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Found 9 results

  1. So today I was thinking about a game I used to play when I was a child. More about that later. So I got an idea that could help a lot of gamers out. The AJSA is one of the best communities out there so I thought that we could help each other. Anybody that has forgotten a title of game (new or old) can just describe it here and hopefully other members will know the title. - The game I remember as the first game I´ve ever played was a Mecha (or just a robot) game on a DOS. You played as a yellow mecha and shot others mecha while you looked at the camera with a top-down view.
  2. HEY ALL, Just wondering what peoples thoughts on doing more retro gaming here are?
  3. Hi i was recently at my aunts house and she has this old computer filled with lots of old games that brought back some awesome memories where i was first introduced to gaming and i thought i'd share my personal and favorites and i also really want to know what are your favorite classic games! 5.Claw This game is first and foremost one my favorite 2d side scrolling game it's filled with some funny quotes from claw himself and the gameplay isn't that bad for a 90's game its mostly about the pirate captain Nathaniel Joseph claw who is a cat by the way who learns about a magical amulet known as the 9 lives amulet that makes it's user near-immortal.the game itself is like any old school 2d game you would expect claw's arsenal include dynamite,his sword,fists and feet,gun and lastly his magical claw attack.here's a screenshot of the gameplay 4.Age of empires 2 Any strategy game fan would definitely have this game on their top 5 list. this game is what got me into strategy in the first place because of it's amazing gameplay.it's focused around gathering resources,building up your empire and unlocking more technology as you advance through the ages.also the the campaign is by far GOLDEN in my opinion of course it is filled with historic characters such as Genghis khan,joan of arc,attila the hun,Montezuma and William Wallace just to name a few and the storylines of each Country/character is narrated beautifully. i don't think any of you need a video to see how it is since everyone practically knows this but just incase 3.Command and conquer: renegade This is the very first fps i played no joke and it was AWESOME. the gameplay is bit battlefied-ish with tanks,jeeps,missile carriers,stealth tanks.the campaign is by far the greatest aspect of the game, you are nick ''havoc'' assigned to locate and rescue GDI's top tiberium researchers from the evil brother hood of nod. the campaign takes across the world with different scenerios and twists. here's a gameplay video for you 2.Red alert 2 this goes without question that red alert 2 is also one of the most refined classic strategy game out there even today.the game features air,land and sea units each have a role to play to make sure victory is certain.the game has 2 sides the allies and the soviets each unique in their units.the allies tend to use teleportion and weather controlling device while the soviets use the Nukes and have advanced cloning technology. each side has it's own array of special unit like the allies tanya who is a really hyperactive commando that loves action and explosives using her pistols to one shot any enemy and c4 any building to high hell. the soviets have the physic yuri who can mind control unit or send a physic blast to fry any infantry's brain. the game also has base building and resource gathering. here's as always a gameplay video for you. 1.GTA:san andreas first off i know this game isn't that old but still it is one my favorite old game.the game im sure your all familiar with is an open-world free roam game where the player takes control of CJ or carl who returns to san andreas to find his mother dead and his gang not doing well the story takes many twists and turns where CJ is faced with challenges which he will overcome and betrayal from people who were considered his brothers. the gameplay is like what you would expect any gta to have from stealing cars to flying planes,Gun fights and brawls, and the very first time rockstar introduced rpg elements in the game allowing you to clothe cj by buying new clothes from stores and jewelry to match also car customizations introduced allowing players to freely add decals,paintjobs new motors or transmissions and generally pimping your ride.here is a gameplay video That's it those are my favorite old games! Please remeber to share Your games with us and why you loved them as that's why i started this topic to learn more about you all! stay weird stay happy stay awesome stay you!
  4. Hello, I would like to know what games over 10 years old my fellow angry army members play and enjoy. Not sure if this topic has been done before, sorry if it has. I sometimes play Jedi knight 2 and Jedi academy, and good old Dungeon Keeper 2.
  5. So I have been playing the Star Wars best of PC collection again, specifically Empire at War, and I realized how great the atmosphere and gameplay was. The rebels really feel like the underdogs in even enounters, and as the empire you really feel like you are crushing your enimies under a massive war machine. Every gameplay element falls into place to build the sense of identification with your faction. I rarely see games built like this, but I wonder if any of you think another game does it better? Specifically a star wars game?
  6. I was excited that their bringing back KILLER INSTINCT and that got me thinking what would be a really great game to make a come for me will be Earth Worm Jim , Megaman X , conkers bad fur day, or captain commando
  7. Can anyone think of games that got old after a play through? Mine would have to be Dead Space or Twilight Princess, once I beat the game I could never really play through again. Another one would be Halo 4, it was an amazing game but I could never play the campaign again after I beat it on legendary.
  8. Just wondering if anyone else is going through a similar phase to myself. You see, I just can't get into single-player games anymore, especially RPGs. Now, i used to love this stuff, it was my life once upon a time. I completed most games the day i got them, and put in A LOT of time into them too. For example, I completed LA Noire the day i got it, on 19 hours! The same with Mass Effect 2, Far Cry 3, Dragon Age Origins/2 and many others. Now i'm lucky if i can maybe last a couple of hours in-game before i back out... And that's good! Usually i just blankly stare at all the games on my desktop, trying to motivate myself to play one. Meanwhile reminiscing on the days of Oblivion and Fallout 3 where i could play for days on end, until i eventually load up LoL or some other online game until i'm tired enough to go to bed and end these depressing sinks i find myself in. A good example would be the super amazing, all singing all dancing, 10/10 must bang, game of the decade Skyrim. That's what some people thought of it.. Myself, i got the game and was fanboying like the rest of the world, just to find myself running around desperately trying to enjoy it whilst fighting the urge to quit out.. Don't get me wrong, i can see that the game is amazing. I can see each and every little feature i should be giggling in excitement over. Yet i couldn't get immersed into it at all, and i tried everything from role-playing to trying nearly every mod ever made! I have, to date, made roughly 50~ new characters. trying each time to enjoy the game.. I still haven't managed. This goes for a lot of games, mostly RPGs but some other genres too. Baldur's Gate, State of Decay, Rome TW2, Kingdoms of Amalur, San Andreas, Morrowind being a few of my recent attempts at 'fun' all ending in near instant quits. The sad thing is i would have loved these games a few years ago, which makes me sound like some old man who watched the dawn of games rise.. I'm only 17! I don't know.. Seems as though i can never get immersed anymore. Anyone else going through this too? If so i'd like to hear about it and some games you can't seem to enjoy even though you know the 'old' you would love them.
  9. Welcome to the Age of Empires II thread on the AJSA forums! For those that do not know, Age of Empires II is considered a classic of the strategy game genre. So if strategy is what you're looking for (and fun ofcourse) you have come to the right place! Age of Empires II has always been one of my favorite games and I'm extremely happy with it's multiplayer revival on steam after the HD rerelease. However it can sometimes be hard to find people for larger games such as 4v4 or 2v2v2v2 (caotic but fun). Of simply finding people to play with if you want a tactical match. Therefor I have decided to create this thread where you can look for like-minded people to play with, create games events or simply share your experiences regarding Age of Empires II. Don't forget to have fun, and remember as the wise monk once said "Wololo".