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Found 4 results

  1. I play Eve online. For those who don't know what Eve is I'll explain. Eve Online is the biggest Subscription MMO on earth, in Eve your the captain of a space ship. In Eve there are thousands of stars to explore, mine and wage war in. Just one huge sandbox with over 30000 players in one server. In Eve there are corporations most are run and controlled by players some are computer run, these corporations either work together or go to war. Capitalism is the main driver in Eve. The only down side to Eve is Subscription fees Eve online is a fun game I would highly suggest that you give it a try (it is subscription based but it does have a 30 day free trial). I have been wanting to began an AJSA Corporation in Eve. If you are interested in the game and would like to be in a corporation together contact me at adamposs01@gmail.com. After I start to getting replies I'll create the corporation.
  2. Can there be a Teamspeak 3 Channel in the AJSA for Naval Action since this game is going to be awesome. I don't see someone saying no to this since there is a Star Citizen Teamspeak channel that no one goes in. http://www.navalaction.com/#ageofsail
  3. I stumbled on this game a few weeks ago, and thought It looked pretty awesome. http://www.navalaction.com/ It's an age of sail fighting game basically, you control a ship (real ships), fight other players and try to win. It's still in closed Beta, but they'll be moving it into Steam in the not too distant future, and It's already been Greenlighted. It looks great: And looks pretty damn fun: Apart from basic multiplayer, they're also working on a sandbox mode, with exploration, economies and such. Kinda like Star Citizen in the 1700s.
  4. Should there be a Angry Assassin Army to talk for future plan for assassin creed, this can fit version 3 or 4 if you have xbox, pc, or ps3 so in a near future, the higher up or you the people choose to accept this and here are my pros and cons: Pros 1. As many people had play game that are multiplayer, they notice they have more fun whit people that bring your hidden talent to the max. 2. This helps to get to know more people. 3. It help those that find leveling alone kind of boring ( note to self this is not boosting ) 4. To me it would be great to have more people to play assassin creed. 5. This could help people learn how to really play the game and not to run around begging to get poison. 6. I almost forgot we can exploit the game lab and make game type for our self. Cons 1. In my opinion most have work, school,university,or other things to do like responsibility. 2. There is a great of diversity of console to tell the truth i only have xbox 360 others may have other type of console and now worst new console or consider as "new gene". 3. Like i said before people play assassin creed like is running around like crazy killing for 100 point or 150 then they get variety or greater or worst extreme to be really on fair whit those that prefer the game to be more hidden. 4. Ability are more difficult to obtain then in old games for those that are slow at leveling up.