wants to play some right now, my gamertag is also DeathToRebels. I'm always happy to play with new people. (PM me if you wish to game with me)
  3. Three Questions for the Angry Army... 1. Which Mass Effect Is The Best? 2. Who Is Your Favorite Squad Member? 3. Did Mass Effect 3's Original Ending Permanently Ruin The Series For You? Three Questions I ask myself every day...XD Gotta Say... 1. Mass Effect 3 (With Extended Cut) 2. Tali 3. No [it made sense to me, left a hell of a lot to be desired, but it made sense, and it worked in my opinion. Extended Cut is MUCH better though.]
  4. I am looking for people to play multiplayer on the ps3 some of the game i have and want to play at the moment The last of usborderlands 2 (no DLC)mass effect 3 (want someone to talk and play with when promoting characters)if you are interesting in playing with me send me a message at crafterman1@gmail.com, on my psn that is on my profile or repay to this topic so i can add you. i will see you guys in game
  5. I have a psn account, which is burkaqua@yahoo.com and I play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer as an inflitraitor and was wondering if anyone would be willing to possible play some mutliplayer with me.