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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, I've been really busy these past couple of years with Uni, currently third year and I really need to take some gaming breaks as I can't even remember how long it's been since I actually felt like a gamer. Where is everyone? Teamspeak seems dead, where can I find people from the AJSA to play with?
  2. Since Deep Silver didn't provide me a review copy, someone real special got me this game as a gift so now I can cover it. Either way I hope you enjoy it and yeah... I know that the game isn't that great but let's be frank here. The only opinion that should matter right here is your own. I ended up getting the PS4 version because at least that was functional and not glitchy. Though I can't say the same for my capture board Elgato when at times it just won't do things properly. Seriously. Either way, I recorded six episodes and I may get the rest of the game done today. It depends. Regardless enjoy and here's Part 1.
  3. Hey guys, Jamstaman here! hope you are all well. I've just started a new RP on my channel and thought I would share it here as I know it's a nicely tight wound community. This game is such a great Role-Play game. Let me know what you're opinions of this game is. Please check it out brothers & sisters and let me know you're opinions! thanks in advance to all that help a brother out Just a side note. I know my voice acting isn't really on par but it's all just for a laugh so not to be taken seriously. I am on the look out for people to get involved and do some voice acting! let me know
  4. Personally, I prefer playing Firefight for PVP and Checkpoint for Coop. What Insurgency game modes do you guys prefer to play? (Your votes may be used to decide what game modes are used on the AJSA Insurgency server).
  5. Hello everyone. I'm looking for someone to play Rust with on a small server. I'm just looking for someone to give me some tips in game and someone to help me build a base. Best Regards.
  6. Ok I'm getting so sick of joining public games that actually require your team to do anything... I've just been playing Far Cry 3 on Co-op because I'm sick of going into games and getting dicked on because a team mate has no idea what hes doing. This game doesn't differ from this aspect. You have revivals in Co-op mode. If a person is downed I automatically fighting my way through hordes of enemies to revive them or risking my own life just to get them up, only to see they run off and don't care if I fall on my ass for their petty life. However you would think oh they're just trying to clear it out of AI. No... Just no you would think so but no, Instead they're all dancing around my downed body while getting picked off by AI snipers because they think it's funny.... So for the first time playing Co-op in the entire time I owned Far Cry 3 and this is what happens. Another game I will refuse to play on Co-op because of idiots that are dropped on their heads as fucking children. Now the point of my post is not only to bitch but for another reason. If you are that guy that thinks it's funny to fuck up a person experience on a game. Go into a private game or fuck up your friends experience because I've just about had enough paying out money on games to not play them because of some arse hole who wants to fuck up someones day.
  7. I just wanted to see how many people are still interested in fully supporting this game for the AJSA. It still has not been updated to a vote from a post back when the whole community launched. It still has not been deleted from that post though, so hopefully we will get a vote eventually. I also wanted to see who would vote for this game, if/when we do get it supported. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hey everybody, I just want to put out an announcement about Awesomenauts. Its a 2D, 3v3 MOBA with a cool saturday morning cartoon feel. A decent way of explaining it is Smash Bros. meets LoL. I just wanted to know how many people would enjoy playing it for the AJSA. There is an old post in the "Should we play this game" sub-forum, which hasn't really been touched since it was made back when the whole community launched. I also made a new post over in the MOBA gaming sub forum seeing if there were any people left who would come out and support the game if/when it gets voted on. Thanks all!
  9. Has anyone played No More Room in Hell yet? Evidently it's been out for a while. I finally played it with a friend and HOLY CRAP is it fun. Intense survival gameplay mixed with some really good, if not completely finished, game mechanics. Although we use Skype, the radio system is a great idea, and the fat that you can get infected and slowly die and become a zombie without telling your teammates (kinda screwing them over if you want) is amazing Check it out if you haven't here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/224260/
  10. The worse game n that I thought was going to be good was Dragonball z Ultimate Tenkaichi I was shock how bad that game was I should done research on first but I didn't my mistake and $60 bucks down the drain ha
  11. Hello I just wondered if anyone here plays blade symphony? I have gotten a little better at the game and I want sparring partners xD If you do not have this game I would recommend it wholeheartedly, I could even teach you how to sort of play! So... yeah. SOMEONE PLEASE PLAY THIS
  12. Hey everyone. This is BattlestarHavoc here to say how excited I am to be part of the Angry Army, I cant wait to play some games with you guys! Currently I am playing GTA V, Company of Heroes 2, State of Decay [PC], All Halo games, more strategy [total War series, Civ 5..] Too many damned games with so little time. Hit me up! Thank you for accepting me Angry Army! Sincerely, Hunter Thornton