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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings! I came up with this idea for a topic after today's Loadout session. By no means I am playing it on a competitive level or race to a certain goal. Just a casual, shot him in the face experience. Loadout is your standard shooter with standard game modes. Capture the Flag (here we have a hammer that can smash), Capture and hold the point, Deathmatch etc. This is as easy as breathing. One can get lost, of course! But a normal reaction would be to watch what people are doing, reading the info on the screen and asking questions. After a couple of matches anyone playing should have a good idea of what is going on. Instead of that what I heard today was a serenade of the most vicious and poisonous whining one can imagine Everything was considered stupid, not clear, not explained clearly enough, opponents are overpowered, this gun does not work I shot him twice in the head and he still lives!.... Not everyone is the champion of understanding a game without reading the manual first. But for the love of gods, why whine before the game even started? Apart from that, a lovely woman's voice whispers directly into your ear what sexy things you need to do in order to score....a point. Quick instructions available by a press of the TAB button. Kill enemy, collect their blutonium, prevent enem fromy picking your blutonium....no just...this is to much for me. I would say: silly impatience. This quality makes it really difficult to enjoy a game with others.