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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, if you have any questions of any kind they are to be posted here and we will respond to them as soon as we see them. The questions can consist of anything related to Mount and Blade: Warband. FAQ: _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: When are events? A: Sunday is Training at 8:00 Est. Saturday is our Main Event day at 5 Est. We will also conduct events throughout the week normally at 8:00 Est. and when we do, we will post events in the steam group to provide further information about the event. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: What if I don't want to participate in competitive events? A: Where we would push you to try them, we do not enforce attendance to competitive events. We would remind you however that this is the best way to improve on your skills and can open up a whole new game. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: What if I'm not that great at the game? A: We don't require you to be good at the game at all We offer our training event to help new people in the regiment and all of our sergeants and up are more than willing to do 1 on 1 training to help you improve. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: Do you do any events that aren't competitive other than training sessions? A: Yes! We are currently looking for different mods that are a bit more silly and fun to set up for ​ our Saturday events. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: Are training sessions mandatory? Can I participate in competitive events without the training? A: Yes and no, You are not required to attend the training, but you are expected to know all the formations and be capable of executing them with precision. So if you can not make the training seek out an officer or sergeant for some help and we will gladly help you. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: How do I rank up in the regiment? A:​ Discipline and maturity are what we are looking for the most. If you listen to orders and are respectful in events, we will notice you. If you excel beyond that we then might test your leadership capabilities. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: Who do I talk to to get an invite to the regiment? A: Any of our Sergeants can invite you into the steam group that we use to help organize our events, other than that anyone can recruit, and we will allow any AJSA members to join. If you wish to join now, you can find a seperate forum post that illustrates the steps to take to join. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: Who is in charge of what? Are there any open positions available in the higher ranks? If so, how do I apply? A: The rank structure we have shows who is in charge, I will be making a post soon about how our rank structure works and the jobs of the ranks. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: How does the game rank structure differ from the one on the forums? I am a veteran on the forums, why am I just a Cadet in the game? A: Your NW rank has nothing to do with your community rank. Your rank in NW shows how well disciplined and mature you are within the events and regiment. Higher ranks show your contribution to the regiment and leadership capabilities. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: Can I play on the server during non event times? If so how? A: Yes! You can find our server in Napoleonic Wars by searching by name and finding AJSA in the serverlist. _____________________________________________________________________________ Q: What voice chat do you guys use? How can I join you? A: We use the official AJSA teamspeak: ts3server://ts3.ajsagaming.com
  2. As you guys have seen in the title, I am going to be hosting a recruitment challenge for the Mount & Blade community. You're the first person to recruit five people? Good, you'll get a free $20 from me, straight into your PayPal. The Conditions? 1. They must be active over the course of three weeks, and show up to at least five NW events. Attendance is what makes me sure that you will be an active, serious, member of the NW group. 2. You and your recruits must meet up with me on TeamSpeak. Cool thing is, I'm not super active on TS so if i do see you, you're doing something right. 3. Add me on Steam. Look up Trinnsy. You can find me in the NW group. 4. 1v1 me m8. No, I'm serious. There's this server called *Public_Duel_NA and I'd like to judge the skill of the recruits. 5. All recruits must be taken through the recruitment process. (refer to this: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/27005-how-to-join-the-regiment-step-by-step-instructions/) A'ight. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me, and may the race begin. Good luck you nerds.
  3. Is anyone else excited for this game as I am? I can't wait!