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Found 6 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/865069666/beyond-human-metroidvania-sci-fi-hackandslash-plat?ref=user_menu You are Adam, a silent protagonist. You’ve been awoken from a mysterious chamber, but what for? You are equipped with a rifle and exosuit, but you have no memories. You will travel a world that has been devastated by an alien force to discover your purpose and find out what happened to humanity. • Metroidvania Style Progression • Environmental Storytelling • 6 Locations to Explore • 6 Boss Battles • 6 Unlockable Main Weapons • 12+ Mini-Boss Battles • 20+ Unlockable Weapon Mods Epic, challenging, and badass! Boss fights will be the stars of Beyond-Human! If you manage to survive these adrenaline-pumping encounters, you will acquire their special weapons and use them to unlock new paths in the Beyond-Human world. Fight this boss in our demo! Overcome the Three Titans!
  2. Morning guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I give you the review to a metroidvania style hand drawn indie title called Hollow Knight. Check out the review and let me know in the comments below your thoughts!
  3. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I bring another review. Headlander. Double Fine and Adult Swim's take on metroidvania style game play with a 70's sci-fi era. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts! Side note, been hammering these out I know but mixed with games I bought/played and embargoes dropping, made this week crowded!
  4. Glimpsing the Ghost in the Machine: The Beautiful Instability of ‘Axiom Verge’ It released the end of last month on the PS4 and should be available on the Vita and PC eventually as well, and was made by one guy. Looks good if you want an old school metroidvania style game and using powers that seem to create or take advantage of "glitches" sounds interesting. It's gotten good reviews, has anyone tried it?
  5. This game & location is so pretty, that I officially want to go to this place and have a vacation. Don't be fooled. That big smiling thing isn't the main character. The cute white thing is. So the game's story is pretty simple. Ori is that cute white thingy. He, or is it she? I dunno. Ori's a part of this big old tree of life. One day during a storm, Ori was blown away by the wind, and then Ori was coincidentally found by that big white face thingy named Naru. Naru, who's a woman, raised Ori as her own child. ....... This game will give me diabetes from the sweet cuteness alone. Unfortunately, Ori's a very important life piece to the old life tree, and one day the tree was looking for it at night using his super duper bright beam all across the forest so that Ori can see it....... you know what?? I can't do the intro justice. You have to see it for yourself. Long story short, the world around Ori becomes decrepit because the old life tree is under attack by this gigantic owl. With the help of a fairy orb named Sein, it is up to Ori to restore the land! By going to 3 different places and rejuvinate the spirits of the forest, representing the 3 elements: water, wind and fire. No love for earth? The gameplay of this game is basically like those Metroidvania games that's in the past before: Strider, Dust an Elysian Tale, Guacamelee, Metroid, Symphony of the Night, you get the idea. All the abilities that's common in those game like a double jump, wall climb, triple jump, a super technique that can make you leap high into the air to reach really high places, all of those are in this game. So if you like Metroidvania esque game, this is for you. What is different than those games are several things. One is the combat. You use the fairy Sein to attack enemies. He attacks by shooting projectiles at enemies. Later on he'll get a charge explosion attack ability, but you'll mostly use shooting projectiles all the time. The other thing is the weird saving system. You have both life bar and energy bar in this game. To save requires the blue energy bar on the bottom left. Or by saving at specific parts of the map which can also restore you to full health. You can save almost anywhere except when there's enemies nearby or if you're at an unstable platform. My advice: SAVE OFTEN. Unlike most games where if you die 10 minutes after you save, you still have all your items in your inventory even if you go back, in this game, if you die, you have to go back ALL the way back when you save, and with the item you have during that save time. Or in this case health and energy bars you have collected. Believe me, save as often as you can. You will die a hell of a lot in this game. It's pretty hardcore in some parts where there's tons of spikes and insta kill enemies. The game also have a leveling up system which is pretty cool. See that circle on the bottom middle with 0 on it? That's the atribute point you currently have. You can get atribute points by killing enemies or by collecting secret collectible orbs. The skills you get range from better damage with your attacks, getting more health with health pickups, to displaying secrets on the map. The most useful ability are the attack damage and one skill which allows you to triple jump. Get those two as fast as you can, it'll make your journey much easier. The graphics and location in this game, daaaaammn. SOOO PRETTY!!! If those images I put aren't enough to convince you how pretty this game is, here's a couple of other pretty locations: I WANT TO HAVE A HOLIDAY IN THIS PLACE!!! Oh, the music is also fantastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw3gCqMgUCk I have downloaded the songs in this game which I will use for my relaxation and driving music. Of course, the game is not without flaws. There's no fast travel in this game. Which sucks especially if you just want to go to 1 collectible that's 10 minutes away from where you are after you got the necessary skill for it, so you unfortunately have to manually go to that 1 tiny area just to get that collectible. The game is also pretty short. I actually beat the game 100% in 7 hours, and that's because there's no fast travel so I have to walk all the way to a collectible to get it, whereas most Metroidvania games takes around 9 to 12 hours. I think it's because there's no earth level in the game. The last and biggest flaw in this game? After you beat it, you can't play with that save file. If you miss 1 collectible out of 100, you have to restart the entire game again from the beginning. SO BEWARE: if you want to get 100% completion, either COPY YOUR SAVE FILE, which luckily the game gives since there's more than 1 save files, OR DON'T GO INTO THE FINAL DUNGEON until you get everything. Outside of those 3 flaws, this game is actually a really damn good Metroidvania game, with a REALLY pretty art style and rewardingly tear inducing ending which I won't spoil. You will feel warm and fuzzy after beating this game. I give this game my rating of "so damn good that you will feel warm and fuzzy after playing, and you will hope that there's somewhere on earth as pretty as the location of this game."
  6. Next in the review is Strider. Back after his UMVC 3 game and 15 years after Strider 2. Plot is pretty much exactly like the first game in the series. Evil dude Grandmaster Meio rules the world with an iron fist, and Hiryu is sent by the high tech ninja clan Striders to eliminate him. That's it. Unlike the previous game where Hiryu travels around different parts of the world, here he's just doing his adventure in Kazakh city. Luckily the city is as big as in Castlevania and there will be lots of rooms and secrets to explore and get. It also looks freaking colorful and vibrant. I actually want to live there if the place isn't so heavily guarded. The gameplay is basically what happens if the second Strider game becomes Symphony of the Night/ Metroid. Wayy easier to play than the first game in the series that's very unforgiving. At the start of the game, Hiryu's move is limited to just what he always do in the arcade game. This guy is hardcore. I can never beat the game without continue because the game kicks my ass. 100 times. To get the longer version of the blade, you don't get it from obtaining a power up. You have to keep on attacking enemies without getting hit. Unfortunately it only last for about 5 seconds. As you progress through the game, you will come across different upgrades to your weaponry, especially the cypher tonfa blade which will let you progress through unreachable parts in the game. There's the freeze, fire and purple energy wave cypher that will help you fight enemies through the game and get through doors. The various supporting robot animals in the original make a return here too in the form of obtainable weapons. Both the bird and the tiger can attack enemies while the small ones that looks like a mushroom gives you protection against attacks. The robots can help you reach areas that are unreachable the first time you play it. There's new maneuvers that Hiryu can do, like a sliding attack that lets you get through low ventilation shafts, this grapling hook-like object that can attach you to a ceiling which can also be used as a flash attack to enemies, a downward drop attack that lets you destroy breakable floors, and a double jump. Pretty cool and neat to use. You can get collectable costumes which lets you dress as other Striders, but sadly those are just for visual and it doesn't give status boost or new weapons whatsoever. Hilariously even though each of the costumes describes the different characters, they're all just Hiryu with different costume color. Such a shame because each of them has different backgrounds, like one character uses a double cypher, one Strider concentrates more on stealth and another Strider uses brute force. Guide to get them right here. Enemies from the previous game makes a return, plus new enemies. You got the giant gorilla, the robot that can shoot bouncing lasers, the 3 Chinese assassin sisters that's now bosses with different attacks, the giant ball that you can fight in an upside down room where gravity is reversed, and the guy with the jetpack. New enemies include giant worms, zombie soldiers, giant mech that shoots awesome looking projectiles and giant dudes with 2 spike balls for arms. The downer is that these enemies and bosses are pretty easy to kill, even the final boss. There's no challenge to the enemies except a couple where you have to use certain attacks to damage them, and the boss fights are just ok. You can kill them as long as you mash the attack button to them to drain their health. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Hiryu clone that have his every move and you have to switch weapons to damage him? Good thing about the fights are the visuals. They're so awesome to look at because of the colors. Like this http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3318329315229635457/EA56296F0F9D2E2DFF57D89FCD6858A0F3200225/ Or this. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3318329315281455151/1DDABB8EE39278D322D76C3503E89F4A9E660B5C/ Overall, it's a good Metroidvania game and a good return of Strider Hiryu after the second game. Need more challenging enemies and bosses though. I give this game the rating of "so good you can't wait for the sequel (if there is any)".