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Found 27 results

  1. Hi! I have been a proud viewer of AJS for AGES! (7-8 Years) I've always wondered if I could try contributing or getting a chance to engage into the community, as I expected it to be a critical and or entertaining group of people I could have fun with! (beg for games) And I thought that it was cool he set up a forum (where I could beg for games). So I decided to join the Forum (keeping it a secret from family) and call myself a proud (beggar for games) member of AJS (forums) and it's community! (beggar site-Alpha) I've been a person more obsessed with servers and communities, often being the forum junkie (beggar) and the type that would be too serious and fucked-up for any form of community-management and too fit for holding Damocle's Sword above someone's head over something. That helps when you're on those strange strange strange Military RP servers (the type that result in me being sent.... Interesting pictures) but not really with being nice or likable in any stretch of the imagination. At the same time I end up being a massacist- constantly returning to said place to be hated for being a dick and I found another colonization site! I'm a lover of games- spending most of my life playing games. Anyways- let's see how this goes!
  2. How's it going everyone!? My name is Julian and I'm new here. I like to play tons of games, mostly PvE games like Warframe, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead, single player games, etc. but I do play the occasional moba and fps from time to time when I'm feeling competitive. I came here to make some friends, grow as a content creator, and to just have some fun! I also own a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, my favorite game for the switch is Breath of the Wild and I'm currently replaying Kingdom Hearts on PS4. Hope to meet some new people soon, feel free to add me if you'd like: PSN: Blindsan Steam: blindpwn3d (Alias is Blind) See ya around.
  3. Good day my dudes, whats happening. I am just starting out in the community and I would like to quickly introduce myself, please give me a follow and have a look if you see me online. I'd also appreciate any tips you guys might have for a noob like me. That'd be great. Cheers Guys Shneebs
  4. One of the newest to join the Angry Army and fight among it's ranks. Been a massive fan on the Angry Joe Show for a while and play video games alot, not sure why I never joined until now but, I have, and I am here to recreate many a meme about roleplaying games. For the record, I'm an imperial. Stormcloaks are idiots. But yeah excited to get into this community of gamers. Let the horrible response to me dissing Stormcloaks come forth.
  5. Hey guys and gals. James here aka Wade D McGinnis. I thought I would ask here and see if there were any takers. I am looking to join a group for Rainbow Six Siege on PC. This is for fun and not competitive. Just a few folks to kick back and have fun. Will admit to sucking horribly at shooters but I enjoy them none the less. If that interests you, comment below. Later days!
  6. So I cant use the Angry Army teamspeak. I use the link in the server page and my teamspeak server is like *#@* you no server found. Please help me if you can.
  7. Starting out in the streaming scene, doing some streaming with a buddy. Would mean a lot if some of the AJSA dropped by to give some pointers. http://www.twitch.tv/demonbane775 Got TwitchAlerts and Moobot set up, just comes down to getting the rest of the stuff all sorted out, like sound equipment and such.
  8. Hello everyone. I am a new member of the AJSA and i look forward to having an enjoyable gaming experience with all of you fellow Joe fans. I have one question, though. How do i join the AJSA clan on PS2?
  9. Hello AJSA, My name is James and I just joined the angry army ! I've never been in a clan or guild so I'm excited for this ! I joined the Angry Army for the sake of playing with really cool people and being able to communicate with a gaming community. Id love to support the angry army unfortunately I only have a ps4 that i just got today and not a super cool gaming computer. None the less I will support the army all I can on the ps4. When KUF2 comes out O I cant wait to help create the AJSA NATION ! I currently have Destiny and BF4 so if anyone wants to play with me or just add me im open to my fellow soldiers. ===> My PlayStation name is TreasureKnight (such a cool name). So a little about me I just graduated college and I'm a chemist. I never met Angry Joe but I've watched his entertaining reviews for years now and its about time i joined his army. I occasionally play paintball and I salsa dance every Saturday! Deem Latin girls =D. Also the only computer game I play is starcraft 2 so if anyone wants it; I'm a pretty good Terran. I Also have a Wii U with mario cart and I'm definitely going to pick up Super Smash bros.
  10. Hello there, Does somebody play this game with this specific controller? RumblePad 2 I want to play it in my living room trough my HTPC instead of desktop and its my first time I try to install this controler. Logitech provides this 'profile software' but I am not sure if I have to preconfigure this in windows before I launch the game. In PS2 itself I can assign keys to the controler, the in game setup recognizes my 'push of the buttons'. But after trying this walking forward/backward was inconsistent and I could only strafe. Not turn left or right. I try to configure my controler as a Console FPS using thumbstick movement, but I am unable to get it to work. Could anybody help me out, (perhaps emailing me a profile or something) Regards, M
  11. hello everyone i am SweetLikeSyrup, or Logan. I just recently built my first PC (specs below) and I want to play games coz games are fun. I'm up for playing really anything with anyone I would mostly like to start playing PlanetSide 2 though ~PC SPECS~ AMD FX 8350 Black Edition @ 4.0/4.2GHZ (Base/Overdrive)Sapphire Radeon R9 270 2GB OC Edition8 GB RAM1 TB HDD/120 GB SSDSentey 650w Modular Power SupplyCooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU CoolerCorsair Carbide SPEC-02 TowerPerixx MX-3000B MousePerixx PX-1000 KeyboardLOVE​ ~SOME MORE COOL STUFF ABOUT ME THAT YOU PROBABLY DONT CARE ABOUT~ I produce music religiously. You can find all of my stuff on Soundcloud @ https://soundcloud.com/clanker_officialYou can follow me on Twitter if you really want too but you will just see tweets of me bitching about people @logankimmelI am moving from a small town in Ohio to St. Louis, MO in like 2 days for college, and I am studying Recording Engineering & Production w/ ManagementI love many genres of music, including Metal/Rock (Deftones, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Killswitch Engaged, 10 Years, Metallica, Trivium, Parkway Drive, Andy James), Electronic (Big Chocolate, Eptic, MUST DIE!, Buku, KOAN Sound, Small Face, LAXX, Nero, Feed Me, deadmau5, and Skrillex. YES I LIKE SKRILLEX DEAL WITH IT HES TALENTED AS FUCK), and a LITTLE bit of Rap (Tech N9ne, Tyler, The Creator)​ So yeah.
  12. Hey guys so I recently joined the Angry Army after urging my mom to buy us a new PC so I could have the chance of being able to the Angry Army (and if I get lucky, I may even get to see Joe in game one day!) besides that I'm about to go and HEAVILY into the Planetside 2 forums and posts. After watching the 1hr. video that was recently posted, I have 3 questions that I need to quickly ask before I go and read the other posts. 1. Will certain groups use differnt vehicles? Like delta team with air, Charlie with ground vehicles, Bravo heavy Weapons Alpha MAX'S etc.? 2. Can i still go off and play Planetside 2 with the character that I made for the Angry Army, or do I need to make another character for me playing alone. 3. Is it possible to reset my Planetside 2 account/characters? I started a character a few years ago, but after watching the tutorial I realized just how many mistakes I made while shaping my character as an engineer on all my slots... I love flying so if 1. will be put into action, it would be an honor to go with that group. I LOVE FLYING. In fact, in most of my 360 games I play, I refuse to drive cars, and I'll only use helicopters/planes/hovercraft etc. Now, I'm off to read more. (Ps. If anything that I asked is talked about Ina differnt post then a link to that site is all that I need. You don't have to explain it twice, but you can if you want.) Thank you guys for the OPORTUNITY to be part of something AWESOME.
  13. I feel like such a noob... I've been a member of the AJSA community since Feb, 2014 and i still can't figure out how to upload pics to my gallery or change my profile pic.. Can anyone assist me with this please... Many thanks.
  14. Hey I just signed up for AJSA and damn proud to be here. Im sorry for me being such a noob but I cant find a Q and A place around here.... so ill just ask my questions here. 1) Do I HAVE to have AJSA tag for all my games? I like supporting my favriote youtuber but what if I wanted to support my friends clan or somthing like that? 2) I get no ads but what about on my profile? My name " drlazerbeem " Is also used for my youtube channel as well... but would it be consider a ad if I posted stuff on my profile on this site about my youtube? * For examle put my youtube banner as my backround on my profile for this site * Please let me know
  15. Hi everyone. I'm completely new to this type of thing and really hope to play with a full AJSA team since from what I've seen on videos they really work as a team and I would like to be a part of a community like that
  16. A little intro on my gaming background I'll go just go in order of what consoles I've since I was a kid and my favorite game N64: Starfox64 PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Xbox 360: Skyrim / Fallout New Vegas Honorable mention: Gears of War 2 PC: DC Universe Online
  17. Hi! My names in game are ThePeruvian (BR 100 TR), ThePeruvian01 (BR 49 VS), and ThePeruvian02 (BR 59 NC) and I thought I'd share my knowledge of the game for anyone who is new to the game or existing player. Just so you guys know: I've played all factions (TR, VS, NC)I've played all roles (medic, engi, heavy,....)I've used all vehicles (even cross faction but tanks not so much)I'm a flying llama, who will eventually become dragon llamaI've used all vehicles in TR to very high endsI'm a pilot across all factions (ESF primarily, Liberator, Galaxy -occasionally)I've played both playstyles (Solo and in squads/platoons)So got any questions? Or did I make this post for no reason *sad llama face*
  18. I just started playing LOL several months ago and after the first couple weeks stopped due to lack of friends that played. Now with the AJSA I have renewed optimism to find some players new and old. Let me start by stating as much as I would like to be a more avid competitive player but its not in the cards right now. I play once or twice a week either 4am-6am Central time when the wife and kid is sleeping or 6pm-7pm Central time. I mainly play for fun when I have some down time and mainly play blind matches. I am still learning all the ins and outs of game play. If your new and looking for someone to learn with or experienced and want help out a noob I will gladly team up with anyone. My summoner name is Madjestur so just hit me up and I hope to see you on the battlefield and thanks for reading.
  19. Hey everyone, Name is Chris, Scorpion_CR1 is my PSN_ID, twitter handle, and I pretty much use it almost for any website. I'm just a casual gamer. Tried PC gaming and I really suck at keyboard and mouse. Learning how to hack and mod my Ouya, I've made it sing. That little box is awesome, controller is crap though. I specialize in deals, pricematching, sales, so if you need advice on how to buy things, I'd be happy to drop the knowledge. Car parts, Video Games, Electronics, and Mattreses/Furniture are my specialty on getting good deals on and how to shop for them. But I'm always open for someone to teach me on how to get deals on other items and stuff as well, and how to shop for them. None of the other website forums have really made me want to stick with them, gaming or otherwise. So I'm excited that AngryJoe went all out for his community. I'm happy to meet you all, maybe you'll see my posts in other threads, comment on them, we'll get to have a conversation.
  20. Howdy, all! I love gaming in general, but I also love to get down to the core of a game's story and analyze characters. I also love to blow stuff up. I think it's all a part of it. I value a lot about gaming, but mostly the amazing games, stories and moments that you can share with friends. I also run a small gaming channel called "Gamer Fury" on YouTube (not to be mistaken with the Tumblr that instated the name almost a year after). I don't really have many friends who play games anymore. For whatever reason they all "grew out of it." So, if you wanna play some games, all you have to do is message me. Otherwise, I'll see you on the battlefield.
  21. (cough) So hi, i'm Clue- although people like to call me Miraje. I've been playing video games since I could stand. I found Joe though Jesse (SPACE BUTTERFLIES UNITE) and then Spoony (whats a paladin?) but after seeing him on the co-optional podcast I subbed right off the bat. I really enjoy comics, my favorite being batman and love cartoons in any form. I play a lot of WOW with my friends on Hyjal but when i'm not procrastinating i'm drawing, writing or being a giant dorkwad. As you can obviously tell i'm painfully shy, I don't like introductions but hopefully I can make some friends here.
  22. Hello, comrades. I've enlightened myself by coming here, this gaming community appears to be quite vast and very impressive. I am honored to join such ranks... I'm an avid PC gamer, yet I grew up as a nintendo fanboy (90's N64 guy!) Whilst my most cherished games of childhood reside in that species of console, these last few years have brought me endless fascination with the power and versatility of gaming computers. I enjoy RPG and Strategy games, yet I wont turn down a FPS if I can handle it on my system (Vista homebasic, ugh...) I intend to upgrade soon, to a more concrete piece of hardware, until such time; my gaming power is limited. Yet, I am a passionate gamer; seasoned and experienced, I shall converse with any fellow comrade.
  23. Hello my name is MUNDICiiDE and I like came to this site because I wanted to become a better gamer ( not yell, blame lagg, people etc) I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer I consider myself more of a casual gamer. I mean I have school homework and not BF4 I do have a decent PC but not enough to call me a hardcore gamer. if I had no school and BF4 you would be talking a very good BF4 player. Every time I put time into some games I get better until I find it boring because I don't get angry or challenged. When I play I need the feel to get challenged and become as good or better then the opponent. Anyway here I am part of the AJSA and hopefully this will become the biggest gaming community ever! PS: for those who want to know my specs here they are Graphics: MSI GTX 660 ti Processor: Intel 3470 @ 3.2Ghz Ram: 8GB HDD: 1 TB SSD: 120GB Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 Screens: Two Samsung 22" 1080p Peripherals: Razor Naga MMOG 2012, Corsair k95 Keyboard and GX Gaming Mordax Headset