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Found 15 results

  1. So dose anyone but me think that Joe deserves like a awesome soundtrack in i his name and image? I mean how cool would that be, just a super sweet metal cover to do like a original aw inspiring album and anthem to his awsomeness? Does anyone on this site or forum do like kick as metal or rock music?
  2. Is there anyone out there looking for some FOB allies? I kinda want to get a couple of people together to form a AJSA conglomerate.
  3. So while waiting for Wildstar to update I was messing around on youtube and found of a video of my favourite Youtube Comedian, ADoseofBuckley, Talking about Baby metal. And before this I hadn't even ever heard of it, and I could only imagine it. Personally, I Love Metal and J-Pop, mixing the two seems a little odd, but it's outside the box and is damn creative! I for one, really like it. I don't understand the senseless hate on it. Hell, Listen to those guitars! Any Metal fan should like it just for that, not to mention the sick drums. What's your opinion?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5e0jUmtMyU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88hU078nUQs if you havent heard of them they are kawaii metal band composed of three idol pop singers known as su metal (16),moa metal (13 and yui metal (13). what do yall think?
  5. Hello everyone ! I hope everybody knows that both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are coming to PC ! And with the close release of the Phantom Pain and the first information we are getting on the Online Multiplayer, it seems that we can create our own Army, and then, if there is the possibility to be an entire group of player under the same banner, i think there is a way to be really happy. Here is a picture that proves you can have your own Army: So we have to wait more information about the multiplayer like the coop missions. But yeah, I think there is potential to have fun.
  6. With the line up announced yesterday, is anyone here thinking about going? I know i would love to go.
  7. Well I know is not precisely you usual kind of FanArt but it is still art, an arrangement i did of a Shadow of The Colossus Song called The Opened Path (or Way) https://soundcloud.com/caal-15/the-opened-path-master
  8. So hello Guys, i haven't come here in a while, since i have been incredibly busy since i got back to college, but I finally got around and recorded Some Video Game Music for a project of mine dedicated to convert classic video Game Soundtracks into Rock and Metal arrangements, here's the first one already shiny and mastered The Opened Way (or Path) from Shadow of the Colossus, I hope you enjoy it, gonna be posting a youtube video soon, but for now it's up on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/caal-15/the-opened-path-master
  9. favorite genre and 5 bands your currently really into? Death metal deeds of flesh thulcandra pyrexia Angra wretched
  10. So yeah, I was wondering if it would be possible for all those lovers of metal and such out there if we could possibly get a metal salute emoticon if possible, more kick ass-eery if this happens and also rock on! \m/
  11. So, new artwork for MGSV has been released, drawn by the man himself, Yoji Shinkawa, if you don't know who that is, WHA DA HELL, HE LIKE, DA NUTS!!! hehe, seriously though, he has done the artwork for MGS since 1, the man's artwork is beautiful, and he has recently released some new artwork for the upcoming MGSV, now I'll be linking you to a video showcasing the art, I would upload pictures, BUT DAT WOOD BE TOO DAAM BEEG!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWgIG9_bUXU
  12. Hey fellow Army Men! I wanted to post this video of a metal montage of BF3. I don't really see any metal montages on YouTube, so I have to represent metal! Check it out if you have a sec.
  13. Hello, my name is Travis Watson. My favorite video game series include Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Alan Wake, Dead Space, inFAMOUS and Dragon Age to name a couple. Earthbound been my favorite game since the mid to late 90's though. My favorite console company was Sega, so I harbor no particular bias towards one company, but rather which console (or pc sometimes) in each generation suits what I want in a console. I'm very open to discuss new and old games and consoles as well as anything else you want to talk about. I'm generally a friendly person so feel free to lay anything on me..
  14. So yeah, Metal Gear Solid V, there's been TONS of info released on the game...ok mostly Ground Zeros, BUT STILL, the game (to me) seems set to blast Snake out of a cannon, and into the next generation, so, with all the info that's been released (keifer sutherland, the two part story, going open world etc.) what're your thoughts on this, any opinion is welcome....just go easy on the death threats.
  15. Name is Scott, born and raised in Wisconsin but live in Siberia, Russia. Pretty much love music and playing music. I play music here locally. I'll share one of my past bands: It's an extreme song, so if you don't like death metal there is no reason to check it out. The song is "Hammer Down the Nails" by Vital Remains. Yours truly on the skins. Other than music, I'm really into gaming and naturally I'm studying the Russian language. I have pretty good speaking and writing skills, so if you know Russian, давай! I haven't had a lot of time to play lately, but my favorite games used to be FPS games. I've recently been getting more into strategy games. Other than that, not much else to say! Thanks to Joe for setting this whole thing up. Must have took a ton of work. Great job!