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Found 4 results

  1. For some reason, this made me wanna call Little Mac to fight this guy again.
  2. So, as of recently I've finally reaquired a job and am settling in well with it - each day's actually a bit more entertaining than the last and I'm having some fun. Can't be said for my gaming experiences back home, however. I've grown into the situation that I'm bored with everything and anything gaming related besides watching others play - strange, I know. I have more fun watching it than playing it. So I've got the question for all of you, what's brought you back out of your gaming burnouts/when have you gotten burned out previously?
  3. I'm a fan of the AJS, but not a subscriber. Youtube has no leash on me. I'm a recently adopted PC gamer, had to sell my Xbox 360 for change. My real name is Andy, but online I've been going as "chiknstu" (after a SOAD song), "Moxification" (because I got lots of moxie, and it almost sounds like Californication, or Fornication), and recently "Springjack" (after Springjack Shepard on Magic the Gathering). I grew up playing games, from my first console the Sega Genesis II, followed up with Gameboy, PS1, PSP, XBOX, XBOX 360 and now my final resting place the PC. Lately I've been playing F2P multi-player games because I'm a poor college kid (but I don't know if college is for me :/ ). Planetside 2 (NC on Connery), Realm of the Mad God, and BF4 have my attention lately. In my free time I obviously game, but I love board games and Jammin' on ma Bass with friends. Hacky Sack and Frisbee are my favorite hippy pass times. I've lots some of my ways as a writer, but lately I've been conjuring up ideas for a new video game I want to create. The last AJS I saw was the XBOX ONE unboxing, and my first impression was that the controller looks a lot like the original XBOX controller. Edit: I'm 22, though if you really want to assume that I'm a 12 year old, go for it!
  4. What game(s) will you get first on the PS4 tomorrow or whenever you get it?