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Found 21 results

  1. May as well just post this because let's face it... I've started my run of the Wii U version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Why Wii U because it's the last game for the console and I want this to be a fitting end to a console that really got put under a bus. Enjoy nonetheless.
  2. The wait's over and now it's showtime. Let us get started with my walkthrough of Mighty No. 9. This playthrough is not only going to be on YouTube but also on vidme as well. Here we go with Part 1: Main Street. Here's the vidme link. Unfortunately it doesn't work here: https://vid.me/Xkah
  3. Yeah. New playthrough and I don't know if any of the Angry Army here sees it but yeah, may as well start posting my vids involving Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS. Hope you all enjoy it. Here's the first part.
  4. Special thanks to Insomniac Games for providing me a copy of this and I am so excited to play through. I truly am. This game may not be for everyone but truthfully, the opinion that should really matter is your own. You decide for yourself if the game is worth your true. Maybe after seeing my playthrough of it, we'll see.
  5. Since Deep Silver didn't provide me a review copy, someone real special got me this game as a gift so now I can cover it. Either way I hope you enjoy it and yeah... I know that the game isn't that great but let's be frank here. The only opinion that should matter right here is your own. I ended up getting the PS4 version because at least that was functional and not glitchy. Though I can't say the same for my capture board Elgato when at times it just won't do things properly. Seriously. Either way, I recorded six episodes and I may get the rest of the game done today. It depends. Regardless enjoy and here's Part 1.
  6. Hey guys, it's me again. Should let you know that since today is the day the game is released, it's safe to say that my playthrough of Star Fox Zero is a go! I did record this weeks in advance when I got my advanced copy. Unfortunately getting the voices from the Wii U tablet into this was something I couldn't do. Regardless of such, I did enjoy the game and I started uploading the game in parts for all of you to see. If anyone's interested, here it is and if you enjoy it, head to the youtube videos for it and leave a Like. It really does mean a lot. This will be updated. Hope you all enjoy.
  7. XCOM 2 will be available to play in about 13 hours, and once again I am going to be needing soldiers to help me save the world from aliens. Let me know what class you want to play as, if you have a preference for which skills you want to learn in that class, your nickname, how you want to look, if you want a bio, your attitude, your weapon's look, and what voice you want to have. You can also ask to be created as a Scientist or Engineer. I'll be uploading screenshots and videos of my playthrough and we will see how many of us can make it out alive. Like last time, I will not be playing with Iron Man on but will be playing like it is, possibly reloading if there is a glitch, I miss click, or there is some problem with the game. This will be my first time playing XCOM 2 so I might also check to see how things work. If the difficulties are the same I should be playing on Classic (or whatever the one under the hardest setting is). If you want to see some of the options you have to choose from you can watch this video For voice and language options there are 10 US English, 4 UK English, 2 Australian English, 10 French, 10 Italian, 10 German, and 10 Spanish and they can sound different based on a characters attitude type (so until people add mods or their DLC is released there are no Russian voices and no languages from Asia, Africa, or the Middle East). Classes and their abilities Opening Mission (when the tutorial is off) Active Roster Commander Kennan Nickname: Anlashok Na Class: Sharpshooter Role: Killing things with pistols Status: Alive Wade D McGinnis Nickname: Mustang Class: Ranger Role: Killing things with sword Status: Alive Alexander 452 Nickname: Doc Class: Specialist Role: Medic and support Status: Alive Laserrifle 125 Nickname: Encore Class: Grenadier Role: Armor destruction and suppression fire with canon. Status: Alive Artic Man Nickname: Deadlock Class: Sharpshooter Role: Killing things with sniper rifle Status: Alive Dyzzles Nickname: Jaws Class: Ranger Role: Stealth and shotguns Status: Alive Destiny Decade Nickname: Broker Class: Specialist Role: Hacker and combat support Status: Alive Mad Demon Nickname: Nova Class: Grenadier Role: Explosions and cover destruction Status: Alive Iced Ajack Nickname: Pale Rider Class: Sharpshooter Role: Killing things with a pistol Status: Alive Average Pegasus Nickname: Turbo Class: Specialist Role: Medic Status: Alive Kaz Nickname: Original Casualty Class: Ranger Kills: 3 Missions: 2 Status: KIA Ghaleon Nickname: Echo Class: Psi Op Status: Alive Meat Shield Nickname: Wardog Class: Grenadier Status: Alive 2and900 Nickname: Oozlog Class: Psi Op Status: Alive
  8. Decided to go about doing a japanese recording and english one. Thus far as I'm posting this I went through both the prologues for the pc release. On another note I had to fix the frame rate settings. You have to ensure v-sync is enabled when you set your resolution for 60fps otherwise it will not play at 60fps. You also have to ensure your framerate limit is set to "Refresh Rate" I didn't figure this out until after I played the prologue and chapter 1. English Audio Japanese Audio - English Sub Japanese Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5b8OULHs1UGCvRU6PDLuRmT English Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5a8hslxjdvrxltQ7LZzJLHd
  9. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5bVakVipQNCpTtDUhsK-pvr
  10. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5a9jMBAKCYU7YnljUmHAon7
  11. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5aHAFDKNSIasGnHdNfSzgCh
  12. Having issues with the immortality glitch in this one which affects health and endurance. Toxicity works just fine, but unfortunately you can't poison yourself to death. Well I suppose there would be no playthrough if I did that, but at least The Witcher 2 doesn't have this issue and I'm sure I'll be tense a plenty. But in any case if anyone hasn't checked out the first one due to the fact its only on pc, enjoy. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5bYs2IFfTN1oS-PBsBSv9qU
  13. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5YZAHSpNnoOiQUtflBnQzJu
  14. Part 1 Part 2 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5YE8lvLxV1HX3r-Rhz7_wFO
  15. My video I posted up after a month of inactivity.
  16. I have to say I'm enjoying this game. Definitely got some frustration in a few of the later levels till I figured some things out. >:3 If you like it, I'd say to get this game and enjoy it.
  17. Oh yeah. Loved this game back when I first played it on PS2, and thoroughly enjoyed it on PC.... >:/ Aside from the random crashes, though I only seemed to have this issue during the recording of it. Took me forever to record the whole game because of it, but yes. Blood Omen 2, in my opinion the game I enjoy more then the Soul Reaver series. They don't have enough games out there that let you play the villain and a good one at that. Kain had it all. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5aq640bktou0WoiZVTsb_t5
  18. I played Recettear, and made a highlight's video. I had a lot of fun with this one: I got my professional audio equipment around the time I made this video. I'm still fairly new to the scene, and I am not afraid to admit that I am always learning. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment on the video or on this post. Thank you for your consideration and time. Go AJSA.
  19. Now at the moment I am eagerly awaiting the release of the second episode of this game, but I did record the entire first episode in one sitting. Definitely has become one of my favorite games, I'm hoping it only gets better as they put the episodes out. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5bffXWKkS7TT-2J2sGUzxoo
  20. I don't even want to think about that sequel they made, but the first Genji. Me and my friend played it endlessly. Especially with Benki. We equated him to x-mens juggernaut... well more so because xmen was out in theatres around the time and he brought the pain with his large figure and ridiculous strength, slamming his enemies into bloody chunks and it was gratifying. I recorded this while I was playing on the ps2 emulator and it ran quite well without much issue. Its a pretty short game, but it was made to be replayed often. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5ZUfTu0QXP33nU93VKBgayS
  21. My playthrough for the pc version. I have the entire game up and each chapter set in its own playlist, but I have internal links on the last videos for each chapter that will take you to the next playlist. Enjoy. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5Z-o_Uj42YVqQ4NaXNFtCqh