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Found 3 results

  1. I think some of us have had a dream boy/girl at some point in time in their lives. You have a perfect image of what your significant other would be like, and you wish that you would meet them someday... (Yeah, I know the way I started this thread sounds horrific but bear with me) ..But what's your dream game? I'm talking about a game that you've wanted to happen for a long time, and it just hasn't been created yet. Maybe games that are somewhat similar have been made, but your true dream game is what I'm talking about. As in it fits that image in your head, and it's satisfying the way it's been executed. My dream game is a game about pirates (No, Black Flag won't fit the bill). I want it to be open-world and online. And I want it to have pirate ships that you can actually sail on. You could do multiple things on the ship, have a full crew and captain, and get into battles while you're on your way somewhere (looking for treasure or whatever). The game "No Man's Sky" kind of reminds me of this (Although I don't know full details about that game). And I'd want it to be that you could have plenty to do on land as well. Sid Meier's "Pirates!" is a good example of some stuff you could potentially do. Like tavern brawls, dueling, or even taking over a city if you have the right amount of men to do so. And I'd want it to be completely multiplayer. If it was made as an MMO, I'd want it to be different from other MMO's. Like the way DayZ is. Well, that's my dream game. Tell me what your dream game is if you have one!
  2. The Game That didn't Disappoint at all not even a little bit lover every thing about it The Past game will be SUPER MARIO WORLD Modern Game It has to be Batman Arkham City
  3. Guys, I have a dream. I shared this dream with Angry Joe, and while I don't think he will ever see it or get around to reading it I would still like to get this idea out there. I dream of a game that adapts to its player 100%, and evolves according to their desires and playstyle. I dream of a game lovingly crafted with more regard to it as a work of art then the bottom line. I dream of a game that can be adapted by all, so that no one person is "the family gamer" I dream of a game with limitless possibilities in a world shaped by the player's fantasies. I dream of a game that affects people emotionally and intellectually, gets people to think and learn new skills (E.G: Civ 5 got me interested in history) Maybe we can make this an Angry Army project. Either way, a new epoch of games needs to come, where corporations stop spitting out banal, one toned crap and start producing true art. Thoughts?