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Found 4 results

  1. Indiegogo : Link Steam Greenlight : Link There's also some pre-alpha build demo in it's indiegogo page, if you want to try. In short version : Turn-based mecha, just imagine Front Mission combine together with Valkryia Chronicles. Also comes with lots of mechs customization. As a mech game lover, I really want THIS!!! So please support or at least share this to your friends. So this game can be more recognized and come to live when it's finished.
  2. NCSoft confirmed in G-Star 2014 that they are developing MMO mecha simulation game called Project HON which is Armored Core meet Hawken. But this gameplay mechanic and fuctionality are similar to Armored Core V and Armored Core Verdict Day. They likely to compete with MMO mech simulation games such as Hawken and MechWarrior Online. NCSoft will be release on worldwide with different release date. Check out the gameplay. http://youtu.be/Li6HagITVuI
  3. ------- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kissltd/project-nimbus Currently: 294 330 457 486 798 899 1,015 1,146 1,198 Backers£3,230 £4,070 £5,361 £6,051 £9,866 £13,092 £14,282 £17,101 £17,689 pledged of £6,000 goal27 24 20 5 61 13 days hours to go Ended Besides the fact that I like mechs (fast and slow ), I really think these guys should be given the chance for their game to get a good start. I have no illusions about their strechgoals, it is probably too niche and they dont have much in the way of pledge tiers (though they have added some due to our comments ). You can get the game (steam key and they have mentioned Desura as a likely option for DRM-free versions) for 6£ (about ~10$) so there is a looong way to go, even with nearly a month to go, so give it a read and see if you'd like to support them aswell. *Edited because I am a dumb ass that can't tell the difference between the CODE button and the QUOTE button ----------------- Stretch Goals (added as it is now above its funding goal): £6000 - Initial Goal £7000 Mac Version £7500 Game’s level will be completed with machinima cutscenes To make our game come to life and breathing, we would like to make cinematic animation of various event in the game. Many Battle Frames and capital ship will be seen close up in actions. We’ll make sure that the cutscenes will not interrupt the game’s playing experience. It will be rendered using the game engine itself. With Unreal Technology, this can be done conveniently. We really want to do this. £8700 Sandbox Mode In sandbox mode, players create missions as desired, experiment with as many things as you want. The possibility in playing is unlimited. Want to see massive fleet battles? You got it. Want to see a showdown of super weapons? Sure, here it is! Want to play as grunt armies and swarm a hero mech? Here you go. The possibilities are endless. £9400 - Oculus Rift Support + First Person HUD View £13,000 - Survival mode, fight against alien swarm. £16,000 - Extended story campaign More side characters' missions and more Spetnaz’s side story. (Currently, most of the missions in the story campaign are Mithril’s.) If you’d like to play as Russian guys longer, let us reach this point. To make the game more complete. £20,000 - Full Cockpit view (with Oculus Rift Support) Each BattleFrame will have different cockpit. The game will support Oculus Rift and you’ll be able to turn your head and look around like you’re really piloting that flying giant mech. £22,000 - Strike Packs Each BattleFrame will be given a variety of strike packs with different armaments to choose from.
  4. I remember in his Chromehounds review he seemed to have really liked the game, so maybe this would appeal to him, I have to say it looks enjoyable, though they are only still testing the Alpha. http://www.bombdogstudios.com/index.php