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Found 71 results

  1. Having a blast with this game, i remember trying out their first iteration Bloodline Champions. Would love to see a Angry Joe review on this game just wanted to see if any others are enjoying this game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/504370/Battlerite/
  2. Welcome Summoners! My name in Ace im here to present the brand new event this Saturday hosted by me for the most popular played game on the PC Gaming circuit League of Legends. Join me as we have some fun in some ARAM fun as we play 1 Champion against his/herself or depending on circumstances make some teams and raid the rift with AJSA banner. So garb them wards, earn that gold and always remember...............fuck teemo Event will be held Aug 26th 2017 this saturday at 6pm EST/ 11 pm GMT on the discord server See ya in Summoners rift!
  3. Master x Master has released anyone interested in starting a lil guild for this moba-meets-dungeoncrawler?
  4. Just got my XB1 code, any one on console or PC ready to play this? Please let me know, this is important to me. This PC Xbox cross plat game is a great opportunity for us, but I need to know who is willing to support it.
  5. Gigantic was just released as an open beta in the game preview section. It is a cross-play supported Moba-esk game I've made large posts about before and it's very exciting to see it go live and leave the closed beta. I absolutely recommend downloading it and giving it a try - I'll probably be playing it regularly as well. Hope to see everyone here on the battlefields! If you're interested in some technical bits or want to read my first impressions I'll leave links to them here.
  6. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/big-xbox-one-smite-patch-adds-a-new-character-spec/1100-6430201/ The much-anticipated Rising Dawn patch has arrived for the Xbox One version of SMITE bringing with it a new character, the season ticket, balance changes (Ah Puch takes another deserved hit), and more. I'll have to try out this new character sometime this week and maybe try him out during our next training event.
  7. Today we've got another great update. I use the term "great" loosely because they're buffing more OP characters again. Ah Push is getting even stronger now, my friends. Bacchus is getting a nerf. At least next update we get a new character and they're fixing Susano. I am happy that we get an AMAZING new Scylla skin, I might even buy it myself. Anyways, get out there and SMITE some bitches. Console Updates The friend’s list has undergone a makeover and now consolidates the information of friends, party, and clans into one menu. The friend’s list now displays friends playing SMITE first. FACEIT Update: FACEIT Matches are now treated the same as casual matches, so players will now receive FACEIT Points, Favor, Worshipers, and Experience. Added 1v1 Tournaments New God Skins Warlord Kumbhakarna Nature’s Guardian Rama Prototype Scylla Tormentula Arachne SoaRbek Sobek Luminosity Susano New God Cards Scylla mastery skins Rama Mastery Skins New Emotes Anubis Dance New Avatar Cutesy Zhong Kui Achievements Camazotz Bat Out of Hell As Camazotz, hit 3 gods with a single swoop of his Bat Out of Hell Ability. Vampirism As Camazotz, obtain the Vampirism Buff from his Vampire Bats Ability 6 times in a single match. Hun Batz Monkey Business As Hun Batz, teleport to an enemy God on the last bounce of Sacred Monkey. Fear My Evil As Hun Batz, use Fear No Evil to fear three or more enemy gods. Osiris Simply Stunning As Osiris, stun 3 different enemy gods with his tether in a single game. The Afterlife Awaits You As Osiris, land your Ultimate on three or more enemy gods. Odyssey 2017 New Odyssey content being added in 3.20: Prototype Scylla Tormentula Arachne Lore Lady Announcer Pack Pedestal (Odyssey Collection Bonus) There has been some confusion around Limited vs. Exclusive Odyssey content and we have made a few decisions for content going forward. Any directly purchased content within an event is Exclusive. Any bonus skin that is given within the context of an event is Exclusive, with the exception of the final unlocked skin. The final bonus skin is Limited. Bonus Frames, Recall FX, HUD Themes, Avatars and Pedestal items are all Limited As an apology for this confusion, we’ll be giving one free Cutesy Chest roll to all players who have any Odyssey Points collected during the 3.20 upgrade. Miscellaneous Personal Wards on the Minimap are now green and start to pulse 30s before expiring Jungle Practice now has two new effect pads with the following effects Resetting all cooldowns Changing what team you are on All summoned Pets now have a timer bar underneath their health bar. This bar is visible to all players. Item Changes Emperor's Armor “One of our recurring initiatives this season is to reduce the cost of situational and counter build items. Emperor’s Armor has less health and protections compared to the other items in its tree, yet can be incredibly effective in specific scenarios. The reduced cost will let players mix it into their builds more easily.” Reduce cost from 2100 → 2000. Heartseeker “Heartseeker has the potential to be a very powerful item when used in the correct context. One thing we didn’t like about this item was how you gained and lost different types of Attack Power with the same activation. To make it feel more consistently powerful once charged, we are increasing the duration of the Attack Speed Buff.” The 3s Physical Power buff from Passive now applies 15% Attack Speed buff as well. Stone Cutting Sword “This item is the ultimate melee Assassin weapon, however, the Cost and the Power Level did not seem to match up and very few players were opting for this item. By reducing the Cost, we hope to give Basic Attacking Assassins who are currently dominating.” Reduce Cost from 2900 → 2600. Void Stone “Once a very popular item, the Void Stone has now fallen out of favor. As a situational counter item, its cost is being reduced to reward proper counter-building. It also is seeing a slight increase to protections to better fit the Guardians and tanky or close-ranged Mages that build it.” Reduce Cost from 2350 → 2200. Increase Magical Protection from 50 → 60. God Changes Ah Puch “It’s about time that Ah Puch himself rose from the dead. After a scary powerful release, this God was adjusted in many ways. These changes seemed to over-nerf the Horrific God, so he is seeing a series of buffs to bring him back as a premier self-sustain and zoning Mage. We will continue to keep a close eye on Ah Puch and consider possible Ability redesigns in the future if these changes fail to improve him. Our final goal is for Ah Puch to be more viable, yet not cause too much frustration to his enemies.” General Increased Base Health from 375 → 400. Increased Health per Level from 70 → 75. Increased Base Movement Speed from 355 → 365. Undead Surge Mana Cost reduced from 70/80/90/100/110 → 70/75/80/85/90. Corpse Explosion Mana Cost reduced from 60/70/80/90/100 → 60/65/70/75/80. Empty the Crypts Mana Cost adjusted from 100/110/120/130/140 → 100 at all ranks. Reduced Casting Time from .5s → 0s. Increased Recovery Time from .1s → .6s. Ah Muzen Cab “Ah Muzen Cab is actually a much stronger Hunter than most players give him credit for, putting him in a difficult situation for balance. As Season 3 finishes and we work toward Season 4, we want to make sure gods have a very specific identity. For us, AMC’s identity lies in his Hives. This ability is seeing a wide variety of buffs and quality of life changes to reward players that create a clever network of Hives and to make it slightly harder to gank this Hunter with limited mobility.” Hives Reveals all enemy gods within 20 units to all allies and shows hive area at all times. Shows the area of a Hive being placed in targeting mode. Increased Radius from 80 → 90. Reduce Mana Cost from 40/45/50/55/60 → 40 at all ranks. Honey Increased Bees flying to Honey from Hives range from 55 → 90. Bacchus “Bacchus has been a constant threat in SMITE, but one of his numbers was very inconsistent with similar Abilities. Almost all gods who have built in anti-heals have it at 50% to facilitate counter-picking. We are bringing up Bacchus’ debuff on Belch of the Gods to be more consistent across the game.” Belch of the Gods Healing Reduction debuff increased from 25% → 50%. Camazotz “The community has had many debates about the power level of Camazotz. After watching him closely during his release week, we found that his stats were surprisingly low. He is seeing some small buffs to offset this, although we still anticipate his stats to rise over time as players learn to maximize their potential on the Deadly God of Bats.” Screech Cooldown reduced from 15s → 13s. Vampire Bats Separated Slow and Damage over Time into separate effects. Added new visual FX to convey the Slow (Bats will still convey the DoT). Bat Out of Hell Increased Duration of this Ability from 3s → 4s. Now passes through player created deployables. Kali “Kali is often considered one of the strongest late game hyper carries in SMITE. Because of her terrifying late game potential, we did not want to give her any direct buffs. However, we did aim to reduce a lot of the randomness that Kali players deal her. Her passive has had its rules changed to never use RNG and to even allow Kali to select her targets in some situations through a new menu.” Marked for Death This ability now has a new Menu to allow Kali players to select their first target. The selection must be made before taking any other actions at the start of a match. Whenever Kali is killed by an enemy God, she may change targets through the same Menu. Upon killing a target, Marked for Death will now select the closest God to Kali to become her next target. Serqet “We decided to side with player feedback on this change. Wasting an Ultimate Ability felt bad and avoiding it was more a matter of luck than skill. leaving both parties feeling like something went wrong. Last Breath will now refund the cooldown unless it hits.” Last Breath This ability will now only go on cooldown if it successfully hits a target. Thanatos “The Hand of Death is a very unique God in that he actually hurts himself to use Abilities. To make sure that Thanatos can continue fighting, even when very low on HP, his Health Costs are being changed. He is also seeing an adjustment to his Silencing ability to better fit the early game, all-in strategy required to be successful with Thanatos.” General Abilities now cost % of current Health, not % of total Health. Soul Reap Adjusted Silence duration from .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5s → 1s at all ranks.
  8. We should get a team together for Paragon. Joe just did a live stream yesterday (8/17/2016) and it shows you the basics and its a new game so lets get into it and start playing for the Angry Army. I don't want to really lead it but I would like someone to start a team so we can all play together. The game is fairly new and thats the time to start to get at it so we can become great at it and face other people. I hope to see you there Comment your PSN name down below or just your username if you are on the PC. Thanks Brisingr
  9. Please Click Here and Read This As Well : AJSA Code of Conduct It's only fitting that with new recruitment and long after the first SMITE CoC that we renew it and bring it up to date. In-Game Conduct Breakdown Please be advised that your behavior reflects us as a clan and the AJSA as a whole. In-Game conduct does extend outside of an event. Be respectful to your fellow players. Any player in the game should be treated with respect and general kindness. If someone needs a hand be friendly and help them out. This also means keeping harsh language limited. “Chat spamming” during games to randoms is not very respectful. We don't want to be hyper-competitive. SMITE is a MOBA and is inherently competitive but we don't want that nature to drive our experience. Everyone wants to win but if people aren't having fun winning there's no point. Win or lose, do it with honor. Under this same reasoning, we don't want to surrender unless in serious conditions. A serious condition would be a 15+ minute game with a total KDR of .5 and no push on either team/full push on your team. Do not surrender in an event unless specified otherwise by a host. If someone needs help in-game just give them a hand. There's no point in getting upset or telling them they need to figure out how to play a character themselves when you could obviously help. Don't be discouraged in suggesting someone to try a new character either. If you think they'll enjoy playing some new class or build and they're a new player open your mouth and give them the idea. Worst response you'll get is "no." Do not leave members you're playing with behind. Ever. At all. If you lag out of a game or your console crashes and you just quit because you were getting off anyway that's fine. Abandoning a member because they're "bad" or other members don't want to play with them is unjustified. Help them out if they aren't playing to par and give them tips on getting better. Being mean to people who aren't going positive every game is wrong.
  10. So, after hearing everybody going "OVERWATCH! OVERWATCH! OVERWATCH! OVERWATCH!" I decided to watch all the cinematic trailers for the game on YouTube. ... I have NEVER been more...disappointed. Blizzard created a load of very cool looking characters with very interesting back stories in a very interesting universe...and the game itself is nothing more than a team-based shooter ala Team Fortress with some MOBA elements. There is nothing of substance to actually progress the characters and make you care beyond the promotional material. Way to go, Blizzard. And I used to think you were so good at actually developing and telling stories.
  11. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I give you the review for Battleborn. Took longer then expected but here it is! Let me know your thoughts on the game and as always, catch you next time!
  12. As of right now SMITE is celebrating 20 million players. They have a gem reward (50 gems for three wins of the day, refreshes daily) and a special gift to people who log in before June 3rd: type in "#20million" and get Bellona and a skin for her for free! I hope everyone has been enjoying SMITE and that we continue to even after this community accomplishment. Happy gaming! Full article: http://www.smitegame.com/20-million-player-celebration/
  13. So Vainglory is a MOBA by SEMC that I recommend for those who were never interested in LoL or Dota 2. I never was personally, but for those who are also MOBA enthusiasts. It is in fact F2P and you might be surprised by how unmoney-grubbing they are. It is available for both Android and IOS. Glory is the in game currency and Ice is the premium currency but all things can be earned with Glory except for Name Change and most Limited Time Skins. People Currently Playing: Just me as of the time of the post lol Pros: Free to Play Amazing graphics Guild and Team system Lots of Updates Devs are from companies like Blizzard, Rockstar, Riot Games, etc SEMC is very active with the community All Heroes are able to be purchased with Glory Skin Crafting System SEMC hosts Tournaments regularly with venues Lots of Potential for Youtubers and for AJSA to earn prestige Can earn Ice and Glory from chests you acquire after each player level as well as from guild rewards every season depending on your guild level. Good for Casuals as well as Hardcore Cons: Community can be very toxic Solo queue can be a bad experience due to those said toxic people 3vs3 only option Only one map at the moment Example Events: Private Tournaments within the AJSA community Guild fame farming days to earn as much guild fame as possible Guild Advertising and recruiting events by playing in duos to scout new players to join as well as show off the tag to get recognition within the community Free to Play System: So the way the Free to Play system works in the game is that every Tuesday 8 heroes are randomly chosen to be played by all players in casual mode. Almost everything can be bought with Glory and SEMC is starting to let Limited Skins to be unlocked without paying for them. Skins can be crafted using cards you can earn after playing a game or opening a chest. Most heroes have 3 tiers of skins. If not they will soon. I really hope to get this game to be an official game. It has a lot of potential and is growing. Really best to get AJSA involved in the game while there aren't many youtubers involved. I'd love to see AJSA be in the tournaments and reach Semi Finals at least one day. I'm not sure if i can become a leader to the Vainglory division due to just joining and being only a recruit. I would be fine leading in the beginning at least to grow it. But i would want someone who is truly a pro at the game and who could lead the Team as well in the future. So yea I hope people reply.
  14. Please post below your Xbox One Gamertag to be added to the list of AJSA SMITE players so that way we all may bathe in the glow together! You may also post your Gamertag here if you don't have the beta, but you do plan to download the game when it fully launches. Please send a message to the people you add from this list telling them that you added them to play the game. Don't just add them, and then send them an invite expecting to get a merry response. SMITE ON Note: Many people other then the people on this list do actively play the game. Many of them show up to events, and they simply are just not active on the forums ============================ GAMERTAGS: xRubMyNixonx (Game Officer) PythonManiac RuneX (Commander) Chumbry42 (Sergeant) SnackAttack1210 (Sergeant) ShaggerAJSA (Officer) Psykogrl (Officer) Deezyfesheezy Pilot 189 Kirito2228 ThorThGrimReapr LiKUiD2MeTaL awakeningrager1 (Officer) MajoraNL epicmexican475 Fate of Reality PhantomX001 Kiwi Dragn
  15. On the 24th SMITE is getting another ticket update including Chaac and Kali receiving skins to re-imagine them as Norse gods. There's not much typed up about it so I'm just going to drop the link for people who want to see it. http://www.smitegame.com/viking-invasion/
  16. any AJSA members buy into Epic's Moba paragon just lookin for ppl to play with when the pubbies are just too terrible. IGN is PwnnYClubbeD
  17. ove is a battlefield! Spend Valentines Day with the Angry Army on SMITE this Sunday (02/14/16) 7pm GMT as they return to the Batteground of the Gods! AJSA Weekly SMITE Sunday Event (PC) - February 14th, 2016 Event Hosts: Diehardght, CorioHD and Doctor_GLaDOS We're going to be playing in-house matches during the event with game modes like: ArenaAssaultConquestClashSiegeJoustAll players are welcome! Pro and new players alike! Teams will be balanced accordingly. If you wish to participate make sure you have: AJSA Team Speak 3 (no microphone required - we'll be in the SMITE Channel)Ability to distance yourself from a game Please keep in mind the start times for the event depending on your time zone: 7:00pm GMT | 2:00pm EST | 1pm CST | 10pm PST Interesting in attending? Have some questions or need help? Do not hesitate to contact the SMITE Game Officer on PC, Diehardght, on the forums. He will be happy to assist you. Remember SMITE is a free-to-play game on PC! Anyone can download and start playing! Check out the SMITE sub-forum here: http://angryjoeshow....forum/27-smite/ Sincerely, SMITE Staff ------------ Article written by Diehardght Image by RuneX
  18. Remember on the Battlefield Always Bring A Friend! May the light shine on your souls This Sunday (1/24/16) 7pm GMT the Heavens will shine on the Battlefield to guide us to Victory! AJSA Weekly SMITE Sunday Event Event Hosts: Diehardght, CorioHD and Doctor_GLaDOS We're going to be playing in-house matches during the event with game modes like: ArenaAssaultConquestClashSiegeJoustAll players are welcome! Pro and new players alike! Teams will be balanced accordingly. If you wish to participate please make sure you have: AJSA Team Speak 3 (no microphone required - we'll be in the SMITE Channel)Ability to distance yourself from a game Please keep in mind the start times for the event depending on your time zone: 7:00pm GMT | 2:00pm EST | 1pm CST | 10am PST Interested in attending? Have some questions or need help? Do not hesitate to contact the SMITE Game Officer on PC, Diehardght, on the AJSA forums. He will be happy to assist you. Sincerely, SMITE Staff
  19. Whatever the challenge brings... It can always be overcome! Overcoming the Odds Get ready for the Dark Ages for the Gods are waging war, because this Sunday (1/17/16) at 7:00pm GMT the Battlefield of the Gods is going to get violent! We are going to be playing in-house matches with game modes such as: Arena, Conquest, Clash, Siege and Joust All players are welcome from Newbies to Pros alike. Teams will be balanced accordingly. If you'd like to join us make sure you have: AJSA Team Speak 3 (No microphone required), we'll be in the SMITE ChannelAbility to Distance yourself from the outcome of a game Event Timezone Start Times 7:00pm GMT | 2pm EST | 1pm CST | 10:00am PST Event is going to be hosted by Diehard, CorioHD and Doctor_GLaDOS For more information or if you have any questions please contact SMITE Game Officer on PC "diehardght" on the forums or head to the AJSA SMITE sub-forum here to post: http://angryjoeshow....forum/27-smite/ Sincerely, SMITE Staff
  20. So I was wondering what is your guys's favorite role?
  21. I noticed, at least in my Friends List, that alot of people actually have this game. I know it is still in Alpha, but it is fully functional and looks great. It is quite similar to Dreadnought, but with many subtle differences. If anyone else is interested, I still have a few copies. If we get enough interest, I'll get us a community channel on TS. http://store.steampowered.com/app/310380/
  22. I truly do wonder how many people don't like calling MOBA games MOBAs. I still put MOBA's in the ARTS genre when explaining a MOBA to someone new. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena can legitimately be used for any online arena type game. Action Real Time Strategy helps define them since it plays more like them.
  23. I have been looking for people to play Heroes with, having logged quite a number of hours in the game already I was looking for others to play with, specifically (lets keep our fingers crossed) players who are serious about this game and will play ranked, with the possibility of competing in tournaments and such. If anyone is interested feel free to leave your in game name and # ID so that I may add you and get this show on the road! Oh right forgot about that NA server and hopefully you live in America, but hey ranked match players are welcome as well (shout out to BlueBuff )!
  24. Sup guys, as an events manager for the smite community, I would like some ideas for things that we could do for upcoming smite events. Doctor_Glados has already mentioned a tournament style system. But unless we know how many people are going to be on then that is difficult to do. It's not impossible though. I'm talking hyper games or handicap games you decide and give us ideas. It's your game.
  25. Link to the campaing: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/136317723/demigods-evolution-strategy-miniature-game Rulebook and Print & Play: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/97zbyhdo7u5wo78/AADOECmpbEmdCCxgSBSTRvN3a?dl=0