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Found 7 results

  1. I'm a stay at home dad, love Joe and other Joe (I'm a tad biased to other Joe I think). Just saying hi!
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Mike and I just joined the AJSA because I'm looking for a great group to play with and was lead to all of you via YouTube. I play Star Trek Online (STO), Starmade, Space Engineers, Torchlight 2, Eve Online, and many other games. Send me a message if you need another able body to help you out with anything.
  3. Hello AJSA! I'm Payne, huge fan of Angry Joe and I'm brand new to the Angry Army. My name is Steve and I am from England, 20 years old, and I've never really had anybody to play many games with... Especially MMOs, so I thought I'd join AJSA. I have just started playing Guild Wars 2 again and reaaaalllyy want to join the Angry Army guild and find some active players to play with, and hopefully teach me!! The last time I played I never got to play with anyone, and got bored of playing alone. I struggled a lot. I got to around level 12. I also play games like League of Legends and Battlefield, along with plenty of other games. I can be kind of shy, but I want to meet new people who I can befriend and hopefully spend a lot of time playing games with in the future!
  4. Here is a thread for people to declare if they are looking for people to play with, whether you are new to the game or a veteran. I'm fairly new around here, so naturally I'm looking for people to play with as I'm bored of playing solo and this game is much more fun when playing with other people. I currently play limited hero's but will probably make the jump to normal matches soon as I'm picking the game up quickly. Hit me up on Steam: XLNC
  5. Hello my name is Stanimir. Im 14 years old from Bulgaria. Im a big Battlefield fan and on Battlelog ( BlackKnightBGR ) you can find me playing battlefield 3, 4 and even the Hardline beta that ends tomorrow. I allways play these games including Mount and Blade Warband on the EU1_Nexus_Roleplay server ( steam: razlikok )
  6. Hey all, I recently decided I'd give GW2 another shot and get some guidance off more experienced players with how to level, as when I first picked it up I was really burnt out off WoW and SWTOR. Really enjoying it this time around, so I recently transferred over to NSP and was wondering how I'd get involved with the AJSA on it? IE: Do I have to get to 80 before I can really get involved in stuff? I have no max level characters, and my highest level character is 20, but I'll get there eventually! Thanks
  7. I am ready and willing to become a member of the angry army, ready to protect the games I love from being ruined by the companies that do not appreciate how powerful gaming as a creative medium is. My name is Chris White, Age 18. Born 28th of June 1995. Alias's include; HippyTwit, TheTwit1995, hippy_twit and Hippy Twit I am a profound lover of FPS, RTS and Western RPG games. I have waited for a community that seems like I might fit in and I'm glad to say this is it. I am a friendly player who admits to acting very overzealous when playing certain games (Battlefield 3, Half-Life etc.) and really enjoy team play in these certain sorts of games. Origin story, I became a gamer at an incredibly young age, 3 years old sat on my dad's lap watching him play the original Half-life, this was a magical moment in my little mind as the game really stuck with me and I have bought every game in that series day 1 ever since. This was then was extended when my Father then bought a Sega genesis, which I can only remember playing one game Sonic the Hedge hog. My memory starts to then clear as I found myself playing the original PlayStation 1, crash bandicoot warped, Teken and of course Spyro The Dragon. I then fought my way through that generation to the PlayStation 2 all the while playing new and interesting games. Then I moved up into secondary school or "high school" and discovered the "Xbox" and obviously didn't like it... But then I herd of all these great games my friends where playing and the Xbox 360 was launching, but for some strange reason I was content with my ps2 and my old PC games. But that fateful Christmas a present from father Christmas was left under the tree, and my wide eyed excitement as I opened to reveal the Xbox 360...ELITE. This started a binge of gaming, Halo, Gears of War and being shown what single player campaigns with story's and graphics I have never experienced before! But then my father showed me an Ethernet cable and let me have Xbox Live and thus my true gaming skill was born. I became increasingly good at online games mastering gameplay and beating all my friends. Suddenly a dark path formed where I was no longer playing campaigns for fun but for....Achievements, this was a dark path that I sank lower and lower into. It never got bad enough for me to buy games that my friends had suggested for easy G, such as avatar and King Kong. This awful situation was then blown out of the water with Battlefield 3, I had experienced online gaming on PC before but it never held my attention, I played games like Joint Ops Typhoon Rising, Battlefield 2 ( which ironically I didn't play at all because of "bugs" which my feeble young mind thought was pat of the game!) these games where nothing...the pure mind blowing, pure and excellent Battlefield 3 online play broke my achievement hunting and I played for fun, I sank 300+ hours into online play bought every DLC for maps and just had an excellent time. Then I noticed something as my friends became tired of me being MVP every game my skills outmatching there's they filtered away from Battlefield but I played on. Recently I started to give up for this reason moved to PC gaming like so many, hearing every day of these massive community's that play games on massive scales making true friends and experiencing games in ways that I had never experienced, or at least had skimmed the top of. This brings me to today I play games for fun and to find friends that love the game just as much as I. So feel free to add me and we shall fight together on the battlefield to the very distant stars.