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Found 11 results

  1. After the Uprising Event is over, I'm done with Overwatch for a while. These lootbox drops were absolutely atrocious for me, I got two legendary skins for characters I hardly ever play, but moreover, I tried saving up for the skins I wanted with coins, but with the amount of new sprays and voicelines there were it seems vitually impossible to do so right now. What's more insulting is I did get Legendary Skins - duplicates of the normal ones, even more than the event skins. Now halfway through the event, I realized that Comp gives you more XP so I decided to start doing that instead whilst my Arcade Lootboxes refreshed, but even then, my SR absolutely tanked due to people leaving matches halfway through leaving the rest of us to struggle. Heck, I even came across a Diamond-Ranked Mercy and I thought "Oh cool! A Diamond Rank Healer!" until I realized they were doing the bare minimum not to get kicked from the game, damage buffing from time to time and popping a voiceline every few minutes. Even then, it feels like you are rewarded very little for actually winning a game in Comp whilst punished very harshly for losing. I mean, what's the point in playing competitive when even if you get POTG and you're on the winning team, breaking a losing streak, you only go up like 20 SR? That has been happening to me, I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't downright constant. So to sumarize, my Uprising Event went something along the lines like this; 1. I got skins for characters I never play 2. I couldn't save up coins from duplicates because I stopped getting them, and the ones I did get are not enough to cover it. 3. Tanking my SR in Comp Yeah, needless to say at first I thought Year of the Rooster was bad, but at least there I could at least afford the skins I wanted with the coins I saved up since the skins themselves were reasonably priced, the Non-Legendary ones anyway. I'm not sure if anybody elses experience was as horrible as mine, but I feel very alone on this. I don't have expendable income to spend on microtransactions, and I don't agree with that practice in general, but I feel slightly conned from this event. There was too much content, not enough time to earn it, and those who didn't pay for it feels like were actively punished for doing so despite dropping so many hours into the game and recieving little to nothing. The only thing I can think of to remedy such a thing from happening again is to increase the amount of coins you get from duplicates to maybe make up for the margins. Other than that, I'm done with Overwatch for a very, very long time.
  2. If you thought that Overkill was the only developer that could be greedy enough, think again. Now Tripwire is jumping on the wagon of idiotic ideas. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/11/25/killing-floor-2-microtransactions/ http://killingfloor2.com/Zedconomy/ The game is not even finished and they are already planning to do this shit. but what are your thoughts on this personally i think this is bullshit, and im still sore after the whole Payday 2 incident. Im guessing more and more games will be adding this maddening feature
  3. So Killing Floor 2 has been in early access for a few months, in case you didn't know. It's still in early access. And Tripwire already has microtransactions lined up to launch in the next update, along with paid DLC. For an unfinished game. No, I am not shitting you. I wish I was. Just gonna say it again. This is a game in EARLY ACCESS. Meaning the game is STILL NOT FINISHED. AND THEY'RE ALREADY ADDING IN MICROTRANSACTIONS.
  4. Hey guys, this is my first time on the forum so I'd like to apologise if someone else has already discussed something similar and I've missed it. I've been watching Joe's videos for a while (though not as long as some of the true AJ veterans on here, I'm sure) and recently I've been finding myself yearning for the classic rants, the reviews of terrible games like Ride to Hell Redemption and Mindjack etc. The Destiny review remains to this day my favourite Angry Joe video of all time, it was enjoyable from start to finish. However, initially I couldn't explain why this was. Was it simply a case of nostalgia making those videos far better than they were? After all, when I watched the original Xbox One rant, it was the first Angry Joe rant I'd ever seen and it really stayed with me as an experience, and perhaps that was part of why I enjoyed so many of videos in that period in particular. Or was it that the reviews simply came out very late? At the time when I initially watched the Destiny review, I didn't know the first thing about Bungie, or anything like that - so everything in the video was new for me and made it that much more interesting. When I watched the Red Dead Redemption review, I was at a point where I'd already played the game and loved it, and I can admit that mostly, I just wanted to hear Joe's affirmation. But as time went on I started following gaming news more closely and so when titles like MGSV and Witcher 3 came out I had already decided before release that I wanted them, and that I didn't want to sample any reviews until I had played them. Therefore, the only reviews I was watching were ones that either involved gaming controversy that I was already aware of (and wanted good ol' Angry Joe's reaction on) like Arkham Knight, or bringing attention to games that I'd never heard of before, such as the SUPERHOT video. So with that in mind, there are those two possible explanations for why I was finding myself missing "the old Joe". I recognise the fact that as a content creator he likes to keep things as fresh as possible, and that's his right. But I honestly think there's a third aspect to it as well. For me personally, I've been feeling that over time Joe has become disenchanted with the gaming industry and the gaming community in general. With some of the older videos, you really got a sense that Joe cared deeply about the gaming industry and community, and was passionate about all the games he reviewed - not just the ones he passionately loved but the ones he hated as well. We all know that gaming companies have been engaging in shitty practices, and getting away with it. The gaming community has been vocal enough on social media but putting their money where their mouth is. For example, EA would not have 120 dollar editions of games if they didn't sell, and for watchers of the show it's very easy to say "who the fuck would do that?" but clearly enough people do that it was deemed a worthy investment. Only certain obviously poor business decisions have been punished by consumers, such as Arkham Knight's PC port, or Xbox One's various "features". Even in those instances, companies have been reluctant to act and I feel that in the case of WB in particular, they would not have acted as swiftly as they did were it not for the introduction of the Steam refund system. It also seems like companies are continuously testing the limits of consumer patience by releasing more and more shoddy and unfinished products on release at the same retail price, whilst claiming that it is OK because they will be adding more content in the future. Whether this content is paid or free is mostly unimportant because the bottom line is that people are paying more for less, and they are okay with it. Games with 4 hour stories, or no singleplayer, no splitscreen (looking at you, Halo 5), and other features missing or smacking of laziness are being released and still selling. Eventually, this must feel like a broken record for Joe, especially since him and so many other prominent Youtube gaming experts have not only publicly criticised these practices but also encouraged consumers to be actively wary of Early Access, Kickstarter etc. in a bid to stop people accepting sub-standard products. Still these games are being released and the trend is becoming alarmingly common. Not only that, but some fanboys are staunchly defending every aspect of these games, and attacking anyone who disagrees. I feel like this aspect in particular would be disheartening as the days of single complete products upon release are fading, with more and more companies feeling confident that they can produce less and charge more. This could be down to the vocal portion of the gaming community becoming younger over time - back in the day (early 2000s) I didn't play PC games, and I didn't really have standards for games, I just played what I liked. It was only when I got into PC gaming and looked at forums that I understood a) how not everything in games are intended by the developer and b ) how horrible people online can be when they have the convenience and protection of internet anonymity. More and more kids are finding that they can attack others behind aliases and not suffer consequences. It must be so thrilling to call someone a useless piece of shit that their mom should have swallowed when they're not quite up to your gaming standard, and then put down the controller because you're being called to dinner. From personal experience I find that younger communities can be really, really horrible. Mainly because kids are jerks anyway. I'm losing track of the picture here. My point is, I feel like kids are totally okay with having to pay more for sub standard products because a) they don't have quite the same grasp of the value of money and b ) mom and dad pay for it anyway and c) they won't be considered cool unless they have the ultimate edition and will cry bloody murder until they get it. I get that a lot of this is what is similar to what Joe has said or implied. I think he said at the end of his Halo 5 video something along the lines of "this is what gaming is now". It's really sad that as a critic he feels he has to mention the fact that his review is about the state of the game at release about 20 million times because of rabid fanboys that will viciously attack anything. So yeah, I felt like with his latest review, he seemed almost resigned to it. Not quite the passionate angry Joe that we know, more mellowed out and accepting of the fact that the gaming industry is on a path that it is unlikely to deviate from. I don't blame him. Disclaimer: this is just my opinion and I'm by no means an expert, so please if you disagree feel free to say something.
  5. I'm not normally one to bitch or complain about things in gaming, especially ones that are old or already accepted by gamers as a whole. The only thing is, I don't think we, as gamers, should sit by and watch this happen to gaming any longer. What I'm talking about is dirty "DLC" and microtransactions in games. "DLC!? Bad? You're trolling!" No, I'm not saying DLC is bad. A lot of times DLC is pretty damn awesome - it adds more to the game and normally does so cheaply. I'm saying pay-to-add "DLC" is something we're seeing more often than not. Destiny, though a beautiful game, is a very good example of this. The original idea compared to what was released and then how much the add-on content costed players was just stupid. Other games have done it before Destiny though, with Payday 2 and even Call of Duty pulling some shit in there. DLC is downloadable content - content for a game that you have to download to add. Some games take this a step further by selling it as a DLC when all the pack or item adds is a small part of the game, a couple skins or guns.. things that we look at and go "who the hell is dumb enough to pay for those?" Even games we love (such as Destiny, to appease everyone I pissed off) are guilty of doing this even though we ignore it. DLC coming out marked a time where devs didn't have to add so much time to make something for their game and could release the finished game before sending out a free or paid epansion that added special things to the game like a pack of items or types of items and a map that didn't fit into the game and you didn't need when the game was released. What it's become openly is a way to scam people who like their game into buying extra things. I've seen single character skins for games online for $4.99 and maps for over $9.99 each. Weapons on some games can cost (early unlocks and new content are bundled here) $0.99 to about $2.99 for one. Those are the things I'm talking about. Single things that cost more than they ever should and usually on games that don't deserve them but people pay anyways. Microtransactions I'd hope you all know why this is a parasite on gaming. Games are coming out where you're paying money for.. well, anything. A lot of the things I mentioned under DLC are now labeled "Microtransactions" but before the microtransaction boom they were called DLC and people ignored them. I honestly contribute these finding their way out of mobile games and into console gaming due solely to dirty dealings in DLC getting too cozy to just be left alone. "So do we stop buying DLCs and Microtransactions?" Do what you like with your money but we need to address and accept the fact that not all games are worth our money for DLC. If you see a microtransaction for something you want, you can do what you like. The only thing is that if we as gamers don't stand up and say what's wrong and what's right to the devolopers of these games it's going to keep happening and eventually we'll get a game where all you get is a plain map and everything else is a buy-in item or add-on. I've bought DLCs and what people now dub microtransactions (when they were all still under "DLC" )in the past myself, but on games I felt that deserved my money and that were well published. Just be careful when you're out buying things online like the games you buy at the store - pay for what you like or what you looked forward to and don't pay just because that DLC is what makes the game playable (seriously, wait for the GOTY edition. 90% of games get one.). If the game isn't playable [enjoyably] without a $10 purchase it likely doesn't deserve to exist. The whole point is that, in my hopes, we'll eventually leave the "I'd like some game with my DLC, please" days and maybe someday get more games like Sly Cooper or Bioshock that had the whole game without the microtransactions or DLC, and like others such as the early days of Uncharted 3 or even in Skyrim where all the DLC were worth your time because they had story or multiplayer maps that didn't overcost you or their burden overstay the welcome in your wallet (especially for PS3 Skyrim players who got a 50% discount on all DLC because we got it a year late which showed good business practice from Bethesda). Games where the Devs care about their game and don't want you to buy 2 games in total before you enjoy your now $120 purchase. DISCLAIMER: I'm not putting any of these games or the gamers playing them down. I personally like all of the games I've listed and they're popular. I know the games under "Bad DLC" are usually given a lot of shit but in this case it's from a place of love and not hate. The games listed are all awesome and appeal to many different gamers. If I wanted to shortstick a brand or game I would have searched for something really bad to mae example of but it's easier to use an already existing example. Thank you.
  6. I am not surprised that Corporate is snaking his way into some of your favorite franchises..
  7. Yep. Pokemon is now following the way of Candy Crush and I have mixed feelings about it. You can check the video out and see for yourself.
  8. This just in DICE has just announced "battlepacks". It's a mix of in-game items like accessories, emblem shapes, profile pictures, dog tags, XP boosts, knives, and paints. Battlepacks can still be earned through normal gameplay but you can now have the option to purchase these as an incentive to catch up with your friends. Bronze battlepacks will run you $1, silver will go for $2, and gold for $3
  9. Gran Turismo 6 microtransactions have been revealed, and the price for ONE of the cars (Jaguar XJ13) is roughly £120 in the UK. In US you have to pay $140 which is less than the UK price. The prices are worse than what Forza 5 had. Eurogamer just announced the prices for Gran Turismo 6 in-game credits: 500 000 In-game credits (£3.99/€4.99/$6.76)1 Million in-game credits (£7.99/€9.99/$10.82)2.5 Million in-game credits (£15.99/€19.99/$27.07)7 Million in-game credits (£39.99/€49.99/$67.70)(The US price is converted from the Euro price, so they may change) Microtransactions for GT6 were announced before the release, so the fact that it has microtransactions isn't new. On this video, you can see all of the prices. The Jaguar XJ13 can be seen on 2:44 ( the green one on the upper left corner) These news are anything else, than positive. The fact that they call these ''microtransactions'' rather than ''macrotransactions'' is just laughable. The fact that you have to pay the price of the game possibly more than two times in order to get all of the content, is just mind boggling. Before anyone starts saying ''You don't have to buy them!'' you're right, but it's either that or grinding for God knows how many hours. I understand something like €10 to unlock all of the stuff, but over €100 for one car is just stupidity. Free to play games have also very high microtransaction prices, but those games are free, and the player is meant to grind or pay for a skip, and usually you pay the price of one game, in order to get all of the stuff. I can wait until we can buy the game for €60 and then pay €300 to unlock the game.
  10. More fantastic news, seems that some of these developers are doing cocaine while making decisions because I don't have any other reasonable explanation of what the fuck they are thinking... Forza 5 has 80 dollar cars, Angry Birds Go! has one kart selling for 120 dollars.. and now Gran Turismo wants to make their prices look laughable by charging 140 dollars (or more) for the jaguar xj13. One thing to note is that you do not NEED to spend money to unlock it, it is unlockable through normal gameplay, however, reports say it costs 20 million credits, the highest out of any car. 500,000 in-game credits – £3.99/€4.991m in-game credits – £7.99/€9.992.5m in-game credits – £15.99/€19.997m in-game credits – £39.99/€49.99 Awesome...
  11. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-19-yes-gran-turismo-6-has-micro-transactions I mean come on, why microtransactions in a racing game of all genres? That just reeks of greed if it is not an MMORPG if you ask me. Sony, you should know better than shoehorning it into the game.