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Found 6 results

  1. Let's take a journey through one of my favorite game series of all time in this retrospective, Jak & Daxter: Legacy Left Behind! Anyway, this was my first, big video series I worked on for quite awhile now to launch my channel and I even have a second part and third up already! I would greatly appreciate feedback, good and bad. Only way I can improve myself is getting some kind of feedback out of all of you, if you have time and interest! Leave your thoughts here or there, but I hope I will see you on my channel where video games are my life, just like in real life! Sincerely, GoopyTuber
  2. Game: The Last Of Us Age Rating: 18+ Genre: Survival................”oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” kind of survival. Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Game Directors: Bruce Straley, Neil Druckmann Lead story writer: Neil Druckmann Played on: Playstation 3 Overlook The game is set in an apocalyptic world where a certain fungus has infected human beings and has turned them in into zombie-like creatures. Cities have been quarantined and the government has collapsed resulting in chaos and groups of people, who are willing to do anything, anything to survive, have sprung up which are much worse than hordes of infected. In a world where fighting for your life is an everyday routine, our hero is given a rather talkative package to deliver across the city. STORYLINE AND CHARACTERIZATION (No Spoilers) (4/4) I, as a gamer, believe that video games are a much efficient, effective and beautiful mode of storytelling. And the gaming industry is rapidly realizing the importance of good story telling to make a perfect game. A good story is a very important ingredient to make a good game and the guys at naughty dog seem to understand this very well. The game starts off with such intensity that it will make you stick to the screen and this intensity flows throughout the game. There is never a moment where you feel disconnected or sidelined from the characters or the story. The characterization is amazing and tender. You can feel them living and breathing alongside you. The story motivates you to play the game carefully; it motivates you to keep them alive at every point which is kind of beautiful. Its isn’t about just getting across levels, its about keeping Joel and the amazingly adorable Ellie alive. As I don’t want to spoil much, all I am saying is that this storyline will touch you and its one of the best storylines of 2013. And as far as characterization goes, the protagonist, Joel, is pretty much what you would expect; a rugged ‘almost out of middle age and really tired of the shit thats been going on’ kinda guy. Everything about him, his dressing, movement, dialogue screams it. Coming to the sweet little 14 year old Ellie, well, i have never actually cared for a side character so much since Ghost in COD: MW2. Her characterization is so strong that as you progress along the game, you almost involuntarily start becoming more protective of her. Not only this, but the other characters in the game also done a great job. They all feel important and integrated into the story. You’ll know what I mean when you play the game. So, overall, i am not saying that these are the best characters eve created but they are pretty good and also do a good job of connecting with the player. GAMEPLAY (3/3) I haven’t played any other survival games before this one so I don’t have a milestone to compare this game with but I am gonna say this; Naughty Dog nailed it. They depicted the survival theme in every part of the game play mechanics. The game consists of three simple things; shooting, scavenging and surviving. The game literally wants you to survive its horrifying world. You hardly have any ammunition (which kinda makes sense as you can’t exactly walk into a ‘ammunation’ store in a post apocalyptic world) which forces you to use stealth. Since you are low on bullets, you start looking for other options and thats when the crafting system comes in. Naughty Dog have created a beautiful and sensible crafting system which helps players craft tools which can be used to kill the infected and humans alike. The materials needed for this can be found throughout the levels. And this is the best part. Naughty Dog was clever not to make this a fee roam game because in a free roam game like GTA V, we always feel like there could have been something more in the game. But The Last Of Us has restricted game levels and these levels are completely filled with things to discover. Its like you see a small shelf and think ‘it would be nice if i could open it and find something” and when you do open it, you find something like a letter from a husband to his wife or a comic book left behind by the former residents. The world is filled so many small things that you will always be satisfied by opening doors and drawers. The AI is great and the variety of thugs and the infected are satisfying. The infected aren’t exactly scary but they do a hell of a good job surprising the fuck out of you. The checkpoint system works absolutely fine. So, overall, Naughty Dog nailed the whole survival theme. This game will force you to be patient, it will force you to be stealthy and you will love it for it. Its like bondage; you know its gonna hurt but you also know that you’re gonna love it. GRAPHICS AND ENVIRONMENT (2/2) Nothing much to say on this. We all know the quality of the graphics Naughty Dog produces (Look up Uncharted here). Its amazing and mesmerizing. The environments have been designed beautifully and exceptionally well detailed. They perfectly capture the whole “this world is fucked up but maybe there is still some hope” vibe. You have everything from dark scary basements to beautiful sunsets and eerily calm snowy mountains. You’ll love it. MUSIC (1/1) Probably the best original score I have heard in a videogame in 2013. The music is simple, uncomplicated and amazingly touch. It captures the whole desperation and irony of the storyline. So, on the whole, this game was a beautifully crafted masterpiece. If you haven’t bought it, then buy it now. If you haven’t thought of buying it, well, buy it now. If don’t know anything about this game, then, again, buy it now. This is the kind of game that will please any kind of gamer. My Score: 10/10
  3. Recently, I ran through Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Vita. I thought that the game looked great, for a vita game, and had a great narrative and really solid characters, but the gameplay was as dull as fucking dishwater. I mean, I was literally falling asleep at the controls, because everything that happens in the game happens at a snails pace. That said, I thought the story and the characters were great and it really got me interested in the main games, if only for the story. With that in mind here are my main questions. How representative is Golden Abyss of the rest of the franchise. Are the mechanics the same? Do enemies actually reload their guns in the PS3 games? Are the hit boxes as laughably bad? Are the climby bits more interactive in the PS3 versions? Is the story of the PS3 versions worth it? PS: Naughty Dog seems to really be nailing down character development in video games, no? Also, please feel free to post any thoughts or opinions of the Uncharted series in general here as I'm interested in not only having my question answered, but also hearing peoples opinions on the mechanics the game employs.
  4. Yeah so apparently Naughty Dog lost another top dog (pun not intended). So what's happening over at Naughty Dog that so many of their top guys are leaving is Naughty Dog secretly firing them or do the people who are leaving believe they are not getting paid as much as they should? Link to the Youtube video is below. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OATlgHBWAf0
  5. So i was playing Crash Bandicoot and something hit me. every game that naughty dog makes is game of the year or gets millions of awards, so this means Naughty Dog is one of the best company's out their who know how to make good games like the last of us and uncharted games.
  6. It's been a while since I played and now i'm assuming some more people have gone around finishing it we can probably really discuss what people think about this game so i pose a few question. one of the first things is how did people feel about the ending in terms of were you satisfied and lasting impressions and secondly peoples thoughts and ideas on the possible and likely sequel? I really want to hear other peoples thoughts because im kind of jaded how i feel about the ending of this game, so to answer my own question i mean, i liked the ending but it did leave with so many questions because of how it ended but after asking some people it left me with the idea that it will have a sequel because it this one set up story of joels adventure with ellie and it concluded with joel at the end becoming in some peoples eyes that bad guy so i mean naughty dog can do a lot with that and i think the sequel will focus more on ellie with joel being the side character this time around. so yeah thought? UPDATE: i realised that we haven't really spoken about the new DLC which is a prelude that features Ellie and Riley, which i think is a really cool so i was wondering what people think it will be about and also the idea that because Ellie at this point has never held a gun, will there be any combat in it, will that affect the game overall and if it will be any good. for me this looks like a good step for DLC, I mean it wasn't ish's story like I was hoping but this is still pretty good, from my understanding where playing Ellie again so im kind of excited to be in her shoes again, umm considering where it is in the timeline im guessing its completely story based and scripted to just kind of fill you in on the details so i don't think there will be hardly any real combat if any. I hope it links in really well and makes me just ball my eyes out again. what do you guys think?