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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if the AJSA Merchandise range was gonna be updated in 2016. I think there are only about 3 designs available for shirts (not styles, I mean the designs printed on them, excluding the ones that have no picture). I already own one of these shirts and am intending to purchase the other 2 designs, but I was just wondering if there would be any new designs available in 2016. Also a small constructive criticism about the AJSA Merchandise shop, I've noticed theres an inconsistency in the sizes available for the different shirt designs, especially for the different styles in shirt such as the baseball style. As a larger gentleman, I find it a shame that I cant purchase the design I want in the style I want and instead have to take a style or design I am less pleased with in order to be able to purchase the shirt in my size. Also, again I have noticed an inconsistency with the colours available for the different design shirts, depending on what style of shirt I select, again I think it would be nice to be able to pick from the full range of colours available for the other shirt styles, rather than only having the choice of grey or slighly less grey for some styles/designs. The above points are meant as constructive crticism as I am genuinely looking to make more AJSA purchases this year, but equally I'm not going to buy shirts that I am not full happy with. If new items were to be added to the merchandise list in 2016, my top wanted item would be an AJSA baseball cap. Thank you for taking the time to read the above constructive criticisms, I hope it was useful to have some feedback from a consumer of AJSA products about the AJSA Merchandise shop.
  2. So...This idea comes from a bunch of instances. Partly from looking over the merchandise and being totally uninterested (ladies' string thing? really?), also being in situations like Planetside and wishing for a more hardcore version of the AngryJoe theme, or at least a war chant. It occured to me, let's work on these, or at least make this something for higher to think about. First idea: a military looking shirt that we can then add badges, forums awards, nametapes, etc. There's already someone working on 3d printed badges. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26069-3d-printed-ajsa-badges/ The forum awards, teamspeak ranks, and nametapes could all be done pretty cost effectively. At the very worst you can print the awards off and laminate them. Here's a link for wholesale shirts that fit my idea and our price range: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-2014-Mens-Fashion-Gold-Epaulets-Muitl-Button-Pockets-Stand-Collar-3-4-Sleeve-Slim-Casual/32245524951.html The primary idea behind the "uniform" is something we can use as a recruiting tool, but especially as a display of AJSA pride at places like conventions. Imagine a whole mass of use out there gilded up with AJSA gold. Black/red hats, pants, boots etc would complete the ensemble, and wouldn't need to sell those. We could even get Joe a Lord Commander version, but he'll probably prefer his jacket. Hey, there's an idea: AJSA conventions. O.O Second idea: A hardcore AJSA theme and a fearsome battle chant/cry. You know, like a Spartan "Awoo!". Something we can crank in the heat of battle for us, or even better, for our enemies. Just imagine using that while crushing a base in planetside, arma, battlefield, etc. Make them fear the sound of AJSA. Also, AJSA needs some good recruitement vids. So, anyone got any ideas?
  3. Console customizations would be really nice. Skins could be made for all consoles depicting pictures of the Angry Army or logos. You could also do controller skins with AJSA written all over them or if you wanted to go all out ACTUAL CONTOLLERS. Other merchandise like mics with logos on them, and a "BadAss seal of approval" sticker that people could put on their games to organize them for fun!!
  4. So I was wondering what your favorite store item is and feel free to give ideas for items out. A [AJSA] mouse pad perhaps? Just an idea I had.
  5. Realised there wasn't any headwear in the merch! Either put the logo or AJSA on the front and Angry Joe Show Army text on the back. For the Bandana, make a vector art of the AJSA. What do you think guys?