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Found 18 results

  1. Neverwinter - Xbox One

    Neverwinter - Xbox One Event - May 25th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT) - Free to Play Friday - Every Friday night in the month of May we are featuring a different free to play title in an event form. In this 'Free to Play Friday' event series we are featuring games that are either already free to play, games that are free with Games with Gold, or games that are holding free to play weekend sessions. This Friday night we are showcasing Neverwinter, an MMORPG that has deep roots within the history of the AJSA Xbox community. This game, along with Elder Scrolls Online, was part of our 'MMO Friday' initative in early 2016 where every Friday night our AJSA Guilds in Neverwinter and ESO gathered to play. Now after two years, we're bringing Neverwinter out of retirement for one night only for a special event! Players of all skill levels are welcome to play. We will accomodate all members of all ranks. First time playing Neverwinter? Want to get a head start on learning the game? Check out this Beginner's Guide. Please reach out to our host if you have any questions regarding this event. Thank you! Event Summary: Time: May 25th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am EST) Host: WookieJedi [Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi]
  2. Neverwinter - Xbox One

    Neverwinter - Xbox One Event - May 20th, 2016 @5:00pm EST (10:00pm GMT) Join the AJSA Guild in Neverwinter this Friday (5/20/2016) as they hold their official Neverwinter event, hosted by Game Sergeant AJSAWookieJedi. This event will be a game night with mixture of leveling and group questing for low to mid level players, some epic dungeon raids and skirmishes for higher level players and some PvE thrown in there to on request. This will also be a chance for fellow members to meet and greet each other and befriend like-minded individuals who enjoy Neverwinter. Neverwinter is FREE TO PLAY on the Xbox One. The game can be found in the Xbox Store/Marketplace. Event Summary: Time: Friday May 20th, 2016 @5pm EST (10:00pm GMT) Host: AJSAWookieJedi (Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi)
  3. Neverwinter - Xbox One

    Neverwinter - Xbox One Event - May 6th, 2016 @5:00pm EST (10:00pm GMT) Join the AJSA Guild in Neverwinter this Friday (5/6/2016) as they hold their official Neverwinter event, hosted by Game Sergeant AJSAWookieJedi. This event will be a game night with mixture of leveling and group questing for low to mid level players, some epic dungeon raids and skirmishes for higher level players and some PvE thrown in there to on request. This will also be a chance for fellow members to meet and greet each other and befriend like-minded individuals who enjoy Neverwinter. Neverwinter is FREE TO PLAY on the Xbox One. The game can be found in the Xbox Store/Marketplace. Event Summary: Time: Friday May 6th, 2016 @5pm EST (10:00pm GMT) Host: AJSAWookieJedi (Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi)
  4. I've played D&D Neverwinter for a while, and I was curious if there was an AJSA presence there. This thread in a nutshell. If not, do any other members of the AJSA play? Is there enough of us to consider forming a guild?
  5. Welcome to the Official AJSA Neverwinter Guild! Neverwinter is a F2P (free to play) MMORPG set in the realms of the role playing board game Dungeons and Dragons and is a successor to the Neverwinter Nights games series that started in 2002. Neverwinter is now officially supported here on XBox One and as Game Officer I offer a humble welcome. I aim to work to make this guild a success to help the AJSA members get the most out of the game and have a fulfilling social experience with the game and other members. To achieve this, it is necessary to lay down a code of conduct so members know what is expected of them and the staff. Neverwinter is an MMO, so unlike other games where scheduled events can be the meat of community activity, this is a constant game and I want to run this game in a way encourage people to play together outside of event hours as much as possible. There will be scheduled events of course, and more details will come about that over the next few days. In the meantime, there is that little formality we need to do. Code of Conduct Most of the rules and expectation can be found in the Code of Conduct for the AJSA as a whole, so if you haven't read this, please do so first; http://angryjoeshow....ode-of-conduct/ However, there a a few specifics that I need to add additionally to that; Play with the Community Buy that I don't mean you have to play with guildmates every time you log in because I said so, but it is important that the community members take the chances they get to group up and play together. Pay particular attention to new and less experienced members to give them the chance to level up starting joining in the higher level activities when the chance occurs. This gives new members valuable advice, experienced members a chance to share what they have learned and all of us the chance to get to know our brothers and sisters in the AJSA a little better, and that is ultimately what this is all about. Keep multiple characters in the guild down to a minimum. The way this game is set up means that it's characters that get into guilds, not players, so a player can have multiple characters in one guild. I have no problem with that, but I ask that people use their common sense and not over do it. There is a wide variety of classes active in the guild, so we don't necessarily need players to create additional characters to "fill a gap". I don't want to be black and white about it and tell players they can only have so many characters in the guild, but we can't do with having a load of characters in the guild that never get used because the player is busy using another character. You shouldn't feel obligated to have all of your active characters in the AJSA guild anyway. Having active characters elsewhere may even benefit us by giving you the chance to spread the word about us and possibly attract new members.. The guild repository is NOT a place to leave your unwanted gear. I have purchased a guild repository, and hope to open up others, but I want to make it clear I do not want people offloading spare equipment and items into it. I want people to use it to add to the guild fund, share crafting materials and high level enchantments that, for whatever reason, they can't use but someone else could. I welcome and and encourage members to share gear and items with each other, but please use the in game trade system. Guild Ranks There are seven ranks in the guild. This is to explain what your rank is, why that's your rank and what it means. Rank 1: Initiate This is an entry level rank set aside mostly for in game recruits. Once one acknowledges this thread they are eligible for promotion to member. To prevent spam and misuse of the guild repository, guild chat, invites and access to the repository is locked at this level. Rank 2: Member This is the standard rank that gives rights to deposit into the guild repository, invites and chat features. Withdrawals can be made by request to a Sergeant, Lieutenant or Game Officer. Rank 3: Sergeant This rank is set aside to grant administrative powers to the XBox Staff members. No other players will be granted this rank. Rank 4: Veteran This is granted to a character that achieves level 60 in game. You get withdrawal permissions and access to the Guild Officer chat. Players who join the guild at 60 will remain initiates until they acknowledge the code of conduct and then get bumped to veteran. Rank 5: Lieutenant People at this rank are selected to be direct assistants to the Game Officer and have most of the administrative rights as well as responsibilities. People are promoted to this at the Game Officer and/or Commanders discretion. People at this rank will also become sergeants on the AJSA forums to access the Xbox One Staff Room. Rank 6; Game Officer (ShaggerAJSA) This is effectively the guild leader. The Game Officer has full administrative rights over the guild and has moderation powers to the forums to organize the Neverwinter sub-forum. The Game Officer is also in charge of event planning for the Neverwinter community and is very, very busy, so don't bug him! Save that for a Lieutenant! Ah, I'm only kidding. I'm here to help. If you have any issues don't hesitate to message me here, in game or on XBL. Rank 7; Commander (Doshka17) The commander is the guy in charge of the XB1 community as a whole. Like a Game Officer, the Commander has full administrative rights to the guild and is the guild founder, but is not a hands on administrator. It's the game officers job to report to him on the goings on. He can pass orders to the Game Officer in terms of running the guild if and when necessary. Hope to see Doshka log in for fun now and then , he may even catch up (lol)! Now with all that is aside, please remember above all else this guild and my leadership is here to serve you, not control you. Any suggestions to improve what I'm doing are welcome (so long as you're respectful in your presentation). So, if you have any ideas or want to be considered for a lieutenant, let me know. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, I look forward to adventuring with you across Faerun! /Shagger
  6. Members of the Xbox One AJSA Neverwinter Guild, Since our official launch back in April we've had some great times. Neverwinter was a new and exciting adventure for us. We came across some great people and it is great to see how members who started out with the AJSA on Neverwinter have grown to become leaders within our community and have become consistent participants in the additional events we offer across other games. However, due to a large decline and migration of the player base in Neverwinter in the last two months, along with me personally taking on increased responsibility as forum moderator and assisting more in the day to day operations of the overall Xbox One AJSA Community, I as Game Officer do not see the need for this game to be officially supported any longer. This does not mean the Guild is disbanding or the sub-forum removed at this time. This means that official AJSA events will cease for Neverwinter and the position of Neverwinter Game Officer will be retired. I will continue to serve as a member of the Xbox One staff. After consulting with the Xbox One Community Commander, I feel it is best if we move Neverwinter into unofficial status and seek out a "Guild Overseer" to look after our Guild and process any new recruits who may still want to be part of the Guild in the future. At this time I will remain as Guild Leader but we will be seeking members who would like to step up and fill this role as Neverwinter enters this new stage. Once an Overseer is determined I will hand over control of the Guild to that person. If anyone is interested in becoming our "Guild Overseer" for Neverwinter please contact me and RuneX on the forums. The time we had in Neverwinter will remain part of our history in Xbox One AJSA Community. I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all who took part in our events and helped support our Guild. For those still playing, we are not abandoning you. You will still enjoy playing under the AJSA flag. Once again, thank you to all! Shagger, Neverwinter Game Officer
  7. This is a re-up of a now removed topic. The Basics Most Profession slots are very easy to understand what it will take to unlock them, but there are two (and hopefully someday i figure out the ideal way for the "3 proffessions at level 20" one) in particular I want to focus on. One of them was easily explained in various areas on the internet, but the other one I could not find clear concise data except "alchemy is fast". What you need? First, the easy one and the cheapest AD wise is the slot that says "complete a task with 100% speed". Best way to achieve this one is to first buy 4x Master Tailors. Second, you will do the first mission to train a tailor and then after that the mission you want to do is a 6h one (mass gathering of something). Key thing about this mission even though I forget the name of it is that it has 3 bonus slots so you just load up all slots with 4x master tailors and when it's done you will have a brand new profession slot. Second slot I want to talk about is the "Obtain a tier 3 result". This one is pretty hard due to fact the typical professions don't get the ability to have multiple end results till much much later except for one..... Alchemy. Before I begin with how to do this you must understand that Alchemy levels up way different. None of the tasks gives any exp except for one. This one task, however (once you have the required prerequisite alchemical knowledges) will always level you. Alchemical Research rank xx is how you obtain the Knowledges and it's RNG based. This slot is a bit more AD intensive to set up, but the cool thing is you can pass around all the required tools assets to any and all characters, and can even sell it back to AH since they dont bind. You will need 4 epic tools, and one of which, HAS to be a purple crucible. What sucks is I made the mistake of only getting the much cheaper ones and then realizing crucible is not negotiable. BEWARE people try to scalp on crucibles because of this fact and if they are doing this too excessively then you will have to level your alchemy one level higher than what is necessary to unlock slot which is level 4. At level 4 you can use 4 blue crucibles to make a purple one. How to actually unlock slot once you have all purple assets? Don't skimp on not buying grandmaster alchemist because he will save you a ton of AD since my tactic does a lot of "finish nows". When you have all epic tools you still are not guaranteed to get the rank 3 result, but it will give you 60% chance which helps a ton. The reason I did alot of "finish nows" is because I was doing this for 20 alts, so it's not necessarily a must to do so if it's your main. The tasks are so short though so they dont really drain the AD too fast. Our goal here is to get to level 3 alchemy. You get alchemy level one just by training your first apothecary, so it's really super quick. The task that gives the tier 3 results btw is any of the "mass make x potion" which can vary by player since you unlock different recipes and it's random kind of. This task is a rare task, so it can be a bit of a pain waiting for it to appear, and it's here, that I highly suggest you finish now untill you get the tier 3 result ( you will know when you done it cuz it will be purple and total of 10 potions and plus the slot will pop up ... duh). This was suprisingly painless but a little more expensive than the master tailor thing i described above.
  8. Well I'm almost 30 levels into Neverwinter and my impressions are mixed. First of all... some background. I played Neverwinter on PC since the beta. I quit about 5 months ago due to a stagnant community and continual core changes to the gameplay of my characters and then being expected to pay cash to respec my character due to those changes. I had one of the top pve dps scourge warlocks (Sicaria) on the North American server and played a pvp/pve TR (Castielle) since the beta release. I loved theorycrafting and used ACT to parse most of my guild's combat data and often collaborated with Kaelac Symphony (infamous devoted cleric guides... was part of my old guild) on SW theory. I feel its important to lay out some of my credentials so you guys don't feel I'm talking out of my ass. Here we go. The following is a perspective from an experienced TR leveling up. I am using an Xbox One connection that is wired in. This WILL NOT cover specific encounters and powers and it WILL NOT be a piece on "nerfing" certain things. I am actually in the process of taking some notes on individual encounters and how they respond compared to their PC counter-parts with respect to dps and that may come later. Please let me know if there are ways to do something that I haven't yet managed to figure out. The Controller While not intuitive and easy flowing necessarily, the controller setup puts everyone on the same playing field. You shouldn't have to worry about running into a PVP opponent that has target hardlock on their mouse or certain combos macro'd. Everyone should be even and that is a good thing. Even if you are a pve-centric player, you should be excited about this. Good pvper's should be very happy with this setup and this in turn, will mean less bitching and more spending to support the game you like to play. Not all is good in controller-land though. Situational encounters that on PC can be swapped out while running, don't work the same way on the Xbox. This can be extremely limiting in PVP and PVE as you'll have to tell the group you need to stop to swap powers (that is another story altogether). Also another issue is jumping. Yes... jumping. If any of you played TR on the PC version, you'll realize how important jumping is to class mechanics in both PVE and PVP (especially here). It can be used to evade/make your opponent miss, or even to combo attacts (i.e. jumping with a duelist flurry at the end). Although freeing up your hand for skills, holding down LB and A effectively removes the ability to jump and dodge at the same time without some measure of luck and makes jumping in general discouraging for players. When you only have a split second to do something, this can be really frustrating and I can see this wanting to make me throw things at the screen during high-level PVP. Field of View The field of view is typical of many 3rd-person games on consoles. The problem with this is that this isn't a typical game. Its an MMO and a large field of view is sometimes required to be successful (i.e. a healer might need to see a greater field of view to see where the rest of the party is, or in the case of a TR, it is crucial to managing the battlefield). I was consistently finding myself turned around or completely out of position due to the field of view giving me "tunnel vision". If they can add an option (like the PC version) to increase the FoV it could alleviate a lot of headaches and really open up lots of possibilities. The HUD (Heads-Up-Display) The HUD for the most part is great. Its clean and not cluttered. It tells you what you need to know while not giving you information you don't really need or care about. Where the HUD does fail is with the stamina bar. Its way too small and needs to be increased. I have good vision and a 46 inch TV and find myself wandering around trying to find it all the time. Inventory It sucks. I want to see my character sheet up at the same time. I don't want to have to go to my character sheet individually, select my body part and equip, just to find out the item I want to equip isn't identified yet. This is not intuitive. Gameplay Gameplay is fun and can be very satisfying when your combos work. Notice I said "when". Now maybe this is just my connection (I have a good one), but the gameplay I've experienced so far is not consistent. At times it can be fluid and when it is its great. However, about 50% of the time its choppy. I avoid Protector's Enclave (or any other location where guardian fighters are consistently running Knights Valor xD) like its my job. Simple tasks in the Neverdeath Graveyard can be frustrating as I can find myself about 0.5-1 second behind when I push my buttons. If this is how it is for others, then high level dungeons and PVP will be a frustrating experience. Last night I got disconnected from the game servers every time I switched zones (23 times... I counted). This could be a case of working out kinks in the consoles release.... however, my experienced with PWE MMO's on the PC tell me this may stay like this for quite some time. This was not the polished gameplay that I had been reading about from reviewers. Due to the almost unplayable game lag, I've completely avoided doing the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Playing a TR that seems to be a second behind everything isn't very party-friendly . Socializing (Chat and Voice) MMO's are about socializing. Its what makes an MMO fun. I've done zero socializing on this game. Why? Because its too damn difficult. Like using teamspeak, ventrtillo, mumble, etc...? You can't unless you pay for and download the app on your iphone or android, then proceed to buy the stereo adapter for the xbox controller, then buy a separate adpater stereo cable to run from your pc headset to the tablet, then partially connect it to the controller to get sound from your xbox... Who the fuck wants cables and devices all over the place when you are trying to play a game on the couch?! The best way is to make a party with Xbox Live before and then voice chat that way. This leads me to in-game text chatting on the Xbox. If you haven't figured it out, get a simple wireless Logitech keyboard (the simpler the better) and plug it into your xbox. This will make chatting MUCH easier as you can type exactly as you would a PC. If you don't have a keyboard... you are fucked (not proper fucked either...). You will soon learn to be a complete introvert and abhor anyone who actually tries to have a conversation with you through the chat window. If you DO have a keyboard you must be thinking "This is gonna be awesome".... think again. You have a keyboard yes... but then thousands of other kiddies playing this game don't. So have fun being one of the few with a keyboard. As of today I still haven't been able to figure out how to filter the chat window to just show guild or party chat. Guilds Its not really fair to judge the game in this respect due to its infancy, however I have a strong feeling that the concept of guilds may not do too well here due to the communication gaps. Simply looking in the general chat window will result in the same conclusion. People are confused on the easiest way to chat. In fact, I'm seeing guilds right now as I type this that only want people with microphones to join. Some insist on teamspeak still so you've have to use the setup I mentioned earlier. It may be easier in the long run for AJSA to have an xbox teamspeak channel instead of having to make a xbox live party EVERY time you want to quest... but I don't know. Thats why they pay others the big bucks... Anyhow, these are my impressions so far. They may change as I plan to level a TR and maybe an HR to get more of a feel of the game. So far encounters and powers on the TR have changes to the PC version that I can see, although its hard to tell at low level without good gear. If anyone wants to play, let me know. Gamertag is KritzHappen, ingame I'm Castielle. Happy gaming all.
  9. Some Friends and I have gotten into Neverwinter for PC. We started a Angry Army Guild in it to play with people. If any of you are interested then you can find me on TeamSpeak. I am usually in the Guns of Icarus Section. Just wanted to put the invite out there. -Artose
  10. AJSA Gathering Compition This is the official announcement of the first AJSA gathering contest! These are ongoing events where AJSA members are challenged to collect as much as possible for the guild and win prizes. As the guild is new, what we need most of all are new guild repositorys opened up, and to do that, we need these; Yep, the contest is simply to collect astral diamonds! The contest starts pretty much from the moment you read this and ends on Sunday June 26th. Now, as far as I know, these things cannot be traded between players in the conventional fashion, and obviously you will have to hand your contributions to me at some point, so here is how it's going to work. Astral Bids Players are asked to contact me with a bid of how many Astral Diamonds they plan to put forward to win the contest. Please do this via a pm on the Forums as I can keep my records together more easily. Also please add the characters name and user gamer tag. This bid will be recorded and collected within a week of the contest deadline and will not be shared with anyone. I will collect the bids by putting an item up on the in game auction house for the price that you bid that you will then buy, BIDDER negotiate with for a time where you can get on to make sure that the bid is not negated by another in game player (We, the bidder and me, will both be online playing when this happens limiting the risk of someone else buying it first.), so just for putting in your bids you're guaranteed something. Upon the competition ending, the prizes will be delivered to you via in-game trade or mail. What if I want to change my bid? You can change your bid at any time by sending me another message up until a week before the contest ends. You can raise or lower your bid, but I have to accept your LATEST bid. If the deadline comes and I can't afford my bid, what happens then? Please try to avoid this from happening, but I will accept a lower bid when you have to pay if you have a good reason. I expect people to keep their promises, but I am willing to be reasonable. Who is eligible to enter? Anyone in the AJSA guild at Member rank or higher other than the Game Officer (myself) is eligible. As the one keeping a record of the bids and putting up the prizes it wouldn't ethical or useful for me to enter. If anyone, and this is mostly for staff members, wish to help with the contest by helping track bids I'll consider them, but if you do you will not be eligible to win any contest prizes. If people wish to donate prizes I'll also consider it. Any rules I should know about? The top prizes are worth real money and Astral Diamonds themselves can be exchanged for Zen, so again real money, so this is where I have to get serious. I will NOT tolerate cheating. If I suspect that any member has used, or is using, illegal or dishonest means to acquire the Astral Diamonds they bid with I reserve the right to reject the bid. You WILL be removed from the guild and your status in the AJSA could be affected. You get the right to claim innocence and I will hear ALL the evidence before I make a judgment, but during any process, bids are disabled. You have to understand this is an official AJSA guild contest, so any ill gotten gains will reflect badly on our community, not to mention it's me personally sponsoring the contest, so I will take this very seriously.Each member is limited to making bids with one character only. This is in the interest of fairness and due to the fact the prizes can only be sent to one character anyway.DO NOT share knowledge of bids with other members. It's important for the integrity of the contest that nobody knows what anyone else's bids are. Deliberate attempts to share this information will be considered cheating (I refer you back to rule 1).Once a bid is collected, it is final! You can't bid further and you will not get those Astral Diamonds back weather you win or not. A prize is not guaranteed.The items exchanged for entering a bid, depending on what you offer, will likely be worth considerably less than what your bid is worth. The prizes are available from the Zen Store only, so their worth can be measured in real money, but the items exchanged for entering a bid will be taken from the guild bank and can be earned in game.It is important to remember that this IS a gamble of sorts, so please have the permissions of whoever pays for your XBL account and/or in game purchases before entering the contest!​So, what are the prizes exactly? Yeah I put this at the end to save you from yourselves, you had to read the rest of it. I'm sure you didn't skip ahead, right... Top Prize! A Book Imp Companion + Greater Bag of Holding! A new epic companion available form the zen store and some personal storage. Second Prize! A Honey Badger Companion! Need I say more? It's a fucking Honey Badger! Third Prize! Professions Booster Pack! An understated, but incredibly useful little boost handy to anyone! If you have any further questions or need clarification, please ask and the very best of luck to all of you. /Shagger & gf (editor & proof reader)
  11. Yes, there is going to be a special announcement made to people who attend the event on Friday before anyone else! I don't want to give any hint's but let's just say the sooner you know about this, the better! This event starts at 5pm est and I'll be hosting, so either message me or join my party during the event.
  12. After playing the zen market, I'm sitting at 120,000 astral gems and plan to donate this to get a Guild Repository stated, for that we need around another 30,000. If anyone is able to contribute please let me know and attend the event tonight. Thanks
  13. Neverver Events Friday 29nth May 5pm EST Neverwinter events continue with the next on Friday May 22nth. As usual, this is gonna about group gaming and leveling up players with lvl 60's can focus on higher level raids and dungeons To join this event find the XBL pary hosted by me (ShaggerAJSA), send a message to me or psykogrl on the forums, on XBox Live or reply below with the following information; XBox Gamertag: Character(s) Class: Character(s) Level: This information will help us group people together more easily. Using a mic is recommended , but not required, but please let me or psykogrl know beforehand if you won't be using a mic. If you still need to be added to the Neverwinter AJSA guild or if you have any other questions or queries, please let us know.
  14. This is just a thread to explain the latest in game event. I'll keep it updated as we go. Neverwinter Celebrates its anniversary at the Protector's Jubilee Lord Neverember has declared a grand jubilee to celebrate an amazing year for the city of Neverwinter. It's even said the famous wizard Elminster has arived in the city to gain the aid of its many heroes. To Participate: To participate in this event, visit Protector's Enclave and meet Elminster at the event podium. Complete Elminster's Quests and join in the Protector's Speech skirmish to get your daily reward. Sword Coast Adventures: Make sure you check out the special dungeon in the Sword Coast Adventures on Gateway from your web or mobile browser. Reward: Helping the Sage of Shadowdale will earn you [Commemorative Figurines] and [Neverwinter Renown] which you can spend in the store to purchase the following items: Protector's Garden Access [Traveling Entertainer] [Jubilee Parade Horse] [Throne of the Lion] [Throne of Boo] The Protector's Jubilee comes but once a year and lasts through the week, so join us as we celebrate a successful year in Neverwinter!
  15. All positions currently filled, but more may open if the guild expansion warrants the need or if the current sergeants resign. Hi all, this is Neverwinter Officer Shagger presenting an opportunity. I have created a rank in the Neverwinter guild rank that basically entails being my immediate associates to help me run the guild. This will also grant you rank of sergeant on the forums as that is needed to acces the XBox One Staff room where even planning and such will take place. If you own an Xbox One, are social enough to engage with online members when you play and have a character at at least level 20 by the time you submit your application (The higher the better, but not the most important thing) then I will consider your application. Thanks in advance for your interest.
  16. Hello, My Name is Alec, I go by Alkin on pretty much every game I play, I'm new to the Angry Joe Show Army, but I've been a youtube subscriber for a long time I also Have been gaming for pretty much My whole life. I am making this post so i can possibly get some friends on steam to play Nosgoth, Planetside 2, and Neverwinter with. If anyone wants to friend me and play some games (mostly been playing Nosgoth lately LOVE this game, Wish we had more events) add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/Alkinftw
  17. I have to say I have been waiting for this for quite some time. I'm a big fan of Neverwinter Nights and everything accompanied by this. Imagine my surprise when I just began to forget about this it shows up on steam ready to play. http://store.steampowered.com/app/109600/ I'm going to hope all my waiting will be fruitful once I get a taste of it. I definitely want to get a hold of making my own adventures other can play online.
  18. Just seeing if anyone else is playing or wanting to play Neverwinter, or any if you have anything you want to say about the game. I play for fun so I'm not really looking for anything that is to serious.