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Found 45 results

  1. Hello, nice to meet you all. I hope we can all get along (to a degree). Tries to think of something interesting to say... I've been a fan of Angry Joe Show for a long time but never joined the community since my library consisted of single-player titles. Now that I managed to get Starcraft 2 and Guild Wars 2 I fell more comfortable with joining and being a part of this group. I hope you can help me improve as a player and person. And that's about it from me. bows Might be important: 1. Bedomy is the name I usually use in games but, just in case, ask for my in-game name if you wish to play. 2. I apologize in advance for any case of unintentional rude behavior on my part. Please, warn me if it happens. 3. I have a YT channel called "Doomed From The Start". And I would like to thank Joe and the late TotalBiscuit for giving me courage to make videos. Salutes
  2. Hello I'm new to the AJSA but I'm glad to be here. I'll be on xbox under the name Neo Semaj but I might change it to Enigmatic Semaj so just search that if you can't find my first username. Mostly play smite and fortnite. I'm glad im here and to anyone reading this, please have a nice day.
  3. Hi all just joined the Angry army officially. been watching Joe's videos for a while now before i buy any games (mostly, i still buy a few of the more nostalgic games regardless) been a follower for a while but thought it was time to hit the join button. found a new game that's coming out and wanted to Pre-order it and beta test it a bit but haven't seen much on it state side. now i know Joe is a busy guy and can't get to all the games as much as I'm sure he would like too so i was wondering if he had a team leader that also did reviews and made you-tube videos that i could add to my watch list. the game is called Escape From Tarkov! its suppose to be (from what i have seen so far) an FPS/crafting based game with a what looks to be a lot of customization. it has a Diablo 3 esk character screen from what i have been able to gather. all in all there are a few videos out there so far but its mostly just game play and i would like to see a real breakdown or review on this game that takes into consideration the real drawbacks of the game not just the oooo look at how cool this is part. i prefer the real nasty dirty truth about the games i play before jumping into them. (now a days anyway with the loot-boxes getting into everything) id like to know that a game is going to be worth getting before i spend $100 on the collectors edition. especially games still in beta or alpha. i have spent far to much money on games that start out great in alpha then never get finished so I'm hesitant to keep giving developers my money just to not get a finished product or have the game stripped down drastically from what it was in alpha. anyways I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and play some games. I'm into all games from 8 bit indie games to the Big corp titles, all genres and play styles. Escape From Ta
  4. Hello all. I look forward to possibly joining you in your adventures and the countless battles that may come. I respect Joe's reviews for a majority of the games that I've seen him cover, and I came to follow him as he is almost like my own voice in gaming. The one that stands out the most to me is the review for Guild Wars 2, the ONLY mmorpg I play, however I've grown bored out of having no purpose or community to stand with. I play StarCraft 2, Guild Wars 2, Black Ops 3, and several other games on occasion, depending on who I'm with. I am however limited to my gaming choices computer-wise, since I have a mac. To make up for it I do have a ps4! Cheers to all, see you on the battlefield... -+- DemonOHell
  5. What's going on yall??? Long time gamer and newly ascended PC gamer here. Been following the Angry Joe Show for a while, and looking for a new gaming community on PC. I play most genre's and can't wait to see what's in store for the future! General C Wolf, Signing out.
  6. Hello my fellow AJSA gamers I'm new to the forum, I've been watching Angry Joe for a while now and I really like him About me: I'm an 16 year old Austrian student who is visiting High School at the moment.I like watching youtube, series (mainly Stargate, The Walking Dead and game of thrones), playing all kinds of games (from battlefield to gothic to cod zombies etc) and i like playing football with my friends. I really hope that I can integrate myself in the Angry Joe Show Army and I hope you'll welcome me with open arms Best regards Goroz
  7. Hello everyone, I´m Lyzion a very eager player from germany. I wanted to join the AJSA cause I´m passioned in playing games of all kind. I´m also kinda "angry" sometimes when I play, so the "Angry Army" just seemed perfect. But despite me yelling at my PC sometimes, I have lot of fun playing games. My anger is more some sort of satire. As germany doesnt have that great gaming communities and I´m used to play with people from all around the world I´d like to apply here. Games where you could find me are BF4, Rocket League and mostly War Thunder. See you guys around here or in some games And happy fragging (not to confound with fracking)
  8. Hello Everyone! I am Shadowmarine578, been gaming most of my life saw joe's videos and found you guys through that, i kept hearing Joe referencing you guys but didn't know he was talking about a real group or not..... yea i am kinda slow but in a lovable way. I have ran with a lot of Clans, most i have built from the ground up, but got tired of the headache of not having the money to keep it going like with running a website, teamspeak, servers ect ect. The Main reason i joined is to make new friends so we can crack some skulls together and have fun! Ok so some quick info about me i live on the east coast of USA USMC Veteran 2006 to 2010 i am on PC, and Xbox one gamer tag and Steam ID is the same as on here games types i play: FPS, RTS, RPG's and simulators Games i have Destiny - Xbox one Fallout 4 - Xbox one Arma 3- PC <-- yea the game is buggy but damn it i love that peace of crud game Battlefield 4 - PC <--don't really enjoy this game but will play if friends want to A lot of others but tired of typing <-- yea im kinda lazy to
  9. Hello all I'm new to the AJSA, but not to gamming, Iv been playing video games from the time Atari 2600 came out, so I'm not a new player. I've play many game type from FPS to MMO's right now I'm getting in to N1Z1, and Guild Wars 2, and by Friday I will be playing the hell out of Fallout 4, and yea Black Ops 3 when it come out (mostly getting it for the zombie mode), both for the Xbox 1. I own a good gamming PC, as well the xbox 360 and 1, (the 360 is now no longer needed thanks to that up date) a WiiU, and a 3ds, amd many old school gamming systems. I'm hopeing to join the guild in Guild Wars 2 and get to play with many people. Well Ill see you all in the games. Later.
  10. Hey fellow AJSA members just wanted to get your thoughts on Halo 5: Guardians. Please leave a detailed description of your thoughts below.
  11. Hi there! I'm RussianGamer117, greetings from Maryland! Been playing for a long time now and have been a viewer of Joe for a while now, but have only just now gotten around to joining the AJSA community. I'm mostly up for Civ 5, Wargame Red Dragon, CSGO, Arma 3, Warthunder, and Lost Planet 2 (all on PC). I'm free mostly around 3:30-5-6 PM on weekdays. I speak English and Russian fluently, but would love to play with some German players to keep my German sharp over the summer. I only have about a year's education in German, but I would like not to lose it over the summer.
  12. Hi AJSA Community! My names Abraham, Im a xbox 360 and xbox one gamer. I watch the Angry Joe show sometimes. for games Im intrested in, and The Witcher 3s review was great. My favorite games im on are GTA V, Injustice GA, Tomb Raider etc. Hit me up on xbox PEACE
  13. Greetings everyone, my name is Kenny and I'm new to the AJSA community. I've been gaming since I was seven and haven't stopped since. I play all types of games, but Halo is my favorite series of all time. The multiplayer and campaign is the best first-person shooter experience ever in my opinion. I also stream on Twitch whenever I can, which has been fun. I'm really excited to be a part of this community and look forward to being a part of it.
  14. Hi everybody my name is Orangedude12345 I mainly play ps4 games but I also love great free to play PC games and im going to upgrade my hardware so I can play games at 1080p high on most games on my PC so I can get more involved in this community so yeah hope everybody has a good day and I will see you in a video game very soon.
  15. So I joined the AJSA for the reason of the Joe being the realist reviewer I have seen on youtube and thought the community looks like a blast. I have been watching Joe for about three years and just decided to join the community. I am a 17yr old from the UK and currently own a PS4,PS3 XBOX 36O and a 3DS so if anyone wants to play hit me up. PSN:stee_97 Gamertag:stevedude123 I am currently playing GTAV, DBZ xenoverse, COD AW. Games I am currently waiting for to buy are Mortal Kombat x, blood bourne, COD BO3 and FFXV. I hope to have a blast in this community and i'll see you later in the forums or the battle field
  16. Hello everyone. I have been an advent supporter of the show but only in the past year. Not much of a youtuber I guess you could say or just life being busy with my daughter. Been a competetive person most my life and I saw Joe's AJSA video and sounds like a great idea and I would love to be apart of it. Mostly interested in playing with you guys and forming teams that have people as dedicated as I am. Sounds awesome. Anyways love the show and sounds like a great community. I would love to maybe get a hold of Joe maybe ask a few questions. I stream here and there when I can (not advertising at all just started actually, type Full_bar) also live in Texas and love how Joe reps that shit! Any support and feedback or if you guys maybe want to play steam name : Full_Bar battlenet battletag: Fullbar#1998 I play a lot of Heroes of the Storm/ Dont Starve Together atm but been through a lot of games and open to sudjestions.
  17. Hi. I'm Zach, I'm from Southern California, where there is no weather. I am a movie guy and a gamer. I have a great sense of humor. I bet that made you laugh. Or maybe not. But that probably did. I love you. I'm an Xbox gamer because its easy. PC gaming used to be my thang but I'd have to keep upgrading and it got too complex for me. And generally, Xbox has better exclusives. But that seems to be changing lately, so I don't know anymore. I do know that Playstation controllers make me projectile vomit. But no hate, I used to love Playstation. Party tricks: I can flip my eyelids inside out. It's pretty scary. Am I boring you? I'm new to this. So yeah, be my friend, hit me up, glad to be here. Add me on xbox if you're a cool person, I like cool people. Currently not affiliated with any particular L337 Qu1ck5c0p1ng Kl4nZzzz and I don't like CoD. Unless I'm screwing around. I am a very experienced and seasoned gamer and have very important and respectable opinions that you should listen to because I'm cool. I'm also very sarcastic some times. I give free virtual hugs and will headshot all your mean bullies. Have a nice day. (:
  18. Hello AJSA! My name is Chris, and I go by the username Crick120. I recently subbed to AngryJoe's twitch stream, and became a member of the AngryArmy in Guild Wars 2. I came to this community because of Joe and the reviews he puts out that have helped me a great deal when selecting which games to purchase and which ones to avoid. Because of this, I have more cash to spare now on better games and DLC's as they become available. Most of all, I've just gotten sick of having to rely on random people in games all the time. It's ruined my love for multiplayer pvp games and I would love to be able to play them again. I hope with the AJSA I can meet some new people, gain a good team of players to play alongside with, and have fun again in the games I used to play. Also it wouldn't hurt maybe learning a thing or two from you guys with some of the games I struggle with.
  19. hello everyone! i've been watching joe for a few years now and finally made it over to joining the AJSA! i'll mainly be playing smite here with you guys hopefully, but i do play other games as well. my username is pretty much always Mythking15!
  20. Just joined today, been a viewer and sub to AJS for a year and a bit but decided to join the AJSA this morning. Hope you're all having a good morning/afternoon/evening
  21. Hello everybody, just joined!
  22. Hi my name is Hypern, I am someone who has followed some of Angry Joe's reviews and small playthroughs of games. The reason I am is because I would like to participate in getting to play with this community and understanding how things work. I hope that as time goes on I will become an accepted member of this commnutiy.
  23. Hey! I don't have much to say other than I've been a fan for a long time now, but I recently subscribed and now I find out there is a forum to join and I can talk to other people who also probably find that Joe's views reflect their own in the gaming world and want to help out more and be more involved, but with people they WANT to be involved with, and thats me! I want to hang with the angry gang! Serious, besides I think like Joe IS the only channel I'm subscribed to I think, right now anyways. Maybe TB too. SO JOE! I hope you get this or someone directs you to me, one thing I LOVE about the show is your CGI backgrounds and stuff, and I have some pretty good talent video pre and post production, and a lot of time on my hands.... I'm recovering from spinal cord surgery and well I'm at home a lot. I can get around not to bad and stuff, not ALWAYS in a wheelchair, in fact, been out of it more than in it lately. Anyways, Joe I'd LOVE TO HELP OUT! Can you and I collaborate somehow? Like would having a second graphics guy ready to crank out a game you are about to review and sending you extra material, or perhaps even doing all the effects and shipping the bits back to you as they get done ... would that be helpful? Is there any small thing I could do sometime shortly just to show you what I can do? MAYBE A LETS PLAY for AJS .. or why don't you check out my video I made after life had no meaning after ME3. (read the vid text, many of these were made, I still think mine is the best.. of the clinched unoriginal videos.. thats not saying a lot - lol) Um.. and I did a commercial for a friend just as an exercise recently.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRSj1DHoRA There is my (wasted) time I spent at an Occupy trying to get footage good enough for one documentary.. this was literally the BEST PIECE I was able to put together from that disaster.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=YF3ek41AYqc#t=72 ...now that I've become totally jaded against political activism and hate the left and right equally I'm finishing up my political activism with an Occupy... well... they stuff they didn't want people to see.. its all about to come out.. the blurry videos that Glenn Beck were trying to show how de-generative the scene there was - well I HAVE THE REALLY NICE QUALITY ONES that were taken close up, but I'm actually sinking TIME in to that one cuz its my big KMA to the wacky left! NOW THAT ONE is going to show case some ACTUAL talent. So I have other stuff, but most of its pretty, lame (activisity). And I have other stuff that has nice art but no context. So.. I could use some portfolio work and if you guys ARE trying to start a revolution against the gaming industry against DLC and intrusive DRM, PreOrdering, well, I not only share your opinions but I have actual experience getting pepper sprayed and tear gassed, taken prisoner (arrested) in places like Montebello and Montreal ... I'm not just a gamepad warrior. AND SO.. I can really help create some material and .. if one thing people are asking you for more of Joe.. its material! ANYWAYS I just moved apartments so I'm a little, unorganized in here right now, my system totally needs a reinstall because, its just not acting as it should be. I'm trying to tie up this one last video I gotta do, I gotta burn some bridges (cuz thats what you do in warfare) and make sure I NEVER feel like getting involved in political activism without serious direction and leadership ever again. IN FACT.. gaming and its issues might be where I am best suited to be right now. And I can't think of anyone else I'd rather help with that message! Its why I signed up here! SO EXCITED TO BE HERE!!!!! -OPEX PS: (sorry for the formatting.. I'll get it right next post or two)
  24. Hey guys! I'm glad to be a new member of the AJSA. I would like to hopefully meet up with a Planetside 2 unit; if there are any forums already related to this topic then I apalogize and if you could refer me to that forum I would be most gracious. Look forward to playing with you guys!