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Found 9 results

  1. So hello there my name Redhazzard00 but I have other Video game codes, Sadowfang, Raspherion, H.G.Boom, Ares: God of War, Hades:God of War and Rasp sniper for hire. I always wanted to join this community after seeing Joe show but I never really got around to it until I fought you guys in ESO. I was with Azurai all day prepairing for the AJSA attack and tried offer tactical support but numbers won that battle. So like I said I want to join AJSA, I'm a good Tactician and been playing real time strategy games such as Star Wars: Empire at War one and two and Total War three. I also run a Guild on SWTOR that you all are welcome to join if you want were pretty small ATM so don't be shock if there not like a billion members but ya you want in PM me on my character Daxea and I'll see if you can join. I'm also a crack shot Sniper sense I was eight and played Halo 2 and then I moved from Halo to Mercenarys to Team Fortress 2 where I REALLY got good but I gave it up after seeing Planet side two. So ya got any questions ask away! Oh ya if I had a theme song this would be it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNHlVo0cPa8
  2. I am a mostly single player gamer but I have a passion of halo and last of us ( I am not any good ) favorite games of all time have to be skyrim mass effect 3 and nfl tour . And when I am not gaming I practice my rap so yea that's me I am also a big football guy I live in canada so for my home land bc lions are the bonb and for my friends in the USA I like the Viking Seahawks and the cowboys ( not in that order) . I also do not have a PC just xbox and ps3 and I share the xbox with my younger brothers so that all for who ever reads this and yeah
  3. I'm a fan of the AJS, but not a subscriber. Youtube has no leash on me. I'm a recently adopted PC gamer, had to sell my Xbox 360 for change. My real name is Andy, but online I've been going as "chiknstu" (after a SOAD song), "Moxification" (because I got lots of moxie, and it almost sounds like Californication, or Fornication), and recently "Springjack" (after Springjack Shepard on Magic the Gathering). I grew up playing games, from my first console the Sega Genesis II, followed up with Gameboy, PS1, PSP, XBOX, XBOX 360 and now my final resting place the PC. Lately I've been playing F2P multi-player games because I'm a poor college kid (but I don't know if college is for me :/ ). Planetside 2 (NC on Connery), Realm of the Mad God, and BF4 have my attention lately. In my free time I obviously game, but I love board games and Jammin' on ma Bass with friends. Hacky Sack and Frisbee are my favorite hippy pass times. I've lots some of my ways as a writer, but lately I've been conjuring up ideas for a new video game I want to create. The last AJS I saw was the XBOX ONE unboxing, and my first impression was that the controller looks a lot like the original XBOX controller. Edit: I'm 22, though if you really want to assume that I'm a 12 year old, go for it!
  4. Looking for some partners to roll on the 360. Tired of trying to win without any communication whatsoever. Leave you gamertag if you want to team up!
  5. Now I played RE1-3, Fatal Frame, FEAR, Amnesia, Slender, Outlast, all that shit. Scared of Fatal Frame and FEAR 1 while enjoyed and not scared of the others. I never thought I will ever find another game that's going to make me get unsettled of playing it, now i found one that tops it all off. Cry of Fear, which is based on Half Life 1 mod apparently, wow, this game is something. 5 minutes into the game and I quit for the first time because I don't want to go through with playing it. Check it out guys, it's free. Or if you're not looking forward to piss your pants, you can just see a playthrough of the game. To demonstrate how freaking scary this game is, let me give you my experience. Imagine walking to a dark corner with bare lightning. And then you see this thing. I froze afterwards and quit the game. You can't just recover after seeing a giant head like that in the dark. And then after I got brave enough to play the game again, I pass through another dark corner and I see a floating long haired woman in white coming after me. I ran. NOW I'm at a stage in the forest where it's really dark and my only light source is a torch, and then in the background you hear the sound of a chainsaw, and next thing you know there's a crazy psycho trying to cut you with it. I quit the game and now I can't progress any father because I'm to scared.
  6. Hi!!! thought i would introduce myself. I'm a British teenager from the north west of england. I've played vidoe games from an early age and the best memory of early childhood gaming with GTA 3 at the age of 5. Naturally i was awfull an didn't get past the first island for half a year but that set off a passion for open world games. From Fallout to Red Dead Redemption, i will spend hours doing none of the main story missions and instead follow rumours about hidden weapons or references. At the time of this post i'm spending alot of my time playing GTA online on PS3 and waiting for a new PC (if any one has tips on what GPU to get that would be awesome). I'm happy to help people with games i have, just PM me and i'll get back to you as long as it's after 6:00 GMT as i have sixth form taking up my day monday to friday. Week ends I'm free all day mostly.
  7. helloo:) Well i guess you are going to introduce yourself here so hellooo:D. I would like to start of saying that i like strategy games and i love history and that i play a lot of different games kinds of games. Hope i will see a lot of awesome people in this community. BTW do we have a teamspeak yet would love to get on it kind regards OlofTheViking
  8. HELLOTHERE hello there, i am kingherobrine1, a innocent little gamer (when i say little I MEAN LITTLE) turned gun weilding badass thanks to three games Half life 2, battlefield 1942, and halo. Anyway time to reveal some personal info: i was born on the 17th of march and im a kid, you figure out the age. and i am happy to serve the angry army and yes im getting battlefield 4 on holiday/christmas, but right now i have BF3 anyway can't wait to meet you guys! -Kingherobrine1
  9. Guess this is kinda a mandatory talk about yourself thing in most forums so here you go. I'm more of a console gamer, would love a gaming pc just don't have the money or space to really gget one right now (looking into that Steam Machine thing though). I'm into most kinds of games; FPS, RPG, action, adventure, puzzle, RTS, TCG, driving and fighting (if its is something a little different like Injustice etc) I guess if anyone wants to know more feel free to ask, dunno how long or detailed this is supposed to be so I'll leave it at this for now. TTFF