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Found 5 results

  1. *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY *** To: AJSA High Command From: UNDISCLOSED Ladies and gentlemen, I write this letter to you in hopes that my petition will get through. It's been a rough week on the front-lines. I've seen my fellow countrymen die for a cause, even my faith is wavering. The enemies of SUPER EARTH have thinned our numbers, but the recent strike we did to one of their major capitals has crippled them in return. I am not one to accept defeat that easily; call me stubborn. Nonetheless, I must insist you allow me this one wish. I require reinforcements at location UNDISCLOSED, at UNDISCLOSED hours. For all intents and purposes, I plead that you permit HELLDIVERS for PC to be granted unofficial-grade access. I overheard another soldier the other day talking about an event taking place for the PS4, but I'm stationed on PC... and you know I'm not heading back to the console war. I have my scars. Without anything else to say, I'll cut it short. Thanks for listening to this old war dog. Signed, The Colonel POST-LETTER DOCUMENT Points in favor: Will boost the morale of our troops. Also, motivation towards finding better, or simply, just enjoyable games to play.More rations of LiberTEA.Dynamic game mechanics can keep the AJSA HELLDIVERS community engaged thanks to its cooperative multiplayer.I volunteer to spearhead the assault. No need to wait until someone raises their hand. I'm here until you find someone better.HELLDIVERS has a discount of 30% on Steam as of date. Even without a discount, it's an arcade-priced game, accessible to anyone. This makes up for the low AJSA player count, so instead of scaring others with a large price tag, it encourages gamers to try it out.​Points against: Small number of players (most seem to be lurking).It seems people know its available for PS4, but not PC (it is available for PC through Steam).Lobbies are restricted to 4 players. Might have to create squad-sized subgroup chats in TeamSpeak. *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY ***
  2. So I just got that mail from the petition that I signed aaaaaand it's gone. So SEGA and/or CA are showing their true greedy faces. More info here: https://www.change.org/p/creative-assembly-sega-make-total-warhammer-complete-on-release/u/14325974?tk=Ctyf7Kd62cRvGE9m-S44U3nLXxegKTYJYWVz8GbCl20&utm_source=petition_update&utm_medium=email
  3. There is a petition going on for the Xenosaga Trilogy Reboot going on right now. I remembered those days when I turn on my PS2 and played Xenosaga series for 100 of hours. It is a series that you could sink 80+ hours of gameplay per episode. If this series is going to be remastered, then I'm going to support it! Please check this out if you are interested in this! (And if Bandai Namco really make this happened, then maybe they'll do .hack//G.U. trilogy remastered too? maybe? perhaps?) Link: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Katsuhiro_Harada_DirectorProducer_at_Bandai_Namco_Remaster_the_Xenosaga_Trilogy_for_Global_Release/
  4. Has anyone seen this ? what do you think? http://www.change.org/petitions/steam-adopt-halo-combat-evolved-custom-edition-multiplayer - The community for Halo Full Version and Custom Edition is still alive and it would only increase if it were to be added to the Steam marketplace and server lists. Gamespy is shutting down their servers so Halo needs to be saved! There is roughly 10k~ unique players that still play the game online and a percentage of that 10k~ still play competitively. I still play Halo:CE multiplayer sometimes, would be a shame if it be gone! Please sign it, it can't hurt to try.
  5. Hello I'm someone who has been a fan of Kingdom Hearts ever since the games came out on the PS2. Now I'm sure there are some KH fans here on the AJSA forums and if not then give the games a try. Anyways what is this help that I need of you? Well there is a petition that needs signatures and a thread on Square's forums. Both need more attention. This movement is all about porting the 1.5 and 2.5 remixes onto the Xbox 360 or Xbox One (mainly the Xbox 360). Now I'm not gonna lie, I love my 360 and One because I just prefer them over the Playstation brand, but even so I love Kingdom Hearts and even if I was someone who preferred Playstation I would still sign this. All I'm asking is simply this. If you are a fan of the games and feel that more people should play them, then help out and sign the petition and leave a message on the forum. I will link both in this post. Thankfully we got the attention of Phil Spencer and he tweeted about the petition and he signed it. I'm hoping you guys can help out any way you can because well I find it kinda weird that we get KH3 for both PS4 and Xbox One, but not the other games for Xbox owners. So if you are a fan or just a gamer who loves games and wants everyone to enjoy them, then please help us out. UPDATE: Here's the link to a website that Microsoft reads player feedback and this one in particular is Kingdom Hearts related: http://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/6031486-kingdom-hearts-collection-for-xbox-one This Petition's link: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/square-enix-co-make-kingdom-hearts-hd-1-5-remix-and-2-5-remix-come-out-on-xbox-360-as-well The Square Forum link: http://forums.na.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=9197