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Found 20 results

  1. It's morphin time! Yeah the game just came out today and I'm covering it. Not a long playthrough but hey, it'll be fun. Here's the first part... The Invasion has begun! Though I would imagine Angry Joe and Other Joe would morph into Power Rangers to fight the evil emperor, Corporate Commander.
  2. I've played D&D Neverwinter for a while, and I was curious if there was an AJSA presence there. This thread in a nutshell. If not, do any other members of the AJSA play? Is there enough of us to consider forming a guild?
  3. Hello everyone. It's me again, Abraham Motta. I'm here right now about to start a different set of post about making the basics in a game. Now before you ask I stop the "Being a Gamer" posts before I make myself look like a total fool. So don't ask about that in this post.This is going to be a series of post that will talk about talking about making a game. Now I'm looking to be a game developer in on point of my life, hoping in my late 20's but I'm not that good at much but coming up with stories and being creative is what i'm best at. With this post i'm again asking what genre such as MMOs, FPSs, etc. etc. But I not looking for what i could make i'm looking for what you could make. So lets try to come up with a Story, Game Mechanics, and uniqueness to it. Story. Easy to come up with, right. Sometimes it is, others not. People can get crazy with it and i'm not saying you shouldn't but don't make it over the line crazy. Game Mechanics. How the game works and plays out. Have at it but make it where it fits with the story. Uniqueness. Something you see in a game where you don't see to often or noneat all, but are very happy to see it. So there that is my attempt to ask you. Do you want to help out with coming up with a game. Note. None of these are not going to be made into a real game, but it's a way to get that thinker box work towards a new one. Im going to make posts for different genres for different games. If you have an idea for game and it has more than a few similar things for other games, movies, or books. Just say where you got it from. Ill will post my own "Pitch" later in the week. Post your suggestions for what genre i should do first.
  4. Two weeks ago, EA (the company we known and hate) announces a PlayStation+ like subscription service that was exclusively for Xbox One that allows you to play BF4, FIFA 14, Madden 25, and Peggle 2 as long as you want for $5 per month or $30 per year. As an added bonus, you can get 10% discount on Digital Download of EA games on Xbox One, so the question is, do you guys want to get it or you just have to go and say "meh no thanks". For me I'm going to go with Xbox Live Gold Subscription service instead.
  5. So the console has been out for a little while, and I was curious how you guys like it (if at all). What rating would you give the console and why?
  6. If anyone is interested in Titanfall for the xbox one version. I have an unused xbox one titan fall code + xbox one gold 1month.. I am willing to trade both of it for the xbox one forza 5 code. or 45USD or 50 Microsoft Xbox prepaid pm me if interested or mail me at michaelalforque@yahoo.com or add me at skype silentghozt / michael alforque ZOO TYCOON will do fine (but subtract the 1 month xbox live gold) Zoo tycoon = Titanfall Code Forza 5, Assassins Creed Black Flag or any big games = Titanfall + Xbox live 1month 45 USD or 50 Microsoft Card = Titanfall + Xbox live 1month Check on me Facebook : *deleted since this post is closed/sold/traded*Email: *deleted since this post is closed/sold/traded*Skype: *deleted since this post is closed/sold/traded* Xbox live: ghoztkizz08 PSN: forzsak3n
  7. Internet issues.. MODERATORS, I apologize for this. I was having internet issues. please delete this post. thank you very much and apologies for the problems caused.
  8. Son of Rome was overall a fun game; with an interesting story, great cut scene cinematic, and great voice acting. But there are down sides. The game was pretty short, it lasted me about 6 and a half hours on the higher difficulties even the bosses took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to beat, they seem to have a really simple pattern, I don't know if it's just me. Also, the multiplayer lasted me a couple of weeks, it gets old kinda fast. I give Ryse: Son of Rome (7/10) ~PantherFangG
  9. What is the genre you would play if you could only play one, for me it be RPGs. If there are any genres I missed, tell me and I will add them to the poll.
  10. Just when I was about to sleep, this was sent to me and I had to once again talk about Titan Fall and how it's been over hyped. You shouldn't be excited to pay $60 for a multiplayer only game that most likely will be just as broken as Battlefield 4. Make sure you watch the whole video before commenting. One thing to keep in mind I did make a mistake about the source engine in this video which i realize i got wrong so sorry bout that.
  11. This is a c & p job from my blog over at SeriousSeverity, link in my signature. Just bare in mind that the vast majority who read my blog are not harcore gamers so I try to tone it down on the heavy in-depth stuff a bit for that reason, but the core thoughts are still there. TL;DR: Ultimately, all this extra stuff is nice, but I feel like I’m paying for stuff that I don’t want or need. I don’t want a Kinect, but I have to buy it. I don’t want my Xbox to be set-top box, but I have to pay for it to do it. I don’t want voice commands, but I have to pay for the technology. I feel like all these add-on’s are what has ramped the price up so high, which I know some people won’t mind because they love all the little bells and whistles; but if they weren’t there, I wouldn’t care. The console would then simply be an affordable, next generation gaming source…which is coincidentally exactly what a console should be. Stop messing around with your little toys and concentrate on improving our gaming experience, until you have completely nailed that, don’t even think about voice commands! EDIT: Remember this was written BEFORE the release.
  12. 1 Can you disable the adverts on the home screen? 2 Can you disable showing achivments or turn them off?
  13. Okay, to start things off: I don't want to hear anything about the Xbox One. I've made up my mind: I'm not buying it. Thank you. Now, I was simply wondering if the PS4 is worth the HEFTY price tag, or if I should wait awhile. I'm an avid PC gamer, but I've been attracted to the look and feel of the PS4, and am seriously considering it. Why should I, or should I not, buy a PS4. Please don't get into a fight or anything. Just people posting their own opinions.
  14. -Quick answer. Yes! An update along with adapters are supposed to hit in 2014. All should play audio right now but if its bluetooth it will take some updates for the chat to work or the adapter for the controller coming in early 2014. If you have a headset that works with 360 you should get audio just fine so says SteelSeries, Razer and Astro. Turtle beach that receives optical connection should get audio. I have the Turtle Beach's PX5's. Which has both optical connection and bluetooth connection. I haven't had time to try it yet but i will tonight. I'm at work now and it dawned on me to do some research about this. Just wanted to share this with you guys. Also is there anyone using a headset? If so please state the Model and how it's doing so everyone will know. I will update this tonight when i try mine out. Thanks! -Just went to turtle beaches website to look at the PX5 and it says it is compatible with the Xbox One. Maybe a firmware update I have to do. -Looked a little deeper about my PX5 and being compatible. Looks like because i have optical connection from the back of the console i can plug in my wireless transmitter to give me audio and for the chat i can use the Kinect. Makes since until the adapter comes out in early 2014. Turn my tv volume down so its quite in the room, blast my headset and the kinect mic should pic me up on chatting. That will work until the adapter is out i suppose. Just have to see if it really works or not. -Pic of the adapter on turtle beach site. Looks like plug on the free mic that came with the Xbox One. -Also when the adapter drops i have the bluetooth adapter that i used with the 360 and it should plug right into the adapter and i can be back to normal with wireless chat. Not bad. Just sux i gotta wait for the adapter. That should've been offered at launch. Oh well -Here's the link for the bluetooth 360 adapter that should plug into the Xbox One adapter when it is released. http://www.amazon.com/Turtle-Beach-Bluetooth-Adapter-Xbox-360/dp/B005J37I4Y/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1385318583&sr=8-5&keywords=xbox+one+adapter+headset If you wanted to have wireless bluetooth for chatting and gaming. Might work. not sure -The Xbox One has no bluetooth. It has Wi-Fi Direct which in my opinion will be better for headsets. Let me explain. Wi-Fi Direct can carry more data wirelessly than bluetooth can. I have a Wi-Fi Direct Pioneer stereo that came out new this year and the audio sounds amazing compared to bluetooth. It has a fuller richer sound then when i stream with bluetooth. Yes it will suck buying new headsets but the sound should be amazing compared to other wireless units. Plus no more interference like with the wireless headsets with 2.5 ghz transmitters that people have now(which i'm sure they will continue to make but just know Wi-Fi Direct is better). Should result in perfect crisp sound. People will complain and say that its just Microsoft milking money but this actually will improve the wireless experience. Plus with the adapter you don't have to buy a new headset if you don't want to. Microsoft says the hold up on new wireless headsets is going to be because makers will have to change their wireless to Wi-Fi Direct or Xbox only campatible Headsets. It will be sold has only for Xbox One but it will be using Wi-Fi Direct. I personally will try and get by with the adapter stacked with the bluetooth adapter i already have(link above) until Wi-Fi Direct(Xbox One) gaming headsets come out then drop in price. Trust me there's a sound deference. Ps4 has bluetooth but will only connect to made for ps4 products only. Not just any old Bluetooth can connect. If the Ps4 does not support Wi-Fi Direct that means Xbox One will have better wireless audio quality than Ps4. Thats a good thing I think. I'm happy with it.
  15. Through the auto set up it excluded communicating with a receiver which I have. So i thought crap. Gonna have to use the remote. if you push start and go to setting you can configure a receiver in and it works to control the volume for the receiver instead of the tv. Yeah! Lastly I noticed when I watched tv the quality didn't look as good as I remembered. So I went back to the settings and under display Changed the bits from 23 or 26 to 36 I believe. My tv viewing quality seemed to increase. There's also more choices you might can play with but that's all I did. Also I have BF4 that I'm playing. So anyone with it hit me up. Gamertag= batboy746
  16. what would you guys like to see in the next halo game?
  17. Any body else as exited as exited as I am for the Xbone Launch?
  18. So hey Guys,I just wanted to start this topic to know the prices around the World,well I live in Brazil and the price of the PS4 and Xbox One here are just stupid Xbox One: 2,199 R$ roughly 1100 Dollars PS4:4,000 R$, Roughly 2000 DOLLARS?!!! So guys,if you want,list the pricing on your places below!!!
  19. Hey guys, the name's M4A1Massacre, or Massacre for short. I play a FPS shooters like Battlefield 3 (~130 hours played) and Battlefield 4 (~30 hours as of 11/10/13) on Xbox 360 so I guess you could say I'm a battlefield vet. I also occasionally play Halo and COD but mostly Battlefield. I've been watching angry joe show for about 3 years now and I'm very proud to be a member of the AJSA. I plan on going to the Xbox One in a few months. I'm glad to be a part of such a large community! If there are any battlefield players that want to lay with me, don't be shy and hit me up. Also if you would like some pointers I'll probably be doing some pointers on this forum and possibly a YouTube channel later. Thanks guys! Massacre out!
  20. 3...2...1. Approval of situation A recognized; commencing the Cromwell Invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent." "Now AJSA, it's time to educate you on how a real gamer does gaming!!