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Found 22 results

  1. Hello. I'm new to this site but the only real reason I know this community is Joe himself. Mostly from his angry reviews since they always are entertaining even though there are some opinions I don't agree but that's fine because everybody has their opinion. I can give a short summary of myself if anybody is interested. I don't really get much of a chance to play brand new games which resorts me to watch video game reviews most of the time since I'm on a budget. You could call me a 'conservative' gamer if you want to. Brand new games here in Canada cost over 60+ canadian dollars which makes me very picky on what I play, sometimes just resorting to playing 'classic' games if anybody here is hosting events on that sort of thing. Games such as CSGO, CS:S, Age of Empires 2: HD Edition, World of Tanks/Warships, BeamNG and Rocket League just to name a few. I think that covers everything. I am on Youtube and Twitter for those that are interested, I'm pretty obscure and I'm not here to get attention. I just like to keep up with what's going on in the gaming world, maybe get some new buddies in this community and have fun online Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/eniohabev Steam ► https://steamcommunity.com/id/eniohabev/ YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMZQtSc62676kUqh2rt8FA Twitter ► http://twitter.com/EnioHabev
  2. Hello, My name is Dylan, i am commonly referred to as Skylance. I am getting into Streaming, and hopefully be recognized! I play many games from PS4 to PC. I live in the United States, in the Bluegrass State. I just thought i would let some people get to know me a little since i registered today. If you have any other Q's feel free to ask.
  3. Greetings from Canada, fellow Angry Soldiers! My name is Loren Johansen, though most of my friends just call me Shoke. I am, obviously, a man from Canada who has decided to sign up with this fair forum and perhaps make some more friends to play games with. However, that last little bit, the part about playing games? That sadly will have to wait, possibly for some time. See, in the world of online gaming, I'm like the soldier who got crippled in battle yet still wants to help in the firefight. The guy you leave behind, albiet reluctantly. What is my massive crippling problem? I'm poor. Like, super poor. Not only that, but jobless and nowhere in the city I live in wants to hire me. So until I finally get myself a job, I'm stuck to trying to make YouTube videos and hoping that they take off. Sadly, that's probably not going to happen, due to my lack of funds to get myself good equipment and editing software. Especially the latter, as no matter how bad your camera or mic are, a good editing program has the potential to fix both of those. Usually once a month I'm able to scrounge together enough money to get something, but that money is not enough to feed my desire to game online. In the rare occasion that I do have the money to get some Xbox Live or something, it goes to waste as I own none of the games that people are playing. Now when it comes to PC, I'm pretty sure a cheesecake could run games better. I'm barely able to play games like World of Warcraft, so I mostly use it to play RP. However, when it comes to actual online gaming, I am a very competent strategist and team leader, and tend to play the classes no one else wants to. For example, in Borderlands I tend to play as the healer version of the Soldier, maxing out healing and ammo regen as soon as possible to make things move smoother for my friends. But, under all of this, there is one place that I am confident very little of you can beat me: Pokemon competitive battles. ... Yes I still like Pokemon. You don't like it, I respect your opinion, but still. Deal with it.
  4. Hi Angry Army, I'm the Protag and I play video games a lot.
  5. Hey Yo! Crazyjuice from Scotland signed up today. PSN name: crazyjuice If anyone adds me message to say your in the army or I wont add. Let the battle commence!
  6. Hello my name is NiZiNoodle... mainly, because i used to use this name on every single platform but now my Origin name is: "TheD00mNoodle" and my Steam name is: "NoodleTiger". You see my love for noodles (and again please dont think with a dirty mind). I am a swiss guy which really enjoys gaming. My favorite genres are MMOs and FPSs (?). I'm a big fan of Angry Joe and that since 2011. He is really good and that what he does and he's really funny. I wanted to start doing reviews a long time but I was to busy playing games (...). I am really happy to be a really small part of the Angry Army. I hope you now know me a little better and will have good day/night. Regards, NiZiNoodle
  7. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and to please add me to your friends list! I am the guy that donated a bunch good stuff to munch on for the Angry Joe stream on twitch. Does anyone remember when he opened the box of Beef Jerky and a shit load of other good stuff on his twitch stream??? Well I'm the guy who gave him that stuff (snoogs1 on twitch)! I thought it was super cool of him to open it on the stream and I felt honored to support Angry Joe and Other Joe with munchies that they could enjoy while playing their favorite games. Everyone feel free to add me as a friend. I enjoy meeting and playing games with new friends! Thanks to everyone for what you do and I look forward to more Angry Joe!
  8. In Battlefield 4, I just found the member of AJSA member name is Bit_Gamer15 (Ypssltocy). I'm not sure if he is impersonator as non-member or actually an member. He has a tag on. If you know him, post it and tell me about Bit_Gamer15. If the Bit_Gamer15 is here, let's Bit_Gamer15 post it to get his official. My PSN ID name is PersonaSquadron, but I forgot to add the tag on (AJSA) for me because I was testing. Oh by the way, my PSN ID is back online due to apologies. Battle Report on Battlelog for Battiefield 4 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/32/470256157952913664/346334573/ His Origin's Battlelog account http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Ypssltcoy/
  9. I greet thee, Warriors of the Angry Army. I am known as LordBloodySoul, father of all black omens and lord of all things dark. Listening to the voice of thy leader AngryJoe, which has pierced through the veils of Space and Time, I have decided to join this colorful group and thy brave Members... It is a pleasure to meet thee... I shall join in the fight against honourless greed and shameless lies... Never shall thee of tainted heart prevail against us. My might shall guide thee warriors of the Angry Army. Flesh and Bone shall travel alongside the Realms of Gods, Mortals and Machine. The Darkness will walk upon the Road of Light and Thunder with you and take upon the Arm made by Mind and Machinery. May our victory crumble the fortress of those who deliver us respectless products of gaming history.
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Nathaniel Etur (Not eater). I mostly play on my playstation, but I am trying to purchase a desktop for pc gaming. I would like to simply start my introduction by explaining my PSN, the-hidden-dawn may sound like another Twilight book, but the name originates from an idea a few of my friends came up with when playing assassin's creed. Every morning you wake up and can see rays of light shining through your windows, but when the order comes for you that dawn shall be hidden by the form of a man with a blade to your throat. It sounds slightly immature now but the name has just stuck with me. So pleasure to meet you all!
  11. My name here is Concept, although I have several other aliases through steam, PSN and the like. I have been a follower of the Angry Joe show for a long time and decided to give the angry army a look. To give myself a brief introduction I am primarily a PC gamer and concept artist. I play just about anything from Harvest Moon 64, World of Warcraft, to Battlefield 4. Games have always been a huge inspiration for me and are what made me pursue concept and game art as a career. The main reason for my being here, joining the ranks of the Angry Army, is to take up arms in the upcoming MMO Elder Scrolls Online. Games like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and Guild wars 2 have all taught me that an MMO is so bloody fun with a good guild! I hope that when my boots hit the ground in ESO I will have the opportunity to play alongside the Angry Army! Of course I have never been the kind of gamer to play only one game. I know I will be playing BF4 and Titanfall whenever I get the chance. Looking over this post it may be a little lengthy for a "hello" but I hope anyone who took the time to read it all enjoyed learning a thing or two about the newest Cannon Fodder to join the AJSA! Sincerely, Concept
  12. Hello members of the AJSA, my name is Chris and I have been a gamer for many years and have also been a fan of AngryJoe for many years. Now he has inspired me to try out my own youtube channel and become part of the army. I hope you'll accept me as a member of the army and I also hope that I'll be able to play games with community members and kick some ass while doing it!
  13. Finally got off my ass.... well not really still on it, but I did move the mouse a little bit to get here! I usually lurk, don't even post much on youtube, but here I am. I hope to become a more active in coming months as I secure a better internet connection. Edit: Oh a bit about myself. Portuguese born, multilingual (not very good though) Am about to turn 30, live in New Jersey, and I like various comedy. I sometimes do impressions. In the remote chance one of you recognises my old youtube account. Sorry, haven't posted updates in ages.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm Lluís, from Barcelona (Spain) and i just joined today. I love gaming, though i don't own as many platforms as i'd like, but currently you will find me playing on PC, PS3 and DS3. I love videogames in general and i never hesitate to try anything new, so suggestions are always welcome! Right now I'm playing Catherine on the ps3, OSU! on pc, and Pokemon Y on the 3ds, but that's just what I'm playing now, as I start a new game as soon as I finish the one I was playing. Other interests i have are History (in fact, I am studying to become a History teacher!) and Anime/ Manga (for instance, now I'm watching Future diary, Black Lagoon and Watamote). So, just to break the ice a little bit, i will offer you a quick list of 10 games which mean a lot to me (or simply are damn good and i think anyone should play them, also, it's a very personal thing, so maybe I left things simply because i haven't played them yet) so if you wish to, you reply with your top10 list 1. Ever 17: The out of infinity 2. Catherine 3. The Metal Gear saga 5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadows of chernobyl 6. The Mass effect saga 7. The bioshock saga 8. Deus ex: Human revolution (I know i'ts nearly a crime, but I still have to play the original Deus ex) 9. Rise of Nations 10. World in Conflict *Sagas just take 1 place because if i didn't put them like this, Mass effect and Metal gear alone would take over the list XD Well so i just wanted to introduce myself and get to know anyone who shares interests with me or just anyone who wants to talk,Cya on the forums! ^^ P.D. Excuse me for the awkward english, i guess i still need some practise ><
  15. I was searching the new site and came across the AJSA Member Awards section. Among them was the "Recruiter" award. I personally know a few people that I could get to join but how do I make it known that I brought them here? Is there going to be an option to say that you've been recruited during the signup process, or do we need to keep track of them ourselves?
  16. Oh it's been so very long since I've posted a nonsense thread for the sake of luls and lawls. This thread is the CONFESSION THREAD!! Here you shall reveal one secret about yourself. It can be most any secret! (within reason and the Code of conduct of course). Be it funny, sad, nerdy, shocking or juicy! Tell us one small fact about you! (no personal information please. Like home phone number, address... let's keep this clean and fun! ) I'll start: *cough* My left front tooth is completely fake. It's an implant. I had my front tooth broken out by my son when he was just six months old when he head butted me to the chops! The kung fu is strong with that one!!! Let the juicy tibbits flow!!
  17. It's already been a month since I've signed up for the AJSA? I guess that means I can finally use the [AJSA] in my Steam name, which I'm going to wear in hopes of seeing more of you guys! It's time for the obligatory blog post on personal opinions of how smooth this ship is sailing! First off, a shout out to Angry Joe and his merry band of officers for continuing to take the time out of their (probably) busy lives to continue their support! With that out of the way, I can honestly say, I've lurked looked through quite a few forums, and while I have seen arguments, I have not seen any flamewars. And by arguments, I don't mean ALL CAPS RAGE I'M RIGHT YOU'RE WRONG, I'm talking about actually trying to have a civilized discussion on things, and that is awesome. It isn't perfect yet, there are instances of personal opinion that is a little... well, hating on one's choice of browser, for example, but it is nicely organized thus far, and I want to see more of that as we press on. I personally have not been too involved yet, as I do have priorities to take care of, but if the Angry Army were to support more, say, TF2, or a game I've already played (not sure of those chances), it might be enough incentive to volunteer for whatever! Anyways, I guess I'll also mention I've been trying out League of Legends, and I was thinking about playing DOTA2 occasionally. I'm still EXTREMELY new to even the MOBA genre, so I don't think I'll be joining a team anytime soon. So, until whenever I post another blog! I hope to play with you sometime eventually. Stay awesome, play awesome, inspire awesome.
  18. Hi all you folks in distant timezones! I'm in NJ USA so i doubt much of my country is awake at this hour. I was surprised to see how global this community was. I think Joe must have that special something that makes him appealing to all types. I look forward to meeting many of you. I might even want to meet some AJSA members in person since I live near NY. That would be very cool. I'll wait 12 hours then post a "hello" to my American brethren. Don't wake them now. They are grumpy. Happy to be here -- wi1shire
  19. I would like to say that I am super stoked and excited for joining you guys! I love the community Angry Joe has created, and I wouldn't be ashamed if he was my brother!! *cough* Anyway... I can't wait to play with you guys! Some of my games I love to play: Battlefield, World of Tanks, Total War, XCOM, Civilization, Mount and Blade, FTL (Faster than Light), Mass Effect, The Witcher, FIFA.... I have to many! Anything that requires strategy or teamwork makes me buy! Can't wait to meet and play with you guys! This December I will be on a lot more, getting my new PC. Hopeful Commanding Officer and Supporter of AJSA, PloKloon
  20. Hello everyone, so my name is Dawid or David, or you can just call me Space, whichever one you prefer. I've been following Angry Joe on youtube since 2010, Mindjack review, is possibly one of the funniest videos I've ever seen ;P Also.... 4 FUCKING HOURS. Anyway, add me on steam or battlelog, i play a lot of battlefield (BFBC2, BF3 and BF4, well, when it works) i need someone to play with because none of my real life buddies own pc's, nor do they play battlefield. ): Battlelog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/SpaceeUnicorn/ Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064519703
  21. I just saw the member map feature at the bottom of the main page and...WoW Really puts things in perspective when you see just how many and diverse the AJSA is so far. That is all
  22. I am wondering what way this procedure is carried out. What I mean is do you find the nearest one on the forms. Could this mean some officers deal with this issue more than other. What is the system in place. Where do you go to report a member/issue. i think a link somewhere were the officers or higher is contacted we could call it the officers mess. The contact is cycled so it all spread out even. United as one so to speak in rank!