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Found 8 results

  1. Just browsing the XBox store and saw that this game was there. I was surprised because I had heard nothing on it coming to console, but it is on July first gonna be on PS4 and XB1. I'm already pre-loading on XB1 and will likely do the same for PS4 (Why not, it is free afer all). The game launched on steam ealy access over two years ago and apparently still is early access (That's why I'm not gonna play on PC this for this one) and, if the recent steam reviews are anything to go buy, has been kind of abandoned by the devs, of it least it seems that way. This release the cosole ports of the indicated that attention is being payed again but it the game itself any good? The FTP platform is always a concern with pay to win sort of stuff and is the game it'self any good? Well, let me know of any of you guys on Box or PS4 wanna give it a try GT: ShaggerAJSA PSN: sabaton_owns
  2. NCSoft confirmed in G-Star 2014 that they are developing MMO mecha simulation game called Project HON which is Armored Core meet Hawken. But this gameplay mechanic and fuctionality are similar to Armored Core V and Armored Core Verdict Day. They likely to compete with MMO mech simulation games such as Hawken and MechWarrior Online. NCSoft will be release on worldwide with different release date. Check out the gameplay. http://youtu.be/Li6HagITVuI
  3. ------- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kissltd/project-nimbus Currently: 294 330 457 486 798 899 1,015 1,146 1,198 Backers£3,230 £4,070 £5,361 £6,051 £9,866 £13,092 £14,282 £17,101 £17,689 pledged of £6,000 goal27 24 20 5 61 13 days hours to go Ended Besides the fact that I like mechs (fast and slow ), I really think these guys should be given the chance for their game to get a good start. I have no illusions about their strechgoals, it is probably too niche and they dont have much in the way of pledge tiers (though they have added some due to our comments ). You can get the game (steam key and they have mentioned Desura as a likely option for DRM-free versions) for 6£ (about ~10$) so there is a looong way to go, even with nearly a month to go, so give it a read and see if you'd like to support them aswell. *Edited because I am a dumb ass that can't tell the difference between the CODE button and the QUOTE button ----------------- Stretch Goals (added as it is now above its funding goal): £6000 - Initial Goal £7000 Mac Version £7500 Game’s level will be completed with machinima cutscenes To make our game come to life and breathing, we would like to make cinematic animation of various event in the game. Many Battle Frames and capital ship will be seen close up in actions. We’ll make sure that the cutscenes will not interrupt the game’s playing experience. It will be rendered using the game engine itself. With Unreal Technology, this can be done conveniently. We really want to do this. £8700 Sandbox Mode In sandbox mode, players create missions as desired, experiment with as many things as you want. The possibility in playing is unlimited. Want to see massive fleet battles? You got it. Want to see a showdown of super weapons? Sure, here it is! Want to play as grunt armies and swarm a hero mech? Here you go. The possibilities are endless. £9400 - Oculus Rift Support + First Person HUD View £13,000 - Survival mode, fight against alien swarm. £16,000 - Extended story campaign More side characters' missions and more Spetnaz’s side story. (Currently, most of the missions in the story campaign are Mithril’s.) If you’d like to play as Russian guys longer, let us reach this point. To make the game more complete. £20,000 - Full Cockpit view (with Oculus Rift Support) Each BattleFrame will have different cockpit. The game will support Oculus Rift and you’ll be able to turn your head and look around like you’re really piloting that flying giant mech. £22,000 - Strike Packs Each BattleFrame will be given a variety of strike packs with different armaments to choose from.
  4. Hi. I startet this topic because i want to know if there is anyone who is playing Mechwarrior online. I'm playing it alot lately and i think it is the best mechgame out there. What do you guys think of it?
  5. So I saw this in a Smosh Games video, and I thought this would be an interesting topic to talk about. If you were in a huge demolition derby and you could have any vehicle from video game ever, what would you bring? For me there was only ever one vehicle I would bring to the event and that would be Metal Gear REX. Why you ask? It has a railgun mounted to its side, its equipped with a lazer, it can fire nukes/missiles from its back, and sure it might have a weak point, but, in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, despite the fact REX had been nearly 30 years out of commission, it still worked perfectly and even better it took down a brand new, shiny Metal Gear RAY. If you haven't played MGS4, I suggest you at least watch that fight sequence since its awesome.
  6. So, anyone remember this game. Joe seemed hyped for this game, but he might have forgotten about it. nevertheless i think the game need to be looked at again. The game is good and fun. and it gets updates regularly it is still in Beta however, so everything is not finished pros+ Free2play The various mechs with each their own pros and cons nothing game chanc stats can be bought with microtransaction only cons- Limited team sizes some modes is a bit unbalanced at times. But i don't know every pros and cons it has, but are anyone else than my interested in playing this game ?
  7. So, I think it's been pretty much established that Titanfall is a FPS with a futuristic sort of motion with the gameplay. But my question is; what should I expect from a game like Titanfall? Is this game going to present itself a lot like, say, Call of Duty? Or something more like Hawken? I know that Mechs are not the sole focus of this game, but it seems like whenever someone brings up Mobile suits, Titanfall is also being mentioned. I really want to understand more about this game, since its looking like a really interesting one. If anyone has been really keeping up with Titanfall, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. - Thanks!
  8. Alright so I decided I'm going to trend the waters of the forums here to see what kind of responses I get and to see what kind of people are here, and by doing that I will be (trying to) briefly talk about something that has comes to mind as of late. So there is this series that you may have guessed what it is by the name of the topic. "Armored Core," is a long running series of games developed by the guys at "From Software," (the same guys who are behind the more "well-known," Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, as well as Chromehounds on the Xbox 360.) who have been behind the crafting of these games since the debut of the first game, in 1997 on the PS1. It is a series of mech simulator action games, with 12 instalments currently released; the most recent one being "Armored Core: Verdict Day" which was released on September 24th of this year. Now with some background out of the way let's get into what I will be talking about right now. Now I will not be pretending that I am not the biggest fan of Armored Core, but I have been with the series for some time, starting with "Armored Core 2," on the PS2. I have stuck with the series and there has always been a constant, which is that Armored Core always gets less then favourable reviews, that's no secret. Though there have been a few recent reviews that came out that were decent, Metacritic also seemed to give it a passable score of 66. My problem is that these reviewers are clearly not fans of Armored Core, or any mech simulators really, or has stay with the game long enough to grasp it's mechanics. And yes this can be applied to a lot of reviews for games, but I am going to be talking about Armored Core specifically rather then what's wrong with gaming reviews as a whole, because people more capable then I can do that. Anyway back on topic, what irritates me is when I go decide "I wonder what other people think of the game initially," and I go check Metacritic and see the scores and the reviews. So the point I'm going to try to make is that if this is the kind of game you like or Verdict Day is your first Armored Core game, don't let people who says "this game sucks" or "this game has problems," or "it has no depth," anything among those lines, especially if they are a reviewer, you don't take a single negative they say to be as fact at all. Most don't have enough time with the game or are from a "hardcore" backing. From knows that they have a very loyal following those fans are willing to buy the game even if everyone around them says it sucks it doesn't matter to those fans, and those fans will always come back to those games as well. I should know because I'm one of them, I have yet to grab my hands on Armored Core Verdict Day, but I will eventually and I know I will. If you are on the fence about Verdict Day, or interested in trying the franchise, I would say go ahead and try it out and spend give the time it needs to truly get a hold of the mechanics and see if you enjoy it. Most fans of the game are enjoying it and playing it and those fans are missed by a lot of people judging the game. Does that mean all their criticism is invalid, no. The fans themselves are aware of the problems, like the more recent Armored Core games focusing more on multiplayer and leaving the single player campaign rather weak as well as being a lot more challenging without a team, but that could change with Armored Core 6. Since on the surface the Armored Core games looks the same, but between each numerical difference of the games (eg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.) the games are different and you can tell if you play them, REALLY different in some cases. There are some other things I could mention, but this starting to look rather intimidating. I would like to take a moment and say that if after reading all that (congratulations by the way.) and would think the Armored Core community would alienate you because as a new player, don't bother with the ones that do, because the community is overall more open to have more casual players join rather then say the Dark Souls community; maybe due to the size difference, but I'm not too sure. Ironically since this game is hard to master, a lot harder then Dark Souls in my opinion and you are going to find it difficult to get into it. Though some people will pass that off as "oh the controls are bad" and "the gameplay is clunky," which only applies when you don't know what you're doing and just stop playing there. Try to think that it is like a fighting game, where if you go up against like a Blazblue player, who has been playing for years, and you only have a few weeks under your belt, you will get completely destroyed. With Armored Core it's not so different. If you go in expecting to do good and just lose completely one sided, the initial reaction people usually have will be "wow, this game sucks." Like I said if you are getting alienated, find other people, don't listen to those elitist idiots saying things like "I have been playing Armored Core for 10 years, where were you?" which doesn't matter since Armored Core changes every generation it may look like it doesn't on the outside, but it's the small details is what Armored Core is about and can really change how it is played. Anyway I talked far to long and if you managed to read all of that, then good for you, you really are a trooper. Yes AC is a quirky odd game. Maybe not for everyone but it doesn't mean if you're new you should give up. Even Angry Joe, I remember seeing a tweet when Armored Core 5 came out and said the game was broken at launch, and after playing it, there was nothing broken with it. He just another one of those guys who didn't give it the time it deserves and I hope he tries the game again and give it a chance. So enough of my ramblings if you like to add your thoughts, go ahead I'll more then likely give them a read, even if you call me just a idiot, or a fanboy, I would like to know. See you, Space Cowboy.