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Found 21 results

  1. Although Next Gen came out in 2013, it feel like next gen really starts this fall with games like Rainbow Six, Arkham Knight(in June), Uncharted 4, Halo 5, The Division,a nd so many more. Im not jumping to next gen until Arkham Knight, and even then, im not gonna abandon my PS3 until Next Gen gives me a reason to. When will you be getting next gen?
  2. With the announcement of the new FPS mode, I'm even more excited then ever for the next gen versions of GTA 5. This is something that I've dreamed about for years when playing GTA games and when I think of things such as Oculus Rift support I can't help but get excited. Here is a link to the FPS gameplay below: How excited are you for the next gen versions of GTA 5? Has the new FPS mode convinced you to buy the newer versions or are you still on the fence?
  3. Hey so how is BF4 similar to its PC port to its current gen ports do we get the full sized maps and 64 simultaneous players or are the maps cut down as well. Also is the net code better on it. P.S. No I'm not getting a PC to play it I'm just asking if it's worth my money to add to my current gen game collection.
  4. Now that were a couple of months in the next gen cycle i do have to say these new games that are out for the xbox one and ps4 graphically wise blow me away no doubt about it but games such as kill zone ryse knack infamous second son thief dont really wow me that much interms of gameplay it seems like the trend is NEXT-Gen Technology But LAST Gen Effort when it comes to game's story wise thats why looking back at games like the last of us it really set a new standard for game's but so far im not liking current gen BUT ATLEAST WE GOT CALL OF DUTY PUPPIEZZZZ
  5. So let's have a few predictions do you think that there's going to be a gta v for ps4 if so when and what do you think will be changed if not just the vamped up graphics , I definatly think there will be as it will push more copy's of the game and console What do you think ?
  6. Hey AJSA! This was something that arose from some comments on a youtube video about next gen consoles, where I said I've had a 'next gen' console for over 3 years (A PC). People got angry but one person in particular told me he wanted to get his first Gaming PC. What are my specs and what should I get? So, a typed a long comment in reply to that and thought to myself: why not post it on the AJSA forums! Maybe some people could find it useful. So I've generalized the whole thing a bit and here it is, nothing special, nothing professional but handy for when you're getting a PC now, since next gen consoles (aka PC's) are also coming out. ''Now this will be extremely long so bear with me, I'll probably use this as a a guide more often and I might even flesh it out some more. For now, here's what I got.'' My specs: I have an Intel 3570k @4.2GHz (CPU), with an AMD HD7970 (GPU) which is just overclocked to maximum settings in the CCC, this along with Corsair Vengeance (8GB, DD3) RAM, CPU is cooled by a pretty standard Cooler Master hyper 212 evo all connected to a Gigabyte GA-z77x-ud3h (motherboard), powered by a Corsair TX650M (PSU) and inside a Corsair 650D (midi-tower case). The PC: Now if you're buying a (your first) gaming PC there is two things to consider beforehand. 1. Do you build it (generally cheaper) 2. Or do you buy a pre-made one such as an Alienware or choose your own specific specs and get it built for you. (usually more expensive). Now one is more work but also more fun I find. You learn from it and its cheaper. If you do want to buy a premade PC that's fine too but avoid Alienware or other fancy 'pay for the fancy case and logo instead of what's inside' brands. Instead, find a computer specialist and pick specs that suit you and let the person do the work; assembling it for you. If you want to build, build! Don't hesitate, watch some videos and you'll be fine. I'll focus on specs. General specs: Specs wise there are many options. Budget gaming PC's (low end), 'mid end', high end and ultra high end. Their limitations vary and so do their prices. A low end PC will obviously not cost as much as a high end one ($400 vs $1000) but will be less powerful, playing on low-medium settings on new games vs playing on high-ultra. I don't know what your budget is of course and I don't know how much you are willing to invest in a Gaming PC but generally if you really want to get something that will be ahead of the next gen consoles you'll have to throw in about 500 - 600 euros which is not that bad seeing as the Xbox One is $500. Now this may seem like a lot for people who are not familiar with PC prices and it might seem cheap to some of the ultra high end PC's out there but I'd say 600 euros is the sweet-spot. But keep in mind, prices on PC hardware go down faster and harder than (very highly inappropriate joke which I will absolutely not make). My PC cost 1200 euros at the time I upgraded (mostly due to the ludicrous price of the HD7970 which was 500 euros when it came out.) but now it might even be half. It does still play pretty much anything on ultra so I'm fine for another half year but it's an indication of how fast these things go. Advice, what to do (CPU, GPU) So my advice, simply: wait. Wait until the new Nvidia series of cards are out and then either get one of those, or get a high end 700 series card which will drop down when the new series hits. Alternatively there is AMD, they produce brilliant cards too (the new 200x GPU's just hit so take a look at that too.) That is, in my opinion, your best bet for the GPU. The CPU is a slightly different story, there are 2 main brands. Intel and AMD, usually the story is: Intel when you have the cash and AMD when you're on a budget. Now I will say, this is in some ways true but not in all. AMD CPU's can be just as good as Intel for a lower price. I went for Intel because at the time it cost only a bit more than a similar AMD card and I'd hear very good stories about Intel. So, what should you do? Intel or AMD? Well ultimately it's your choice, but I'll go with slightly altered version of the original assumption. Get an Intel card if money is not such and issue and get an AMD card when you want a good card but want something that's cheaper. Intel's a bit more ''premium'' (God I hate that word... but it works.) Other hardware: Now I won't go so in depth over all the other parts but generally this is what I try to think when I get the other PC hardware: 1. For the power supply (PSU), do not cheap out. People tend to make this mistake, don't. A good PSU is important in general, but, especially when overclocking. Preferably you want something that's modular or semi modular which means the cables aren't hardwired to the unit but the most important thing is quality (research the brand and model, watch reviews). Also, look for the certification: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. They factor into the energy efficiency of the unit. 2. The motherboard, also a known piece of kit people cheap out on. The most important thing here is to check compatibility. There are so many different brands and types. Check with all your PC components on what works with what and how it all works together. The motherboard connects everything. Take your time finding the right one. 3. RAM. Ram is usually cheap. This is simple: 8GB will most likely be fine for gaming. If you have a lot of editing/rendering/3d work etc to do, 16GB is better. Get RAM from a good brand (e.g Kingston, Corsair) and I suggest getting RAM running at 1600MHz. 4. The case. My philosophy is: Get something that works, not something that just looks pretty. The Corsair 650D is an example of a case that works, it's solid, big enough, very modular and has tons of cooling. < Features you want to look for in a case. End notes: Did I miss anything? I hope not. Just to summarize. Get something that suits your budget, be patient, don't rush and get stuff you will regret, have fun when building and stay up to date software wise. Do that and you'll have yourself a PC that is capable and unlike a console can be upgraded, because after 7-10 years again console players will be sitting on 7 year old hardware where a PC will be ahead. (P.S: Other hardware like a harddrive, network card, OS are not mentioned. However, I will elaborate a bit more. For your harddrive, SSD is faster but more expensive, HDD is much cheaper but slower, it can also hold tons more content. Generally people get an SSD to put the OS on and HDD for general storage. Some extra advice on HDD's provided by Eric is Raid: ''What can also be mentioned is making your HDD faster is putting them in raid 0, Yes it increases chance in failure (due to 2 harddrives becoming 1 and if 1 breaks you lost the data on the other drive. But if you only install games and that kind of stuff on it, It's not really big of a deal.'' Raid configurations can be quite daunting but it's a good way for faster HDD speeds. I'll link a website here explaining Raid better than I could. http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/dsichelp/ds8000ic/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.storage.ssic.help.doc%2Ff2d_raidimplementation_2tkmjp.html For your OS: Get a hold of Windows 7. 8 is a disaster.) Useful video guide for those who want to build their own PC, courtesy of:
  7. PS4 is out and I know that games are going to really get great in Spring time (and Thief reboot is out in Feb). I am hoping my PS4 will be in stock by this week so then am getting it for christmas. It's really short notice if am going to be able to get it or not so I wonder what games everyone else got, besides Knack and Killzone, there isn't really any next gens only, hopefully I'll be trying AC: Black Flag and my first COD game (Because of popularity and great reviews). The only other game I can think of is Rivals maybe. I'll be getting + too and that will keep me content with games every month until Spring, probably PSNetwork games so am not so sure I should buy any of them right because they can't be sold and I don't think they'd sell their retail games at £48 for a long time.
  8. Digital storm showed there steam machine and it will cost $1,469 http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/11/5200180/digital-storms-first-steam-machine-will-be-a-1469-gaming-pc
  9. I'm planning on buying a Xbox One, but I think that right now it's not the right time to do it, as I been reading that it is still missing some features and updates, also I consider that there aren't still many games worth buying or playing
  10. If Watchdogs or Tom Clancy's The Division isn't getting you excited to get a XBone (not used in derogatory way, just abbreviating) or PS4, this should I have always been a Metal Gear fan, and it looks like they're really upping the ante on Ground Zeroes. This game looks like it will be phenomenal, and this is just the first mission. With an emphasis on more free roaming, more planning, side objectives, massive mission areas, improved enemy AI, improved mission tech, and just vastly improved overall mechanics, this game is absolutely a reason to think about getting a PS4 or XBone. Seeing this really gives me hope for what can be done with next gen and hope that developers will properly exploit the capabilities of the systems to make games something more than just pretty eye candy. Using the technology to improve the AI and mechanics of games is absolutely what is needed to keep gaming fresh and new.
  11. This is a topic about how your search is going and if it was successful or not. I currently hate the Black Friday rush but need my Next-Gen fix and have been searching for any place that still has something. My story is we went to a BestBuy around 10, we walked in and rushed to the PS4 section of the store. Right then a family just grabbed a PS4 right in front of me as we paced through the rows. It was so close and yet so far, sadly I didn't Divekick the family and let them walk away with their prize. What stories do you wish to share?
  12. Ok so after having had a look at everything for the next gen consoles I am going PS4 and i have some good reasons for that. Power now somthing that i noticed on IGN (http://bit.ly/HLLY0r) is that COD:Ghosts runs at 720p on Xbox One but nativly runs 1080p on PS4 now having a look at this comparison chart(Again IGN http://bit.ly/1d5FGCB) we can see the multiple improvements from the PS4 1. Price. Now I live in Australia and for whatever reason all game stuff is more expensive (Games $80) and so the PS4 is $550 and the Xbox One is $600 so there isnt so much of a jump but i know that in America the PS4 is $400 and the Xbox One is $500 So that is a big jump 2. Ram. ok so this is obvious. PS4 8GB DDR5 and Xbox One 8GB DDR3 Ram 3. Subsciption services. Ok for me im sad that PS4 now needs Playstation Plus but unless you like multiplayer you still have access to everything else like Hulu or even a web browser for free but on Xbox You need a Subsription to Xbox live gold to use those things. Also Playstation Plus Has your Instatnt Game Collection where you get tonnes of AAA free game (At the moment http://bit.ly/159R6kE) 4.GPU. ok PS4 has AMD Radeon Graphics core Next Engine With 1152 Shaders Xbox one 853MHz AMD Radeon GPU With 768 Shaders.....PS4 Win 5. Most importantly GAMES ok so these are launch window games (http://bit.ly/1cJ4Haw) PS4 has 9 Extra Exclusives at the moment witch is huge now looking at launch day PS4 mainly has Killzone and Knack and Resogun and Xbox One has Dead Rising, Ryse and Forza. But what people don't seem to see is that PS4 has F2P Launch Games and good ones too, Blacklight Retribution, Warframe and DC Universe Online. Now i think Ryse son of rome looks like a button masshy quick time bore fest. Forza is good for racing fans but dead rising is the only game i am interested in but recently it has been found that it runs 720p at 30fps tututut. PS4 Launch Games (http://bit.ly/1gJ0ToX) Xbox One (http://bit.ly/17SFEha) So there you have it "MY" opinion on next gen this is more a look at the hardware and if you are still Happy to get the Xbox one then more power to you. But till next time SIRTROLLBUSCUS OUT!!!!!!! P.s If you want to read more of my writings please visit http://fjhgames.com/
  13. Ok guys since we are here to have fun together and help each other out I thought it would be a good idea if everyone who had a next gen console gave their honest opinion about the console they got so everyone else who doesn't have one or is on the fence about which to get can have something to look at ok no fighting just give your honest review so others can have some help deciding which they wish to buy because not everyone can afford or wants to buy both of them
  14. Hello angry army, I was just wondering if I should get a Xbox One on release date? It's hard to say but whenever i see consoles release right away there price is high, they have to many problems and there are not really any games out. Tell me what you guys think. I currently don't have alot of money due to my car issues and college but I believe i can still get a xbox one if i saved my money some how over the next month.
  15. I've pretty much already decided I'm going Sony for this new generation, and so have a lot of you, it seems! XD Over the last couple of years I've noticed that I've been buying a new console at the end of the year with my Christmas bonus. Last year I bought my Wii U (I regret nothing) and the year before I picked up a PS3. This year however might be a little different, I'm probably not going to get a PS4 until sometime later next year, possibly as far along as May or June. This is mostly because of money. A few months ago I had to spend something around the region of $2000 in bills, rent, and a couple debts I had to pay off. Also last week I dished out $550 for both Pokemon X and Y and a 3DS, which happened to be one of those limited edition X and Y XL ones that are something like $400 in Australia. Stupid price differences. There is a benefit to waiting to buy a PS4 however! It gives Sony plenty of time to iron out any hardware of software issues, the price might go down, and more games will have come out for the system Anyone got a similar plan? Or did you all line up outside GameStop to pick one up at midnight? :I
  16. I would like to see what everyones was/is. Me personally for the PS4 was KHIII being the main console not the port. And for the Xbox One it was two words and two words alone...ULTRAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOO!
  17. Since I became a player, I have seen so many changes in the industry, and I always liked to talk about how other people feels about new generations. Do you still feel the same level of anxiety when a new gen arrives? What's different this time? For example, for a lot of people this would be the first gen they are going to buy the things by themselves instead of their parents buying it, etc. Also, what was your first gaming device? And how you as kid would have reacted to consols like the ones we have now?
  18. http://www.polygon.com/a/ps4-review/ A really nicely constructed page, people should view it just to see how beautiful it is. So after spending some time with the PS4, the guys at Polygon finally talk about their experiences. They talk about the hardware and its design, the new Dualshock 4 (there's two pictures of DS3 and DS4 overlapping and you can slide one over the other to compare yourself), the brand new OS, Playstation Network and Store, the PS Camera, the setup patches and performance, the Vita Remote Play, the launch lineup, and of course problems they had with new console and its design implementations. There's also a video review at the page, but I recommend reading the whole written reviewto get a better opinion of the console. There's also a score but I don't really understand how you can score a console before it even becomes available to the public. They don't specify if it's only for the hardware aspect of the PS4 and I doubt it is. I hope though they keep updating the review as more people get access to the console and the usability of its features becomes more clear (video streaming, remote playing lag etc.)
  19. Thought you guys might find it as interesting as I do. Personally i'm not too excited about the next gen, specifically Xbox One, but this gives you some nice and more or less unedited insight into the Xbox One that we didn't really have before without a bunch of bullshit piled ontop of it.
  20. I was wondering which controller you guys think is better, the PS4 or XBone???