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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys I saw this new game on YouTube Does it worth it or has any potential at all ? Tell me your thoughts https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rumbling-games/knights-of-light
  2. How about we create an Angry Joe Army clan on Of Kings and Men? I love playing the game the community usually plans events every saturday, wednsday and 1st sunday of the month. The game doesn't have the playerbase it had in the begining but it has been reviving. With love, Fox
  3. Me and my brother are looking for a coop game to play. These are the requirements: RPG (Else I wouldnt have been here, Im smart) Storyline Open-world (Preferable, but not required) Medieval (Sword, bows, axes and such, not guns) NOT SIDESCROLLER OR TOPDOWN (I am aware that there are such games that fits the bill, but not what we're after) Thanks in advance for all help
  4. Is anyone else REALLY excited about this game? Not only does it take place during perhaps of the most fascinating period of European history (the Hussite wars), but it also looks AWESOME and appears to control AWESOME. It's an open world first-person RPG if you haven't heard of it. From what I've seen I'm pretty impressed, is anyone else really REALLY hyped?
  5. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294225970/kingdom-come-deliverance?ref=live I hope this project will succeed!
  6. Hi, started new topic about this, because the old one wouldnt be seen so fast. Kingdome Come: Deliverance reached Kickstarter, asking for 300.000 GBP. 2 Days from that (today) the publishers got 237.000 GBP! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294225970/kingdom-come-deliverance Chceck out this link for more information, also for lazy people some shorts Game will be published in 3 acts, 8 month's between each, starting on 2015 All acts will be sandbox, forst one with approx of 30 hrs of main quest gameplay Main protagonist: Son of a blacksmith from Czech Kingdom We will have massive scale battles and sieges, with ladders, sieging towers, catapults etc. Main designer says that basic difficulty level will include: need for sleeping Hunger and thirst Bleeding, poisoning effects exhaustion in and out of combat Food in your inventory will start to rot if you wont eat it fast enough Also: Trailer shows inventory menu 16 inventory slots Crafting (blacksmithing, alchemy, cooking, tailoring) Pickpocketing mechanism (no more pop u windows with "what to choose" text. You will need to cut the sack off the guys belt if you want to get it ) Also, something nice for collectors. People who donate the most money, will be portraited in Game in one of the church'es as a saint, and will get the forged, real 1:1 scale sword with inscriptions + many many more. I must say this is a good deal if the sword will be forged by proffesionals, because this type of gadget can cost even upt to 300 GBP each, standalone.
  7. So, the new Czech game developing studio, Warhorse Studio, announced their first big game "Kingdom Come: Deliverance", a medieval RPG game with first person perspective gameplay. The game will take us to the beggining of XV century in Europe, where the Houndred Years war take place on the west, and the Eastern countries fight with Teutonic Order. But the only thing we know for now about plot, is that our hero will take some part in game to claim the throne (which throne? We dont know yet). BUT what is important, Czech dev team said, that game will be pure historical type of RPG. No magic, no mythological creatures, no fantasy! Can this be the start of new RPG type? http://www.eurogamer.cz/articles/2013-12-18-oficialn-oznameno-vavrovo-rpg-kingdom-come-deliverance In the screens we can see the crosses of Ordo Teutonicorum, aswell as the White lion of Czech Kingdom, so i assume that the action will take place somwhere in middle-eastern europe (Czech Kingodm, Kingdom of Poland, lands of Teutonic Order and maybe HRE). And if someone would be able to recognize what emblems the guy from 0:29 have on his chest, i'd be able to tell more . Also in trailer you can see that game will have "wysiwyg" mechanics. If the armor is made of steel, it will act like this (look at the sword swing that hits the guy's head . The game will be released in 2015. What do you think about it?
  8. Hey guys this is a topic where people can talk about or ask to play other people in Chivalry! Go AJSA victory or death!