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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there everyone. Just thought I’d say hello. I hope everyone is doing well and am happy to be here in a great community of people. If anyone wants to chat feel free to hit me up. Take care everyone:)
  2. Hello my name is Badass123 i seek players on ps4 to play battlefield 4 or battlefield hardline, mic is prefered but not requierd. i ask this due to not having anyone to play with and not alot of people have mics in battlefield apperently. therefore i reach out to the comunity in hope for new friends and my gamertag is Windwhisper-
  3. I have just joined the Army and am happy to be here. I have watched the Angry Joe Show for a year now, but have now decided to join. I am a PS3/PC player, and would like to play with the community if anyone is on! I play Battlefield 4 on PS3, and Rome: Total War and Minecraft on PC!
  4. Hey Angry Army, Joe wont ask you guys to donate or to subscribe as members, but I will! Help Joe out everyone. The youtube disaster is going to effect our beloved community and our favorite game reviewer. Joe isnt recieving money for his videos that got claimed. Do your part if you care enough to support him through this. Soon as I found out, I became a monthly subscriber so that Joe can continue his great work. I know how much I enjoy the show but thats not all that has been comprimised, our community has as well. I'm talking game servers, teamspeak, giveaways and future reviews. So I beg you, please help if you can. If there is already a post like this, which I'm certain there is (I'm too lazy to look haha) link it here so that we can all read what everyone has to say. Thanks Again AJSA. Victory or Death!!!!!!!
  5. Hey, It would be a pretty cool if we could have personal links for each member to use to help recruit friends into the AJSArmy and get credit for it. Maybe awards/prizes/whatever to people who recruit a certain amount of people? Regardless, I'll see you in the battlefield brothers!!!
  6. Hey, i just joined the AJSA after being subbed to his youtube for years I was wondering how many people here play Rift?