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Found 1 result

  1. The video game industry is new and very important sector for developing culture. Interactive educational software and video games have a powerful effect in shaping culture. The use of randomized content lootboxes is game crafting bad practice. Players are forced to comply by consciously suspending their agential control for the sole purpose of increasing a games profitability and revenue cycle. A large majority of gamers are aware of the peripheral, time-gating, nature of these loot box microtransactions. There is little benefit presented to gamers for participating in these craps shoot, grab bag, content packs. The neglected majority of gamers are conscious of the contributions they make to support a game. Gamers enjoy exploring storefronts to buy content items that customize their character. These purchases can be catered to support seasonal themes or in-game global events. Being forced to buy, mystery box, content grab bags is simply weak. We all believe these to be nothing but bad deal scams to grift us out of our money. Money that we spend meticulous calculated measures to spend diligently because it is crucial for all aspects of society! The practice of using randomized content lootboxes, symptomatic or diagnostic, is having a detrimental effect to our economy. The practice is no more than petty grifting. Game publishers should be held to a higher standard for providing fair deals (transaction opportunities) to their customers, micro or otherwise. When I first arrived in Canada with my family I noticed that Canada had two things that we didn't not have in my country: Candy and Toys. In my country we value things like might, wealth and strength. These are wonderful things. But there also needs to be things that motivate us to live like Play and fun. The issue of microtransactions in video games will affect western culture profoundly. It is important that you get involved because your country can be a jewel. We have stared into the void of space for eons and to this day we haven't found a world with life on it. Here, on earth, we have wonderful things.