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Found 6 results

  1. Lets start with this,they have said no so far on a Halo 3 Anniversary which is very unfortunate but hopefully they do announce it for xb1 and windows at e3: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/652hw4/i_know_we_keep_being_told_its_not_happening_but/dg8l41g/ Also check out this fan made Halo game Installation 01:
  2. Our feedbacks have finally been answered and 343 actually admitted they were sorry they didn't listen to us before.
  3. In this topic anyone who uses the xbox dvr manually to record an awesome moment,uset Twitch,Mixer or your Capture Card to stream in the halo events like killing spree,killtacular,narrowly escaping death with a few awesome kills,funny moments/fails and post them here if you like! ---------------------- November 7th, 2015
  4. Hey guys.I wanted to make this post cause of the recent declined interest in Halo events I am trying to not jump to conclusions as to why) since last year around october-november and now in January.I made a post in the Ajsa club last year after Halo events declined n stopped,and made a halo operation post in this forum where i got some replies from some people who were interested and now that topic is gone maybe this stays as pinned or at least for members to see and know.Halo 5 Events may become a non scheduled event after February because of the recent decline and may become a operation or community event game .Whether you play halo mcc,halo 5 or halo wars 2 or a halo fps on xbox one I hope we can together help each other in growing the interest in Halo and/or any Halo FPS for that matter in the AJSA more often so we can play with each other more during events and off events whenever we are able. I want and hope to play with old n new members, Halo mcc, halo 5,halo wars 2 etc regardless of your skill level as we have had a lot of fun and hopefully more fun too. So you can improve in halo whether you play halo for fun,skill or both I will create new/update existing topics such as a Infection subforum,Arena topics so you guys can get tips/tricks for infection,ranked n social etc and I hope you guys if you see those topics to either reply there,ask me when i stream or just ask me on xbox.Try to check the halo subforums every few days or so as I post halo news whenever i can find one. if you have seen them(or one or two topics and what you think:). I know most of you play for fun(I do that too)but I also play ranked which is competitive and I hope i can get the interest in playing ranked with you guys as I have played with ajsa valkyric,obran wookie and scorpio,taypoon ,rune once or twice .We can also play modes like slayer,ctf,strongolds and other custom game modes and custom forge games like fiesta,snipers,rockets etc too.Basically we play ranked,social,customs(mostly social n customs) and warzone during Halo events.Please share this post with members that have Halo mcc,halo 5,halo wars 2 so they can add me/contact me whenever they have questions about halo events or halo in general.I will make a post in the AJSA club about this post so people there can check it out or let other members know.Remember if you have friends that are male or female gamers and they have halo mcc or halo 5,feel free to tell them about the ajsa,what we do as a community and if they play either mcc,halo 5,halo wars 2 and if they join the community this post can be made aware to them.I will try to recruit both but more female gamers as I know a few streamers that play Halo or other games.You can reach me the following ways.Thanks guys n gals. Xbox GT: awakeningrager1 my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07rhljxGb1RzMJzM1F74jA my twitter:https://twitter.com/tkblast1 Twitch.: https://www.twitch.tv/samshepardgaming
  5. Anyone here who has tried out the recently added temporary playlist hopefully permanent, team snipers? If you havent I uploaded a vid of it to my channel, unfortunately the the xbox dvr since halo's dvr could not record the entire match, will try to split my next match in two separate 5 minute clips and in upload studio combine them. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07rhljxGb1RzMJzM1F74jA/videos
  6. Hey guys. I managed to do this before but the process was painful and yesterday I could not get it to work. My question is how do you save a clip of a entire match in theater and export it to the xbox dvr and get the pop up notification that your game clip has been saved? The match was team snipers and it was 11.04 minutes long