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Found 79 results

  1. So, Ark was on a Steam Sale/Free Weekend recently. I tried it, decided I liked it and paid $10 for it. The last time this came up in the forums (near as I can tell) was a couple of years ago. Anyone still playing? I've just been playing single-player because I didn't want to deal with assholes stealing my stuff online, but I figured if the Army was playing I'd have a good chance of having some good players to team up with. No big deal if it's not active anymore, I'm quite content exploring alone.
  2. Hey Maybe I'm posting this in the wrong place (sorry if thats the case), but since I just got Anthem, I was looking for some people to play with, Angry Army seemed like the obvious place to go. Can someone direct me if I'm in the wrong place. User on origin is: thomaspeddes So add me if you'd like.
  3. I don't know...am I the only one that's not getting a good feeling about Fallout 76 after watching all the promotional material released so far? I was willing to give the multiplayer aspect a chance, but now it looks like it's going to be just another boring copy of RUST and who knows how many other "survival" shooters, just with a Fallout theme. The idea of exploring the wasteland with your friends is cool, the knowledge that some twelve-year-old jackass can ruin your whole day just because he feels like it is not. I would feel a lot differently about this game if it was strictly PVE.
  4. Hello, Unkindled Ones and welcome to Lothric. The Lords of Cinder ignore their duties and the thrones lay bare. You are to seek the lords and rekindle the flame to surpress the age of dark. So rise unkindled ash and go forth to find your destiny. This event shall be held March 10th, 2018 at 2pm EST/7pm GMT on discord.
  5. Foxhole is the game we've been waiting for in the AJSA! Been wanting a suitable replacement for Planetside, but been disappointed by the failed wannabes? This game doesn't just fill the gap, it truly has the capacity to go farther. Everything you do has an effect on the outcome of battle, for both good or ill. Not the best at fighting? No worries, this game requires players to build vast amounts of base defenses, as well as run your entire team's economy. The front-line cannot function without the supplies you send them. There is a place for everyone here, plus the game is top-down, similar in camera angle to Diablo, and the game is not overly graphic heavy. Interested in forming a clan ingame? Game is currently only $20 USD, so hop on it and join the AJSA in Foxhole! Post here with questions or if you wish to join in. Game will be officially supported once we have the numbers. If you wish to debate the game's viability, do so on discord. http://store.steampowered.com/app/505460/Foxhole/
  6. IMPORTANT: Probably this will sound n00bish and it may have been answered somewhere else but here goes nothing. Hello there AJSA community. So just a few days ago I returned too my Xbox 360 to play Battlefield 4 after playing Halo 5: Guardians, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Tanks Xbox One Edition and found myself with the following issue..... WHERE ARE ALL THE DICE SERVERS!?!?!?!?!?!? I REMEMBER SEEING THEM IN THE RANKED SERVERS SECTION LAST TIME I PLAYED AND THERE NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (takes deep breath and calms down) Sorry about that outburst guys XD But yeah I last remember that the DICE servers were on the ranked servers section and now they're gone. All I find are rented player or clan servers in both Official and Ranked servers. Example: Today I tried to play BF4 but every time I looked for a server on Quick Match all I got were player servers where if you had lag you would get banned. Then there were two servers where apparently the admins don't like getting one shotted by shotguns or shot out of the sky with Stingers and Iglas (if there are other more concrete reasons for such rules let me know please) and would ban anyone who uses them. Please I would appreciate your answers as to what happened that there are no more DICE servers. Thank you very much
  7. Join The Angry Army in battlefield 1 as you help out your teammates,capture the objective,and fight the enemies who are trying to defeat us! Join in on the action on the Xbox One just by going to your platoons and searching AJSA as the clan tag and anyone can join in.
  8. Hey guys, I'm a moderator on the Sins of a Galactic Empire discord channel or SoaGE for short and I wanted to share that we have a discord channel/gaming community for the mod on the official steam group. This group hosts weekly community matches and tournaments with people willing to help you get better at the mod. If that interests you the link is below. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/soage
  9. Ok so i'm kind of sick of multiplayer games like the title says. I used to love playing multiplayer games like Halo Reach, Gears of War, WOW etc... but recently I've just lost enjoyment of them and started to enjoy solo games like I just finished Dishonored 2. I guess I've just played to many of them I guess and I was just wondering if anyone else has felt this way. P.S Sorry for the weird rant complain thing.
  10. For the people who are interested in playing some old style red dead multiplayer. I have found a way to get clean servers. If you are interested in coming along to play add me on PSN my username is Hanibal1503
  11. Hello and welcome to World of Warships lets see how i do Let battle commence WAIT A MINUTE HOW DO I SHOOT. https://youtu.be/Frizzm82u7w
  12. Hello guys, i apologize for spam i swear i wouldn't do this if i had a different way... My name is Mussa, me and few of my friends are working on the game called Diesel Guns and we have launched a crowdfunding campaing on indieGo and Diesel Guns need people that would like to support it or atleast take a look at it https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/diesel-guns-car-combat-multiplayer-game#/ here is the link to indiego Diesel Guns page, would be great if you visit it! we will be greatful for anything you do to support us!!! ThankYou!!!
  13. Hey Guys, Anyone on here dive into 7 Days to Die yet, I played a little bit of it so far and I enjoy it, I watched a bit of it on YouTube and thought it was awesome. I know that when I describe it to people I always say "its like Minecraft with Zombies" I always get back "but Minecraft has Zombies" then I go further to explain its like Minecraft and the Walking Dead had a baby.
  14. I salute you dear AJ Army! I created this topic for those who are looking for new friends to play any multiplayer games with. Simply just type in what kind of game you want to play with people and that's it. For me i have quite a big variety of games that i play. These are the games i currently have/are interested to play. 7 Days to die ARK survival evolved Battle of Empires : 1914-1918 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Company of Heroes 2 Dead Island Dead Island Riptide Factorio GTA 5 Left 4 Dead (1 and 2) Men of War: Assault Squad 2 The Ship Sniper Elite (2 and 3) Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army (1 and 2) SNOW Space Engineers Stellaris theHunter Tropico5 Verdun War Thunder PM, If you're interested. SALUTE!
  15. Hey AJSA, crimsonwolf911 here, I've been a lurking member of the AJSA for a good long while, but now I'm aiming to make a bigger footprint for myself on the interwebzz here. I'm a regular world of tanks live-streamer, I'm a far cry from being an influence for change in the wot community, with just shy of 600 followers I'm still pretty damn small fry. I stream Monday to Friday, from 9pm-1am GMT(general mountain time), and once I hit 1k followers, I'll bump it up to 5 hours from 8pm-1am, but that's still a pretty long way off. Fair warning ahead of time, don't come into my stream expecting someone who knows what they're doing and can mop the floor with other wot players, cuz that ain't me XD. I'm good at a few things, most of which is acting like an idiot, raging like a psycho, insulting peoples mothers, hating on arty and auto-loaders, hating on russians, and occasionally, making myself look like I know what I'm doing, when Im actually flying by the seat of my pants, with my pubes on fire XD. if you're looking for something amusing to watch and you like world of tanks, stop by, and give me a shout, look forward to seeing bodies in the chat. And feel free to say howdy on here as well, I'll do my best to keep up with replies. www.twitch.tv/crimsonwolf911
  16. Hello my name is Badass123 i seek players on ps4 to play battlefield 4 or battlefield hardline, mic is prefered but not requierd. i ask this due to not having anyone to play with and not alot of people have mics in battlefield apperently. therefore i reach out to the comunity in hope for new friends and my gamertag is Windwhisper-
  17. ps4

    Hey everybody, i'd love to play R6siege with you guys on ps4, feel free to add if you're interested, terrorist hunt or even multiplayer,whichever you like .But yeah, thats pretty much it. Thank you, good day. Hoping to hear from you guys :3: (P.s im not the best player, but i still manage , and if you're adding me please put AJSA as a msg so i know its you guys, cheers)
  18. Hey army just bought rocket league and it's such a blast go grab it ! and you'll see im flying the greatest flag ever XD if you check it out cheeeerrrss
  19. I consider myself one of the old guard; always playing single player games and never any multiplayer. But with the recent flood of "hero shooters" and multiplayer only shooters, I think I'm gonna finally give in as there are hardly any single player games anymore. A lot of my old friends have left gaming and I found myself in another pickle; I don't have anyone to play these types of games with. So I would like to start playing with a regular group of people and thought the AJSA would be a perfect place to start! So please if you would indulge me, let me know if you're available! Oh and also any recommendations? I have Rainbow Six Siege just waiting in my queue! P.S. I primarily play PC and PS4!
  20. Hey guys here is a video where i play 3 matches of halo, im much better at halo then my last video on COD XD, if you check it out thank you =]
  21. Hey guys here is what i thought about the doom multiplayer beta, if you check it out thanks =] ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­itshow
  22. Hey lovely people done another rainbow six video if you check it out thank you, i've got a lot of content coming soon =D Other Videos Shikariferrarii Plays Rainbow Six Siege #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZF927zLRiw Mortal Kombat X: MK Matchups: Kitana #3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5qXEVaLLc0 ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­itshow
  23. Would anyone be down to do a EU4 MP game (in bits and chuncks of course) with me? You need no expansion as i can host and have all of them as of now until the new one unlocks
  24. Recently purchased the game, and been playing with bots to get used to the mechanics of the game. Would like to start doing casual matches online, would anybody be interested in squading up sometime?