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Found 1 result

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow WOOOOOOW. 2 wrestling PPVs back to back that actually delivered and are fucking awesome. I am so happy to be a wrestling fan! NXT Takeover did it again. Another great show in a line of consistently great shows. Great chaotic ladder match at the start with bodies flying everywhere, solid matches afterwards before the end, and a great closure to the rivalry of Gargano and former piece of crap tag team partner Ciampa, with probably one of the most profanities and f bombs in a wrestling match for WWE. I thought NXT was supposed to be PG. Wreslemania 34 though, that was surprising. I thought that it would be at least a fun show with a few great matches here and there. I was wrong. Half of the damn matches are fucking awesome. And there's cool moments peppered throughout. Undertaker is back, Bryan shows that he can still kicks ass, that kid Strowman picked as his tag team partner will be the talk of his school when he brings his belt, Lesnar vs Reigns was the equivalent of a match in one of the WWE 2K games where both guys have stored 5 finishers and just unleash all of them, well more accurately the Yuke's WWE games from the PS2 but whatever, all in all, a good fun show. It's unfortunate that the crowd for AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura was quite silent, probably because of that pop from Daniel Bryan's return before, but it's still a pretty good match. Who would have thought that the best match in the entire show was Kurt and Rousey against Stephanie and Triple H?? And that's not because the rest of the show was bad, oh far from it, but because Rousey showed the world that she got what it takes to whoop ass in the ring as soon as Kurt hot tags her in. Holy mother of God was she a freaking beast here. She transitions from MMA to wrestling perfectly. And this just shows that MMA fighters have hidden talents to do pro wrestling, right alongside Shayna Baszler and Matt Riddle. Well done Rousey! I'm gonna watch both shows again. What a great day to be a wrestling fan!