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Found 25 results

  1. Hello there I created this topic to talk about the mods fallout 4 has now. This time around Bethesda made official mods for the Xbox one and playstation 4. So this thread will talk about the mods you installed. Keep In mind make sure you explain the mod and in appropriate terms. Thank you. I'll start off will the unlimited build space for settlements, which can be helpful for building cool constructions and buildings.
  2. So...I couldn't wait until the 28th and the release of Skyrim Special Edition. Of course since I'm playing on PC I may not even need to get it, because mods still make the old one look better. But when I started it up last night I kind of realized my mod list was a total mess. So I trashed the whole thing, including old saves. Time to rediscover this game if I can!
  3. Disclaimer, there might be some offensive words spoken in the video
  4. I just found an awesome mod for the Total War Rome 2, Its improving a lot with each update and they are currently accepting help in moding it and most importantly they are accepting suggestions for improving the mod!!! Here is the link of the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479881429 Factions and Units: House Baratheon; - King Robert Baratheon - Baratheon Footmen - Baratheon Spearman - Baratheon Archers - Baratheon Axemen House Tyrell; - Ser Loras Tyrell - Tyrell Footmen - Tyrell Spearman - Tyrell Archers House Arryn; - Ser Donnel Waynwood - Knights of the Vale - Arryn Footmen - Arryn Spearman - Arryn Archers Night's Watch; - Jon Snow - Brother's of the Nights Watch House Tully; - The Blackfish - Tully Knights - Tully Footmen - Tully Spearman - Tully Archers House Targaryen; - Daenerys Targaryen - Ser Barristan the Bold - Greyworm - Unsullied - Khal Drogo - Dothraki House Greyjoy; - Yara Greyjoy - Ironborn - Ironborn Archers House Martell; - Oberyn Martell - Dornish Footmen - Dornish Archer House Lannister; - Ser Bronn of the Blackwater - Ser Jamie Lannister - Ser Gregor Clegane - Goldcloaks - Lannister Footmen - Lannister Spearman - Lannister Archers House Stark; - Robb and Eddard Stark - Stark Footmen - Stark Spearman - Stark Archers - Stark Lancers Slaver's Bay; - Kraznys mo Nakloz - Master's Soldiers - Son's of the Harpy Free Folk; - Mance Rayder - Tormund Giantsbane - Ygritte - Thenn's - Giants - Free Folk
  5. It's been 4 days since the launch of XCOM 2, but I just have to ask one question: What do you think about the XCOM 2 mods available in the Steam Workshop? In my honest opinion, I believe that the mods available for XCOM 2 are rather fun to use, but they were more like beta testing for a DLC. They may not be perfect, some may even be game-breaking unintentionally, but they are still fun to use.
  6. So I've been gone from Fallout 4 for a while, been waiting for some good mods to show up. I've already got he essentials, like the dialogue fix from the console version and gameplay balance stuff, I'm looking for mods that will make me want to go back and play the game some more. Any stuff like that out yet that I've missed?
  7. http://www.pcgamer.com/witcher-3-mod-adds-free-camera-and-unlocks-console/ I think the game might get even better soon. The modding community is doing a awesome job. Thoughts? The mod is now available via nexus mods. Link here : http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/28/?
  8. I've lately been experimenting with mods for GTA V too. So when I saw this today on Gamespot, I decide to show everyone here at the AJSA too in case you missed it. So, caution people check out the video below for more details from GS Mondez -.-
  9. My friend just bought me skyrim and ive started to use mod and i was hoping some of you recommend me some mods to install
  10. I simply thought we could have a thread here on the site were we can bring forth suggestions of mods that we would like to see on the AJSA Amra 3 server. Feel free to give suggestion and feedback on mods suggested if that's something you would like to see on the server or not.
  11. I've spent over 500 hours playing arma in the past year or so, and I thought I'd share some of the mods that i've used most heavily. All of these mods work with singleplayer, although some of them may not be allowed by some multiplayer servers, so you'll have to disable them if not. ~~~~~~~~ Community base addons : This is required to make the below mods work. Blastcore : This is a neat visual mod that tweaks lighting (especially at night), explosions, rain and various other things. Makes the game look a TONNE better. JSRS : This is an audio mod that replaces most of the default sounds with much better, much more realistic sounding audio. It also tweaks how sounds interact with buildings and terrain. Shacktac hud : This tool adds a small HUD at the bottom of your screen that shows you where your squad members are. Useful with the slightly erratic AI in the campaign. ~~~~~~~~~~~ If you're not sure how to install mods, do a quick search. There are plenty of tutorials and videos out there. It's simple once you get into the swing of things.
  12. Well, campaign is over and unfortunately it didn't get funded. The team still plans on trying to finish the game they will just have to go back to the drawing board to refocus and replan what their "alpha" will look like since they wont be able to get all of the content they wanted to from their kickstarter without the funding. Here's also an AMA they did on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/27tm14/were_former_ultima_online_developers_working_on/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468280928/shards-online-a-customizable-sandbox-mmorpg It's a bit late but I've only recently found out about it. Even if it doesn't reach its goal I would like to inform all of you about the game. They currently have a free alpha completely accessible to the public, even if you're not a backer you can play it this weekend. It's only a 200mb download as well. I've never played Ultima Online so I don't know how similar it is but others who have played it say it does remind them of UO. Their big idea is to allow players to run their own servers however they want. You create the rules and the overall theme of your "server." They basically have Clusters, which is a group of shards, and Shards, which is like its own server. You can connect shards together so you can move from a fantasy themed world to a steampunk themed world and learn THEIR crafts and skills. And from what I understand you keep those skills outside of that shard so if you go back into the fantasy world you will have all skills from the steampunk world. I could be wrong but that's how I understood it. I think this is a fantastic idea and the developers do seem competent, they just need the money to make it happen. The current build is a pre-alpha. So far it seems stable, some things certainly are janky but again, it's not even an alpha build. It's still very much playable. Progression is skill and weapon based, no levels or anything like that. You can build your own houses. Currently I don't know if the functionality is accessible to players but the developers have shown that housing functionality is implemented. Check it out and if you like it come back here and let others know (and support it if you can of course ;p)
  13. Anybody out there have some really good Skyrim mods? I like Realistic Needs and Diseases/Frostfall, any armors or weapons by Hothtrooper ( I think that's his name ), immersive towns and cities, apocalypse spells/ Midas spells, and too many house mods to name.
  14. While all the discussion lately on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, I see that we have a great following of the game here! I want to share guide I made on how to install Knights of the Old Republic mods for PC awhile back. If you, a friend, or anybody you know has trouble doing it or doesn't bother because they think it's too hard, show this to them! Pretty foolproof. Hope it helps!
  15. For those of you who run mods on Skyrim and run into frequent crashes, freezes and infinite loading screens, this memory patch may be for you. Gopher's tutorial It fixed my game up and I'm currently using ugrids 9 stable. I highly recommend it. I'm not using the SKSE alpha, but the SSME instead so I only speak from personal experience with that one. Installation was really easy and Gopher's tutorial is very clear. Happy modding.
  16. I'm about to hit my 250th hour playing since I picked it up again on steam. Anyone else get addicted to this game like I do, break that addiction, then start it over again when a new, really cool mod comes out? Current mods: Floris Prophesy of Pendor A Clash of Kings
  17. You heard me folks, you see you're all Doomed. And if that track brought back memories consider checking out the Brutal DooM mod! Here's some gameplay and commentary by TotalBiscuit. The track "Darkness Dawning" is by OC ReMix and part of the album The Dark Side of Phobos you can find them here! http://ocremix.org/
  18. Hey guys, anyone here ever visit the H:CE community back in 2008? If you have then you'd remember the name Custom Mapping Team or CMT. They were working on a mod for Custom Edition that would redo everything in the campaign. We're talking new weapons, enemies, vehicles even some new parts of the currently existing maps. And it's still in-progress, they're really taking their time with this one but check out some of their vids and pics below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzMloaw58zw I don't have H:CE anymore, but I'd like to play this game again. Just have to find that copy of Halo PC. So what do you guys think? You can check them out here: http://www.halomods.com/ips/index.php?/forum/19-custom-map-team/
  19. ...
  20. I got a mod file from Nexus Mods and I don't know where to put the mod files into the Fallout 3 folder. Could somebody help me figure this out please?
  21. Alright, so this stems off from the Self-Imposed Rules thread from earlier. In Skyrim and other Elder Scrolls titles it's quite easy to put on a restriction of skills or items used to improve the difficulty of gameplay and make the experience that more enjoyable. This post is aimed at putting forth some simple ideas of how to get a quick-fix of fun by starting a fresh game and the application of some mods to make it that much more satsifactory. First, I'll start off with my concept of a quick challenge; Lycanthropy: The Slaughter In this you'll need a non-essential NPCs mod that will make every NPC, well, you guess it. From there either give yourself lycanthropy or activate your Beastform in any place that you like. Then - you guessed it, slaughter. See how long you can last in your lycanthropic form and how many characters you can kill before either reverting or dying at the hand of a guard or otherwise. If you have Dawnguard then you can make this even more of an attempt if you want to try and start with a fresh werewolf and see how far along you can progress your perk tree in one go. Next is the Woodsman. The Huntsman: Like the Woodsman, you're restricted to using only food and drink to heal. The items you're restricted to are Leather and Scale, with weapons being daggers and bows. The weaker the better. Your only allowed companion is either a war-hound or husky, other than that you're restricted from companions. It's recommended that you follow through with a realistic pursuit in terms of mods; Hypothermia, food requirements, sleep. Those kind. On top of this you may want a mod that adjusts the price of pelts and animal parts, as well as upgrades the health benefits from consuming such. The Conjurer: This one sounds rather straight-forward, use only Conjured creatures and weapons to kill. With this you can choose to use to use a few mods that take away the restriction on how many creatures you can have, how long they persist, and the damage that they do if you prefer. Aside from that you may also use a mod to buff your mana regen slightly if you so desire. But remember, kill only with what you pulled from thin air. The Paladin of the Eight: The Knight of the Eight is a do-gooder through and through. He's also a Knight - so heavy armor, shield and swords (Greatswords and Single Blade) are allowed. You may use healing magic and alteration magic, nothing else. If it does not have a morally good outcome from the start, you cannot partake in the quest - and if you become a Vampire or Lycan, you must immediately seek redemption. The Warrior Smith: As a Blacksmith there's only a few things you need in life - ore, a hammer, a bit of leather, and some time. You buy nothing that you can't make yourself - that means no armor, no weapons. You're inhibited from buying any potions or magical items as well. Any items that you receive from killing are to be sold unless you choose to upgrade them one time. (Realistically these items wouldn't all fit you immediately.) Little Greybeard, the Little... Dovah-Keen: The Little Dovah's become keen to dragonshouts. You are only permitted to have conversations with all beings and you may not raise a hand to them in assault. A shield is permitted along with whatever light-armor you wish. Beside that no magic or items are allowed. These are but a few ideas both pulled from my mind and from a few sites, I can't wait to hear what you folk will go for or what ideas you have yourselves! Fire away my friends! Submitted Below: ( I've done that a few times, got the living hell beaten out of me for doing it but I've done it. ) That sparks me an idea for a more Warcraft-Based Shaman. The Warcraft Shaman: You must be an Orc, your weapons may only consist of one-handed maces, axes, or destruction magic. You are allowed to use a shield. Healing magic along with conjuration are also allowed. Your armor may only consist of clothing to scale mail, nothing more. As an Orc Shaman you must join your people and try to become a part of them. Your main goals are to correct anything that upsets the balance of the land. That means any and all means you will kill ice wraithes, any atronachs you did not create yourself, all Dremora, all Dragons, and all creatures of a magical nature that seem out of place in the world. Lightning is your friend.
  22. Moon No Megusta

    From the album M. Bisons Fun Box

    My moon wasn't having a night in Skyrim.
  23. Ok, so i dont know how many of you watched AJ's stream last night, but if you did you would knew that he got really pissed off at one point at what people were writing in the chat and said "Im never streaming gameplay again btw". Here is the link to when it happens: http://www.twitch.tv/m/308835 Now lemme give you a bit of backstory. So Joe was really tired, the game was at a really repetitive scene, and he died couple of times and seemed abit upset. At some point Joe meleed a explosive spider out of boredom at this smartass from the chat says something like : he says he knows so much about the game and he just meleed an explosive spider... Of course that pissed off Joe so he tells the guy hes being a smartass and that they should stop, after which some more trolls start saying: "Unfair review incoming". Now that completely pissed Joe off after which he said that hes not gonna stream gameplay again. After that Joe explains how he cant ignore the trolls and he cares about what everyone thinks and he cant shut himself off for the negative comments. Link: http://www.twitch.tv/m/308872 And I respect that, the man loves his followers and cares about them, however, Joe if you are reading this lemme tell you something right now, ive seen many streams, for all sorts of games, and not matter the game, be it LoL, WoW, Dota, Hearthstone or any other singleplayer game, EVERY SINGLE ONE has the same problem. I swear, there is NO STREAM that doesnt have stupid people bitching about stupid stuff, that doesnt have trolls wanting to ruin the fun. And since you cant ignore them i have a suggestion. Now, i dont know how many mods you currently have on twitch, but it definitely isnt enough. What you need is atleast 2 or more mods always online when u are streaming. And these mods cant be afraid of banning people. I recommend starting with 500 second bans if somebody says something stupid, followed with a much longer ban, and than if he still talks shit permament ban. Just wanted to say, streaming is a great way to connect with your army man, and it would be stupid to stop it just because of some minor problems that can be solved simply with more mods in your chat. And even tho we did run into some problems with the haters, and you were super tired, I still had tons of fun watching your stream and I sure hope you never stop streaming, and actually start doing it more often, cuz you are super fun to watch. Sorry for the long post, but i just had to say this!
  24. i would love some mod recommendations for fonv and fallout 3 that would be amazing i don't need enbs but anything is nice whatever you think is the best thanks
  25. I've heard that it is possible to mod Xbox 360 games. Does anyone know how to and what programs I would need to do so. I specifically interested in modding my games: Skyrim, Mass Effect 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. Any help would be appreciated. Xbox Gamer Tag - Rainer1993